The Benefits of Breast Milk and Breastfeeding

What are the benefits of breast milk for the child? This is a question that the mother of every newborn would ask, and rightly so.

The benefits of breast milk cannot be emphasized enough as far as the health of the infant is concerned. You would have heard and read about how breast milk can play a significant part in promoting the health of the child, but it is equally beneficial for the mother’s health. Breast milk is a complete package of benefits gifted by the nature that can make the life of mothers much more comfortable and more straightforward.

The Benefits of Breast Milk and Breastfeeding

Beneficial Properties of Breast Milk

Nature has produced breast milk as a ready-to-consume source of nutrition for the baby, and it has just the right properties to promote his or her health and well being. Breast milk is available right when the baby needs it, and the hormone oxytocin instantly stimulates its secretion in the mother’s body.

Breast milk is available at the human body temperature, which is just in the right form in which the baby wants it. It does not require any preparation, as is the case with instant milk formula products for infants.

The longer the breast milk offered to the child, the higher will be the health benefits for the child and mother. However, infected mothers should consult a physician before breastfeeding.


One of the most important factors supporting the health benefits of breast milk is its composition. Breast milk is a comprehensive food source designed by nature for the child, individually. Breast milk is constituted of 4.5% fat, 0.9% protein, 7.1% carbohydrates, and 0.2% minerals such as Calcium, Phosphorus, Sodium, Potassium, and Chlorine.

Most importantly, breast milk features high levels of Immunoglobin A or IgA, which is an antibody that helps boost the immune system and fights several diseases.

Health Benefits for the Child

There are several health benefits of breast milk for the child, some of which are as follows.

Nutrition & Immunity

Breast milk is the best source of nutrition and immunity for the child. The composition of breast milk features essential nutrients and antibodies which are only found in this source. These nutrients are necessary for the development, growth and the excellent health of the child.

Preventing Infections

Breast milk can help prevent several infections in the baby, including that of chest and ears. Breast milk is particularly very useful in preventing diseases of the gastrointestinal tract.

Preventing Allergies

Breast milk has been found useful in preventing the development of a host of allergies in the baby.

Preventing Obesity

Breast milk will reduce the likelihood of obesity in the child in the future. This benefit in itself will help avoid several dangerous diseases in the future, including diabetes mellitus type.

Preventing Diabetes

Persons who are breastfed see a reduction in the probability of developing diabetes mellitus type 2 by no less than 39%. Similarly, breast milk was found to reduce the likelihood of the development of childhood diabetes type 1 by up to 27% on breastfeeding for three months.

Preventing Eczema

Breast milk could prove beneficial for the skin health of the baby as it can help reduce the likelihood of the development of atopic dermatitis, which is a type of eczema.

Preventing Leukemia

Breast milk is effective in reducing the probability of acute childhood leukaemia, with a 15% decrease in acute myelogenous leukaemia and a 19% reduction in childhood acute lymphocytic leukaemia.

Preventing Infant Mortality

Breast milk is found to be associated with the reduction of the causes of SIDS or Sudden Infant Death Syndrome. According to a study, breast milk can help reduce the likelihood of the occurrence from 36 to 50%.

Health Benefits for the Mother

Breastfeeding is as helpful to the health of the mother as it is for the baby. A lot of women are reluctant to breastfeed because of personal reasons and societal pressures. Still, it could prove very helpful to the mother’s health and lifestyle as well.

Preventing Cancer

Breastfeeding can help reduce the risk of breast cancer and ovarian cancer in women. The risk of ovarian cancer is reduced by up to 21%, while the risk is reduced by up to 28% for women breastfeeding for over 12 months.

Burn Calories

Breastfeeding can help consume as much as 500 calories, which is excellent for women who are looking to burn calories after the pregnancy months and childbirth.


Breastfeeding will cost nothing as compared to the instant milk formulas for the baby. Since breast milk is more nutritious anyway, the mother can be sure that it is the best deal since the child will be healthier when fed with it.

Emotional Value

Probably the most underrated benefit of breastfeeding is its emotional value. It can offer the mother a sense of achievement, while also establishing a much stronger bond between the child and the mother, which is very fulfilling emotionally and psychologically in itself.