The Benefits of Umrah for Muslim Couples

In Arabic, the word “Umrah” means “going to visit a populated place.” Umrah is a time when Muslims refresh their faith, seek heaven, and pray for their wants and needs. Someone who attempts it is thought to have been cleansed of their evil deeds. With the exception of the five days that the Hajj takes place, it can be conducted at any time of the year. The pilgrim should be in Ihram, and it is originated from the Arabic word “Haram,” which means “forbidden”. It refers to the belief that during Umrah, pilgrims can achieve a spiritual state of maximum potential. Muslims are always eager to embark on this pilgrimage but many of them are unable to execute it due to many reasons physical and financial capabilities and that only those chosen by Allah get this chance. You cannot argue, curse, or use bad language as it will demolish all your efforts of performing Umrah. All animals should not be injured or killed; also trying to kill an insect will violate the requirement of Ihram and render Umrah null. Devotees are not allowed to cut, shave, or pluck their hair, to cut their nails, to use make-up or perfume, or many other things. Each of these actions would make Ihram invalid in accordance with Islamic principles.

Many Muslims tend to accomplish Umrah, but newlywed couples often chose to do Umrah in order to obtain Allah’s blessings. It is becoming the most common practice to visit religious places and worship Allah Almighty. Muslim couples can avail of all-inclusive Umrah packages and visit the House of Allah (SWT) to gather as many blessings as they can. This is the time where you can get to know your partner and also pray together and thank Allah Almighty for showering countless blessings on you. As Islam restricts Muslim women to travel alone that’s why they are only allowed to perform Umrah or Hajj with their mahrams. So, they can easily undertake this journey of Umrah with their husband.

In a Hadith narrated by Abu Huraira: The Prophet (P.B.U.H) said,

“It is not permissible for a woman who believes in Allah and the Last Day to travel for one day and night except with a Mahram.” (Sahih al-Bukhari 1088)

Umrah is a great opportunity to cherish your married life and seek Allah’s blessings for your upcoming life. All-inclusive Umrah packages are easily obtainable to provide you with the finest in a cost-efficient manner. Newlyweds should take advantage of this chance to strengthen their meaningful relationship, which would undoubtedly make their time spent memorable. As a Nikahfied couple, doing Umrah before everything else is a positive act. Listed below are some of the benefits of performing Umrah as married couples:

It Makes Your Bond Strong

Practicing Umrah as your honeymoon would completely satisfy Allah because it shows that you remembered Him rather than going anywhere else. Allah will surely bless you and performing Umrah itself is a quite blissful act. No bond can get stronger or compatible than during Umrah. Umrah consolidates your heart and grants you Allah’s graces and benedictions.

Gives You a Break from Your Everyday Life

Without a doubt, life changes dramatically after you marry. It gets more challenging to quickly adapt to different situations. You can minimize your fear by traveling for Umrah with your spouse. Allah’s House is indeed the most soothing and peaceful place in the whole world and one definitely finds comfort there. Also, you can only obey Allah and leave all worldly concerns behind.

Start of Your New Married Life

A strong start is fundamental in all aspects of life. If you start it with a good and positive act it will become easier for you to go on together but if the beginning is not a good one, then you will have to work a lot on your relationship which needs a lot of compromises and efforts to make things good.  That’s why marrying means you begin a new chapter in your life.

Pray for The Happiness and Prosperity of Your Life

Most of the time when couples get married they tend to spend all of their time having fun and exciting activities and going to beautiful and soothing places. In all this, they forget to pray for the success of their new life. But Allah gets pleased by those who don’t forget them in every situation of their lives. You must be genuine and committed to its fulfillment and pray to Allah Almighty to make your relationship a peaceful one.

Performing Umrah as a newlywed couple will please Allah but it also gives you a great understanding of Islam and its teachings. Not just this, Muslim couples will know more about each other’s nature, liking, disliking, and many more. Travel with the most reputed travel agents and attain their all-inclusive Umrah packages so they can provide you with a comfortable journey.

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