Make the right decision for your child education by choosing best school in Abu Dhabi

Settling in a foreign land can be a taxing experience, especially for choosing the right school for your child that helps him/her to adjust to the new space and makes him/her feel at home. Abu Dhabi has a friendly and conducive environment for those who plan to settle down here. Few people are aware of the top-notch quality of education offered by the institutes in Abu Dhabi. Students enjoy a comfortable learning atmosphere and have time to choose from the diverse range of curricula offered by different schools.

As students all over the world come here for higher education, they can interact with multinational, multicultural student communities. Higher secondary education must be taken seriously as this is the age where kids are most confused and high in energy.

Therefore, it becomes imperative for parents to understand their child’s needs and give their energy and thoughts a direction that cannot be achieved without having a good school culture. As the child meets new people from diverse backgrounds and cultures, they interact with minds with new ideas and perspectives. There is no better way to grow than being in a community of diverse individuals that aids in the child’s overall development.

There are some great schools in Abu Dhabi where your child will get everything that brings out the best in him.

We have listed the top 4 schools in Abu Dhabi, which would certainly boost your child’s capabilities and skills.


Global Indian International School:

Global Indian International School has triumphantly built its reputation as one of the best international schools in Abu Dhabi. It follows a global curriculum imparted by an excellent faculty using world-class facilities which helps students to aim for excellence in a culture that provides them with infinite possibilities.

The Secondary education offered at GIIS is more than the sum of its parts it provides a comprehensive curriculum, assessments, value-added programs, events, and many other arrays of activities to its students that facilitates every students’ growth and turn them into well-rounded individuals during the life-changing phase of a higher secondary school. GIIS follows the rigorous CBSE curriculum, a well-reputed and competitive secondary school curriculum for the students, that challenges and stimulates students’ growth to help them reach the highest standards of their achievement.

The international learning at GIIS secondary school includes everything for the students of Abu Dhabi – from a focus on academics to theme-based morning assemblies which dwell on topics of national and international importance; Leadership Lecture Series wherein students interact with industry experts and well-known personalities for inspiration and zeal; competitions and field-trips which encourage healthy competition and help physical, psychological and spiritual growth; and inter-house activities which focus on programs that nurture holistic development of students. The programs have been designed to not only impart academic skills but to groom students holistically so that they can easily face the challenges of tomorrow. The multicultural environment at GIIS helps students to inculcate a strong passion for learning and deep cultural awareness.

International Indian School:

International Indian School is a well-known name in education. The curriculum of the school is developed around novel methods of activity and project-based learning, individual learning, and formative assessments. Innovations in teaching and learning with constant efforts to improve the quality- is what IIS aims to achieve.

They follow the curriculum formulated by CBSE (the Central Board of Secondary Education) and the learning styles in terms of pedagogy and assessment are curated while keeping in mind the individual needs of every child. It promotes critical, divergent, and creative thinking skills, effective communication skills, interpersonal and collaborative skills, and a sense of teamwork. IIS is one of the best Indian schools in UAE because of the uniqueness of the curriculum it offers that emphasizes inquiry and skill-based learning, caters to individual learning styles, is learner and learning-centric, and focuses on analysis and discovery approach.

Emirates Future International Academy:

Emirates Future International Academy is one of the leading Indian schools in Abu Dhabi, following the CBSE curriculum. They are affiliated with the Ministry of Education, Abu Dhabi, and recognized by the Abu Dhabi Department of Education and Knowledge. ‘Achieving heights of excellence’ is the vision they swear by as they equip students with skills and values to face the challenges of the 21st Century, enable them to achieve their maximum potential by developing well-rounded personalities through active learning, by molding motivated, ambitious, and confident lifelong learners.

The curriculum is structured by the school while keeping in mind the design of the NCERT (National Council of Educational Research and Training), New Delhi, that includes designing activities, boosting and encouraging cooperative learning, offering concrete experiences, teaching through peer interaction, and enhancing the English language skills of every student.

The Model School:

The Model School, Abu Dhabi emphasizes academics and co-curricular activities, providing the learners’ enough opportunities to become leaders in their respective fields along with giving equal importance to academics. TMS is one of the best Indian schools in Abu Dhabi, as it gives priority to the academic excellence of the students as well as prepares them for life, and makes them capable to face future challenges by implementing life skills programs. ‘

Enlighten us O’Lord’- is the motto they swear by. Till the seventh standard, the school follows the Indian CBSE syllabus but from the eighth standard onwards they adhere to the CBSE curriculum with Kerala Syllabus. The amenities provided by the school include laboratories, libraries along with transport and parent’s app and portal. It caters to every student coming from different countries and cultures. 


Choosing the right school for your child is always a tough nut to crack but this list would definitely help you to get a clear picture of different schools and their cultures in Abu Dhabi.