Everything you need to know about Qatar – visa, flight, tours and prices

Visa and customs

Qatar does not require visas from some countries’ tourists if they expect to stay at the resort for no more than 30 days, and if necessary, this period can be extended for a similar period. All you need to enter the country is your passport, which is valid for the next 6 months.

Visa requirements depend on what passport you hold. Make sure to do some “immigration” research when you plan on visiting Qatar.

It will not cause absolutely any discomfort and passing the border control. Unmarried girls or companies of young women can go to the country without being accompanied by men. There are no barriers in connection with visiting any countries, the marks of which are in your passport. During passport control, you may be asked just a couple of questions: What purpose did you arrive for and in which hotel you plan to stay.

How to get to Qatar

Qatar favourably distinguishes itself from other winter beach destinations – a short and comfortable flight on the wings of one of the best airlines in the world – Qatar Airways, on whose liners there is even Wi-Fi.

The modern Hamad International Airport is conveniently located close to Qatar’s capital, and a taxi ride from the airport to the centre of Doha will take approximately 30 minutes.

Qatar’s climate

The climate in Qatar is the typical desert weather. Hot summers, mild winters and sunny weather all year round. The rains are pretty rare; they pour mainly in winter. You can come to Qatar all year round, but we advise you to choose the period from October to March for coming here. At this time, there is a comfortable temperature of +20 to +30 ° C. In the summer months, it is sweltering – the atmosphere often heats up to +50 ° C.

What you need to know when travelling to Qatar

Even though Qatar is becoming an increasingly popular holiday destination among European tourists, it is still considered a tourist novelty among popular Middle Eastern destinations. Therefore the rest there raises questions among tourists. We will try to answer the most popular ones.

Dress code.

There are no strict dress code requirements in Qatar. Of course, you shouldn’t walk around in a swimsuit in the city centre, but wearing a hijab is entirely optional; it is enough to wear a dress below the knees and cover your shoulders. If we talk about beaches, you will need a closed bathing suit to visit the city beach, but there are no private beaches on hotels.

Many tourists are also interested in the question, “is there a dry law in Qatar.” Yes. But his demands are pretty loyal. You cannot bring alcohol into the country, but in most hotels where tourists from Europe stay, there is alcohol – you can order it, for example, lunch and dinner.

Another significant issue is safety.

Qatar is an absolutely safe country; it is one of the ten safest in the world. Doha, the capital of Qatar, is ranked second in terms of safety.

There is also a myth that Qatar is expensive. In fact, Qatar, contrary to the prevailing stereotypes, is a reasonably budgetary direction. For example, Qatar hotels’ prices are 25-30% lower than in hotels of more popular Arab neighbours.

Are you ready to be surprised? Then let’s calculate: prices for tours and hotels in Qatar.

The first thing to know is that Qatar has hotels of all the world’s famous hotel brands. And almost all hotels that work with European tourists have English speaking staff.

Secondly, Qatar’s hotels are genuinely luxurious and offer guests unrivalled service, great restaurants with almost every cuisine globally, swimming pools, spas and fitness clubs and, importantly, at affordable prices. Most of the hotels are new and have been built in the past few years. You can find hotels for all tastes and budgets: beach, city, youth and authentic hotels offering oriental-style hospitality.

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For the most discerning tourists, we recommend the Marsa Malaz Kempinski The Pearl Doha 5 * hotel located on the artificial island of Pearl in one of the most prestigious areas of Doha. Oriental elegance and true nobility reign in the hotel, impeccable images in every detail. For hotel guests – exquisite rooms overlooking the island “Pearl Qatar”, spa from Clarins, restaurants of Lebanese, Spanish, Italian, Japanese cuisine, all kinds of sports activities, for children – swimming pool, playground, mini-club, babysitting services. And now the most exciting thing: a tour to Doha with accommodation at the Marsa Malaz Kempinski The Pearl Doha 5 hotel * can be bought from 1750 QAR per person.

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Another option for demanding clients is Grand Hyatt Doha 5 *. An impeccable hotel in traditional Arabic style located in the fashionable West Bay area. The hotel has its own beach, and the chic rooms’ windows offer stunning views of the Arabian Gulf. We recommend this hotel to both tourists with children and young people. The hotel has an excellent spa, various sports activities, a golf course within walking distance, 3 restaurants with international, Mediterranean and Thai cuisine, and for children – a playground and babysitting services. Tours to Doha with accommodation at the Grand Hyatt Doha 5 * can be purchased from 1470 QAR per person.

Those wishing to relax like a king will also like this option – Four Seasons Hotel Doha 5 *. The hotel is conveniently located in the heart of the capital, allowing guests easy access to major attractions and shopping centres.

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What’s more, Four Seasons Hotel Doha 5 * has its own private beach, an exclusive marina, 5 different pools, including grotto pools, and an excellent spa and wellness centre. The rooms have a balcony or three or four balconies overlooking the Arabian Gulf; there are duplex rooms with three bathrooms and a panoramic view of the bay. Tours to Doha with accommodation at the Four Seasons Hotel Doha 5 * can be purchased for 1980 QAR per person.

For those who travel without children and want to live in the very centre of the old city, Souq Waqif Boutique Hotels Tivoli 5 * will be ideal. This beautiful hotel, decorated in Arabic style, consists of 9 old buildings of exquisite architecture. The hotel is located in the heart of historic Souq Waqif, a 10-minute walk from the Museum of Islamic Art and a 5-minute walk from the Corniche. The hotel offers a spa, fitness centre, swimming pools, restaurants, exquisite spacious rooms, and elegantly decorated Arabic motives. Tours to Doha with accommodation at the Souq Waqif Boutique Hotels Tivoli 5 * can be purchased for 1450 QAR per person.

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Commuting in Doha is painless. You can either use a taxi, rent a car, book an Uber or simply ask someone more travelled or a local to help “book a van near me”.

In short, Qatar is the perfect destination for a fun and fulfilling vacation. And it doesn’t matter who comes here – families with children, young people or older tourists. There is EVERYTHING here (and we are not exaggerating) for a wholesome and eventful vacation.