VIP Desert Safari Dubai – How to Make a Tour With Premium Luxuries

Whether you are planning a grand festivity at a supreme location or looking for a lavish treatment while exploring the golden dunes of Arabia with all the privileges, a VIP desert safari in Dubai keeps a prospective to be your ultimate stopover. It unwinds a great chance for you to celebrate your vacation in a dreamy landscape.

You’ll be fascinated to know that the exclusive landscape of the world -the golden Arabian sand dunes can be explored with fully-fledged luxuries by opting for a private itinerary to VIP desert safari Dubai. We have compiled the facts on how a private tour to this national ranch of Dubai keeps the top-notch amenities to entertain you at every step, offering city-like luxuries. 

So this is what you need to know regarding a private desert safari.

Top-notch Amenities of A Private Desert Safari in Dubai

1. Luxuries Begin from a Quick Pick Up 

So your VIP tour kick-starts with a pick-up in a luxurious Toyota land cruiser right from your hotel or home and straight to the terrain. The pick and drop are facilitated by an expert license holder who’ll drive you safely to the destination. With the snug seatings and chilled vibe in an air-conditioned 4×4 vehicle, you are off to meet the national ranch of Dubai. A generalized cost of a VIP desert safari with all amenities ranges from as low as 2000 AEDs to as high as 5000AEDs depending upon your handpick and time of visit.

2. Take a Lot More Thrill While Dune Bashing

Cross the red Arabian dunes with a pounding heart and loudest screams! A VIP package offers you 30 minutes of dune bashing which is not offered in an ordinary tour to desert safari. Fet amazed over the breath-taking views of the majestic Arabian dunes in an open-air land rover which is a royal-style dune bashing vehicle.

Other means of dune bashing in a 4WD are a land cruiser, hummer, jeep wrangler, dune buggies. However, to keep the promise of providing top-notch luxuries with unlimited fun, dune bashing in a private tour is offered in a land cruiser and vintage-style land rover. These are safe terrain drives and keep good capacities to withstand the highs and lows of the terrain.

3. Other Dune Activities and Rides 

An extended period of enthralling adventure on the terrain is not only offered for a dune bashing ride. But also for other SUVs such as quad bikes. However, some vendors will ask you to pay extra for surfing the terrain in a quad bike.


Other adventurous sand sports and activities in a VIP desert safari include fat biking, sandboarding, and camel riding. Sand skiing is a factual madness! You’ll agree when the crests and troughs of the high sand dunes catch you in their cradle and you end up laughing hysterically with your squad. 

Enjoy a dynamic camel ride in the heart of this natural asset of Dubai wondering about the amazing evolution of Bedouins from nomads to emperors. How did they use to navigate for food and shelter? Besides how beautifully they have preserved their heritage transport by lodging the camel in its home.

4. Deluxe Camps with Cozy Ambiance

The best charms of a private tour to desert safari Dubai are experienced in its efficiently pegged private camps. These camps are set in the midst of the sand ocean in folk Bedouin style to provide you exposure to the traditional lifestyle of Arabs. The VIP guests are escorted to these Bedouin camps after a crazy session of sand activities where they take some rest and absorb the aesthetic ambience of this resting place. Not even the normal days, you can also try this on an occasion such as Christmas Eve or New Year eve.

Not just ambience, the campsite recreational activities also compel you into awe, including the Arabian Majalis seating in which you listen to folk Arabian stories and music along with smouldering shisha. Enjoy the scenic views of this arid region of the UAE from your luxurious campsite.

5. The Opulent Savory for the VIP guests 

The eccentric taste of middle east and international cuisines await you at the lavishly organized buffet in a private desert safari tour. Have some tasteful sips of refreshing soft drinks, Arabian coffee, and tea provided with free and unlimited access. There are flavoursome veg and non-veg cuisines for the guests of the desert to bless their taste buds with the richness of divine savoury including delicious appetizers, continental salads, a variety of snacks, main courses, siders, and BBQ. 

6. Entertainment After Sundown

The appealing stage of live performances is set in the middle of terrain to portray legit colours of the UAE in the heath of Dubai. Get enlightened by the famous folk Arabian Tanura dance in which the mystics portray their galactic attributes to generate mindfulness, wearing colourful cloaks. 

Other renowned Arabian dance forms such as belly dance are also performed there in which the stunning belly dancers amaze the audience with their striking belly moves. There are brave stuntmen who depict amazing fire stunts by playing with fiery rods and rings. This mind-blowing illustration of Arabian art is utterly flabbergasting to the guests of desert safari.

7. Show Your Love to the Arabian Culture

The dynamic hues of the culture of UAE can be seen vastly spread at its dunes. Ensemble yourself in the conventional Arabian regalia to celebrate being in the arms of the sand ocean of Dubai. The majestic falcons tell another folk story of the preserved heritage of the UAE. By henna designing, the visitors especially women and kids are delighted and carry these impressions as souvenirs of desert safari Dubai. 


If you are in Dubai to explore its true beauty, visit the city’s conservation reserve for sure. A VIP expedition offers you to make the most out of your trip to this heath of Dubai especially if you are along with your family, squad, or a group of colleagues. The inevitable fun at desert safari is worth spending your money on a private luxurious tour. After all, planning a trip to Dubai is not a usual thing!