Top 7 Reasons Why 3 BHK flats are better than 2 BHK ones

Are you looking for a property in South Mumbai, but can’t decide whether to buy a 2-BHK or 3-BHK flat? Both these options come with their own set of perks and drawbacks. 2-BHK ones are small sea view apartments for sale, while the 3-BHK flats in South Mumbai, as we all know, are expensive. 

If you’re going through this dilemma then my friend you aren’t alone. A vast majority of homebuyers go through the same phase when they’re looking to buy their dream home. Well, to help you in deciding which type of home will be more suitable for you, we’re going to give you some valid reasons why 3 BHK flats are better than 2 BHK flats.

Let’s take a look at them!

Space and Size Does Make a Difference

Many people go for 2 BHK flats as they’re cheaper than 3 BHK ones. The reason for their preference for such flats is that they live as a nuclear family; thus, they believe that the available space is sufficient for them. However, the trouble arises when someone visits them. Accommodating the guests becomes a real challenge for them as they don’t have extra space. Because of such reasons, having extra space is always better as it gives you the advantage to accommodate more people. People opting for 3 BHK flats can enjoy this added space and size benefit.  

You Can Grow into It sea view apartments for sale 

Another known issue that people living in 2-BHK flats face is that they start running out of space as soon as their children start getting older. With only 2 bedrooms available in such a flat you can’t accommodate your older children in a single room. This ultimately creates housing issues within the house and the families have to move to a bigger unit to live comfortably. However, when you live in a 3 BHK flat, you already have a separate bedroom at your disposal that you can use in such scenarios. Therefore, instead of moving out when your family expands, you can grow in a 3 BHK flat.  

You Should Consider Comfort

Comfort is something that should never be overlooked. People generally believe that just because it’s cheap, they can adjust in a small home. However, buying a home that doesn’t meet your housing needs will be the biggest mistake you’ll ever make.

A home has to be a place that is comfortable with ample space but when you compromise on your comfort, your overall lifestyle suffers. 2 BHK flats are suitable for a family of max 4 to 5 people. If more people start living there, the space becomes congested, and living there becomes really uncomfortable. So, if you want to enjoy living comfortably, go for a 3 BHK flat rather than a 2 BHK one.

Flexibility to Make a Spare Room a Home Office

Having a spare room at hand gives you the freedom to utilize it in whatever way you may seem fit. The concept of working from home has seen new heights because of the ongoing pandemic.

In such situations, having an extra room gives you the advantage of creating your personalized working space where you can conveniently work without any disturbance. Such a facility is never possible in a small flat such as a 2 BHK one. Therefore, if you want to enjoy versatility, buy a 3 BHK flat.

Space for Out-of-Town Guests

When you live in a country like India where guests are considered god, having a separate guest room is a must. This is why you should prefer a 3 BHK flat as the extra room can be utilized as a guest room. Purchasing a house is consistently a fantasy of everybody. Also, with the simple accessibility of home advances, the youths are purchasing their fantasy house the exact instant when they find a new line of work. Be that as it may, interestingly purchaser, the predicament seems when they began thinking the number of rooms house would be better – 1 BHK, 2 BHK or 3 BHK.

Room to Breath sea view apartments for sale 

Whether you’re looking to buy a sea view apartments for sale or just want to rent out a flat, 3 BHK flats will give you more room than 2 BHK ones. With 3 BHK flats, you not only get a spare bedroom but also the open areas such as balconies and hallways are much wider. Thus, if you prefer living in expansive spaces, then 3 BHK will be the right choice for you.

Higher Sales Price  

Another added advantage that 3 BHK flats give to their owners is handsome resale value. Unlike other variants, the demand for 3 BHK is always on the rise. Therefore, if you want to own a property that has exceptional resale value, buy a 3 BHK one.

These are some of the top reasons why you should consider buying a 3 BHK flat instead of a 2 BHK one.