Crucial WordPress Maintenance Tasks To Perform Regularly

Today WordPress is one of the most famous things among web developers. A lot of people rely on it to publish their website content online. It is a very easy to use and beginner-friendly software. You can very easily use it to create attractive and interactive-looking websites. WordPress is also used by a lot of people to publish blogs and articles. A lot of people tend to prioritize WordPress on cheap Indian dedicated servers over other publishing alternatives.

Now when it comes to WordPress using it is not simple at all. But that doesn’t mean it is difficult either. For beginners, it takes some time to learn all its features and get accustomed to it. Once you get used to it, it seriously becomes the best utility to publish your website content and blogs on it.

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Then comes the hard part that you need to do to make sure you are completely secure and all the things on your website or your blog run properly.

You need to analyze and detect all the errors and shortcomings or any sort of security threats that might occur at any given period of time.

And to counter all such bad things to happen you have to be proactive and take all the precautions that are necessary for the proper and secure running of all your content.

By doing such precautionary things you will ensure that your website or blog is running properly and its reputation among its readers is high. This will in turn make the website run a lot smoother and will result in your success at last.

Here in this blog, we will discuss some of the major tasks to perform WordPress maintenance.

Regular WordPress Password Changing

Every expert in the industry recommends changing your WordPress passwords at least every 3 months. Changing your passwords makes sure that even if your password gets leaked or sniffed out you will be remaining safe and only you will have access to your accounts. No other suspicious person will get to your website with malice in their hands. This is a very crucial and good practice to follow.

Website Backup

When we talk about backup the first thought that comes into our mind is the safety that if anything wrong happens to our data it will be all safe or can the loss of data is recoverable.

Making a backup of your website will make sure that if anything bad happens to your server or website, for example, it gets hacked or faces a server crash or anything of this sort happens and you lose your data, still, you will be safe and secure as you will have all your data safe in your backup place.

Check and Update All WordPress Files

WordPress has its own manager who takes care of all the WordPress updates related to Core, Plugins, and themes. We recommend using only the updated version of WordPress with all the themes and plugins updated.

For doing this you can visit the WordPress Updates page and look out for the new and updated versions of software. You can also review your themes and plugins to check on what version you are working upon.

Comment Gardening

It is necessary to continuously check upon comment spam in WordPress. Various software’s are available in the market free and paid who performs automated functions looks after spam comments.

You should keep in mind not marking a real comment as a fake or spam comment.

After a detailed review, you can mark all the spam comments to delete. This will help you to prioritize the real comments.

Testing your WordPress forms

Creating and testing your website forms is one of the important tasks to perform. This ensures that your website is running smoothly. A plugin like WPForm can be a great example to do this.

However, it is also possible that because of your hosting or email service provider these forms deny sending the emails.

Check all your forms twice if they are working or not. In case they are not working properly take remedial action as soon as possible.

Install different plugins which will notify you about the non-working things of these forms.

Database Optimization on WordPress 

WordPress is a database-driven approach hence it stores all your website data for example information of plugins, posts, and pages, comments, etc. this information is also placed in backups.

However, not all the information which is stored in the database needs to be important. There is much information that is of no use or is not important. This unimportant information results in low performance and affects the downloading and uploading speed.

Optimizing the database will help you to erase all the unwanted data present in your database and will ultimately increase your database performance.

Regular performance check

A faster loading website attracts more traffic than a website that takes much time to load. The improved website creates a healthy user experience and also ranks well in search engines.

Whenever you add any content and image or update new plugins or themes you should run a performance check that how these practices are affecting your website. Test all your content, forms, and pages thoroughly and try to improve them as much as possible.

Fix 404 Errors Regularly

These types of errors display when a user requests a page that is not available on the website.

This is possible due to an incorrect URL or caching problem. 404 Errors create an image of a negative user experience and are very much frustrating.

To avoid such conditions you should regularly look after these types of errors and solve them by either showing a message to the user or install a redirect link so that the user is not left in hanging condition.

You can use Google Search Console to find 404 errors to make you’re your website is running smoothly.


In conclusion, we have talked about a lot of things that we should do, which are crucial to do to maintain WordPress regularly.

If you ignore doing these tasks your website can face some serious maintenance issues and will and its repute will crash down to hell in a very short amount of time span.

Performing these tasks is not that hard but a lot of people do or do not perform these tasks and get losses in one way or the other.

Take your time out to look after your WordPress website and perform the above-mentioned task to keep your site Healthy.

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