7 Best Plugins to Improve the UI & UX of WordPress Website

Best Plugins to Improve the UI & UX of WordPress Website – Having the best user experience is something most prominent for any business. It’s essential to understand the perspective and emotion of the user to run a successful company. A better UX must be the primary objective while creating the website. If you do not satisfy your users, you should not expect new visitors to visit your site.

Some users might have had some bad experiences online because of different reasons like the website takes time to load, not eye-catching, working slowly, and many more.

Developing a website is not enough, and it not completed until you give a better user experience. Now you must be wondering how to make your site better for users and business?

For efficient working, WordPress most trusted as it gives you different choices to start your online store and make you very successful.

WordPress is offering extensive options for plugins. Selecting the best eCommerce plugin is very crucial for your business for more growth and profit.

With a better plugin, you can design a better website. Plugins offer the best features to have better results. There are numerous WordPress UI & UX plugins on the web where a professional WordPress plugin development company can help you to choose the right plugin for your website. Also, they will help you in customizing the plugin according to your requirements.

For the new beginners, it might be overwhelming to find the best plugin for your website. Each plugin has its features that help you to choose the right one for your website.

Here we are going to review the best WordPress plugins to Improve the UI & UX of WordPress website.

Best Plugins to Improve the UI & UX of WordPress Website

1. WPforms

7 Best Plugins to Improve the UI & UX of WordPress Website

For implementing a form, this is the best plugin which provides a unique way for your website.  WPforms creates the best contact forms, order forms and best payment gateways. WPForms is used by owners, bloggers, designers, developers, photographers, and many more. If you want to create a custom WordPress form, then you must use WPForms.

Here are the features of Wpforms:

  • It provides the drag and drop option where you can quickly build the form for a website.
  • In this, there are in-built form templates to save time.
  • WPforms provides a 100% mobile-friendly website.
  • It quickly creates high-performance forms.
  • For a security purpose, it has smart captcha which prevents the form from hacking or any spam.
  • It has a better payment feature which helps to collect the donations, payments.

2. Layer Slider

7 Best Plugins to Improve the UI & UX of WordPress Website

WordPress is perfect for the functionality of the website.  Layer Slider is super useful for creating a responsive website. It creates the image slider, which makes your site more appealing in outlook.

The coding of the layer slider is straightforward as it uses the HTML and CSS3 content for coding.

Here are the features of the layer slider:

  • You can add images, videos, gifs in the slider content.
  • The layer slider can work horizontally and vertically.
  • Layer slider improves the performance and stability of the website.
  • In a layer slider, you can add fancy transitions and effects.
  • The touch navigation makes it stand out from the online competition.
  • It is an SEO friendly slider.
  • You can add unlimited fonts.

3. WPtouch

7 Best Plugins to Improve the UI & UX of WordPress Website

WPtouch Pro adds the best feature which transforms the content on the same URLs into a regular theme. This theme is best for the mobile- web-friendly website. The WPtouch themes are potent and have exclusive designs.

Here is the feature of  WPtouch:

  • It has an additional feature of 24/7 support.
  • WPtouch has an easy to install wizard.
  • It is compatible with 30 WordPress plugins.
  • WPtouch has a multisite installation feature.
  • You can easily customize the themes and switch the themes.
  • Customers can quickly receive all the updates, releases etc.

4. Everest Forms

7 Best Plugins to Improve the UI & UX of WordPress Website

This plugin provides you with the effortless way to create the form, even the contact form. Everest forms are mobile-friendly and very lightweight. These specially designed for the types.

 Here are the feature of everts forms:

 It has a drag and drop facility where you can create the fields of the form, and even a beginner can shape the way with ease.

  • Everest forms are very speedy and extendable.
  • It has a clean design where you can design the multiple columns.
  • In-built templates make the layout very beautiful and sharp.
  • You can create multiple forms.
  • Creators can customize the multiple columns.
  • The forms provide smooth transitions and make the form WPML compatible.
  • The interface is very accessible even the naive user can access the form.
  • It keeps track of all the leads who have contacted you.
  • The language-translation makes it unique from any other plugin.

5. Yoast SEO

7 Best Plugins to Improve the UI & UX of WordPress Website

This plugin is very compatible for small as well as for big businesses. It will help you to find your niche by optimizing your pages, achieving your niche, optimizing using social media and using social media.

Here are the features of the Yoast SEO:

  • It provides fully optimized keywords. You can use one keyword or keyphrase.
  • WordPress creates a faster and better experience.
  • There is no redundant content updated online.
  • Yoast SEO quickly redirects the old URLs to new ones.
  • It provides faster indexing and better results.

6. WP Smush

7 Best Plugins to Improve the UI & UX of WordPress Website

If you want the optimized content, videos and images on your website within less storage, then this is the right option for you. Here is the feature of the WP smush:

  • For faster loading of the pages, WP smush provides the optimized, and resized images.
  • The plugin helps to scan new uploads and change it into better size by removing useless data and comparing the images for a particular format.
  • WP smush reduces the images and changes the size with the right coded width and height of the picture.
  • It gives the faster visitor access to the web page with a variety of other WP plugins with better compatibility

7. WP Flat Tour Builder

7 Best Plugins to Improve the UI & UX of WordPress Website

The WP tour builder can easily develop a more responsive and better visual tour. In a tour, it is a sequence of text, tooltips and dialogue windows that guide the user, even though the different pages of the site.

Here are the features of WP flat tour builder:

  • It makes a more responsive website.
  • The site works in the frontend and backend.
  • The website efficiently manages the tours.
  • The developer can customize the colours and change the setting.
  • The website is original and legal. You don’t need to worry about any legitimate concern.
  • The site is free from any virus, hacking, spyware etc.
  • Developers can easily download via better safe and reliable server.
  • It gives you the trial before purchase so that you can check before the installation.

Wrapping up

Digital marketing is growing at a swift pace. So in such competition, it is essential to make a balance between business and customers.

Above, we have discussed some of the best plugins to improve the user experience for your WordPress website with some exceptional elements. These plugins are providing diverse opportunities to users by giving better experience.

To uplift users’ experience. Try to make a balance between a user-centric and business-centric website.

If you have any queries!! Feel free to ask in the comment section.

Thank you for reading! Best Plugins to Improve the UI & UX of WordPress Website!

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