Ink No More – The Art of Tattoo Removal

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The Art of Tattoo Removal

So, you didn’t listen to your mom, and you went ahead and got that tattoo anyway. Now, months, years, or decades later, you are regretting the decision and wish that your mother didn’t always have to be right. Fortunately, that permanent ink doesn’t have to be as durable as your mom had warned. There are ways to fade, cover, and even altogether remove the ink that is staining your life.
The Fad Needs to Fade

One of the most popular ways to remove or at least fade out tattoos is with creams available over the counter. The products are not inexpensive by any means, and there is, of course, no guarantee on how effective they will be. However, several users report successful fading after several months of use.

A two month supply will likely cost you more than one hundred dollars, though, so be prepared to spend the big bucks to give it a try because it will most likely take several months to see desired results. Many people do opt for this because, though expensive, it still comes in a lot less than laser removal.

Ink No More - The Art of Tattoo Removal

Art of Tattoo Removal

Another way to diminish the effects of an unwanted tattoo is through the use of saline. Injected in the same manner as the original tattoo ink, saline is used by tattoo artists to fade the original image. This does not work to erase the artwork, but can reduce its brightness and give the option of covering.

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Whether the saline is used to fade the old one or not, the option to cover an old tattoo is highly appealing to some individuals. Rather than paying out large sums of money to have an old image removed, a tattoo artist can cover it with a new, more relevant model. There are, of course, matters that come into play when doing this. Covering over dark blues, blacks, reds, and other equally dark colors requires the use of colored inks.

That means options are slightly limited. But, talented tattoo artists will be able to offer guidance and design help to create something that will cover well and work with your personality. When choosing an artist to perform the cover-up, remember to ask for references, or at the very least, photos of examples of other cover-ups done in the past. This is a difficult task and is best performed by the experienced.

Saying Goodbye Once and For All

The most expensive but most reliable form of tattoo removal is laser removal. Lasers are used to break up the ink under the skin, which is then washed away by the natural ways of the body. The cost for this service can be extravagant because it can take several sessions to remove the tattoo entirely. Aside from the fee, which can range from two hundred dollars to ten thousand dollars depending on the size of the symbols and the number of sessions needed to get rid of it, there is also concern about permanent scarring and pain.

Many experts agree that advancements in this process have made it possible with relatively little scarring, but there is no guarantee regarding the condition of the skin after the fact. There is also some pain to bear in the process.

There is also a method called Intense Pulsed Light Therapy, which works in much the same manner. The skin is coated with a special gel, which is then treated with pulses of light emitted from a wand passed over the surface. Faster and less painful, many are turning to this process as opposed to the lasers. But, again, the expense is something to consider. The cost associated with IPL is typically higher than that of laser removal.