How to Start a WordPress Blog in Easy Way

Starting a blog can be terrifying. Many people are earning through blogs which is only possible if you do it in the right way. Some people fail to make it right and hence their blog gets no meaning.

WordPress is one of the most popular software for creating a website but did you know by using word press you can also start your own blog very easily. It is simple to create a WordPress blog by doing some simple steps.

In this article, we will go with every single step of starting a blog by using WordPress.

How to start a WordPress blog in Easy Way

For starting a WordPress blog you need to have some of the major elements such as:-

  • Domain Name
  • Web Hosting
  • WordPress Blog Software
  • Blog
  • Creative theme
  • Plugins

Start with an Attractive Topic for a Blog

Blogging might be one of the hobbies and that’s the only reason you are here reading this article so think about what are you going to blog about? There are many interesting topics that people love to read about such as technology, lifestyle, humanity, religion and much more.

Select the topic which you are interested in. your blog topic should be viewer interactive and holds the viewer to read it till the end. Share your thoughts and ideas which make value to the world. Experiment with various other trending topics and see what people like more about your writings.

Purchase a Domain Name

After knowing your Blogging topic or the interest area you should go with purchasing a domain name for your blog. A domain name is a web address for your site it helps the viewer to come and visit the site on the contrary it is also the name of your website.  A Domain Name will represent the way you speak through your writings so choose them wisely. Also, we recommend choosing the extension which will target your audience to a greater extend.

You should look for the domain which is easy to read and type, short and pronounceable.

Get a Web Hosting Account

Owning a web hosting account is important as this will make sure your blog is live on the internet and potential readers can access it easily. If you will not have a domain or a web hosting account you will not get live on the internet and there will be no person who will read your blogs and articles.

Many companies are selling cheap and affordable hosting plans to their clients with full proof of security and support. Purchase a suitable web hosting account that guarantees you a high level of reliability, security and support.

Therefore, web hosting will be required to store all the important files and will manage your domain. This will ensure potential readers can come and visit your site read and rate your blog.

Install WordPress Software

WordPress software will be helping you to create the best word press blogs so for this you have to firstly install the WordPress software. It is easy to install WordPress just follow some of the mentioned steps to get it right for you.

After you own a web hosting and a domain your hosting provider must have sent you an email where they have thought you about how to log in to the Customer area. So firstly check the mail and log onto your Customer Area of your service provider. Find out the WordPress installation wizard to install it on your website.

After this, you will have to fill in the all details of your site such as site name user and passwords to manage all your blogs.

Congratulations you are now finished with the installation and you can list or see all your blogs on your dashboards.

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How to Start a WordPress Blog in Easy Way

Create your First Blog

So now you have a creative idea of blogging a domain name, a web hosting account and a word press software installed with you. Now, it’s time to start blogging and sharing your creative ideas with people. It’s easy to write a blog for your site by using WordPress after logging into your WordPress account you will see an option of Posts click on the “post” and after that on “add new”.

Now you will be directed towards the WordPress editor. Here you can write your blog with ease. Just click on the blank space of the text editor and starting writing on your favourite topics.

Choosing a WordPress Themes

Themes are one of the essential elements of a website. WordPress comes with both types of themes free themes and premium ones. They are the visual appearance of your sites i.e. how your site looks. Hence to make your site more appealing and attractive themes play a major role.

You can customize your site theme for free and once you know what theme suits your blog better you can install it on your site by going onto appearances, select a theme and finally add a new button.  And you can also change or customize them according to you by previewing them at first. We recommend keeping your theme simple and clear to ensure a good user experience.


Plugins play a major role for any types of website after getting things done related to the blog. You must add some meaningful elements onto your site such as forms, galleries, newsletter etc.  And this is only possible if you use certain plugins.  WordPress plugins help you to add these types of features. They are available for free in the WordPress plugin directory. These plugins add functionality to your blog.


In conclusion, getting started with your first WordPress blog is pretty exciting. Creating a successful WordPress blog is simple and easy. We recommend using a self-hosted WordPress platform. Lastly, if you create your blog in the right way there is no better way than earning through blogging.

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