7 Effective Ways of Increasing Website Traffic

Creating a new website from scratch has become very easy, especially with online tutorials from market experts. However, most business owners encounter tremendous issues while trying to obtain website traffic, especially through organic methods.

Moreover, the market competitors don’t make the journey of gaining traffic any easier. According to a source, there were more than 1.7 billion online websites in October 2020. Therefore, getting product sales becomes much more challenging if the visibility diminishes.

However, a few effective and proven methods can help to increase website traffic. These include authority establishment, good SEO practices, creating YouTube videos, submitting articles on Medium, updating content, conducting surveys, influencer interviews, etc.

7 Proven Methods of Boosting Website Traffic

●    Establishing an Online Authority

New visitors often want to explore the authors, business owners, company, and products or services. Although you might have already provided sufficient details about the last three aspects, it is crucial to focus on profiles.

A well-developed profile often helps to get more email subscriptions and constantly engage visitors. After filling bio on your website, search for websites like Quora, Glassdoor, LinkedIn, etc., to provide similar information.

Besides this, constantly interact with users on different social media platforms. Also, offer free webinars and classes to showcase knowledge and skills in the required field. Additionally, you can answer user queries on Quora, LinkedIn groups, and website forums or comments.

●    Incorporate Good SEO Practices

The largest component of attracting a paid or organic target audience is SEO. The basic website SEO practices would include creating custom URLs, writing blog descriptions, tagging, adding pictures or videos, etc.

Besides this, set up a description and title for your WordPress website, install an SSL certificate, switch to “https://”, start using SEO plugins, etc. Additionally, resolve any persisting website issues such as high loading time, breaking online policies, etc.

Moreover, start hyperlinking website content and incorporate other link-building practices into your routine. Additionally, constantly update content when new information flourishes and share the most relevant blogs on social media profiles.

●    Start Networking

Networking is one of the most time-consuming tasks for social media experts. It requires constantly reaching out to influencers, entrepreneurs, and supporters without delay. However, the practice helps to create an organic community of interested people and even enhance sales.

The easiest networking method with potential supporters is by offering different communities on social media platforms and company websites. For example, you can create groups on LinkedIn and Facebook. Moreover, Facebook even has an option for creating a community from a page.

However, even these would require using the best SEO practices. Therefore, you must fill group information and rules to find supporters and avoid spammers. Other methods of networking include going to relevant events, supporting charities, attending conventions, etc.

For example, if you offer instant loans for unemployed, you would like to explore groups that require financial aid. Additionally, you should also join communities that offer jobs to the unemployed.

●    Explore Opportunities for Guest Posting

Sharing content on websites that have already gained traffic is one of the best methods of diverting traffic to the company website. Even if you don’t use backlinks, the website will offer opportunities to fill in personal and company information.

Therefore, if you start receiving attention on your guest posts, people would like to know more about the author. The traffic would divert to the website and online profiles. Moreover, high-quality traffic links prove very useful in ranking a piece of content on search engines.

Therefore, the company website would start increasing traffic in no time. However, you must stick to a few relevant websites because the company website would also require constantly publishing and updating content.

●    Connect with Influencers

There are two easy ways to connect with influencers. Primarily, you can offer a business proposition to influencers arriving on the company website. Second, you can reach out to market influencers with the same proposition.

An influencer is a person that has a huge online presence, i.e., subscribers or followers on any of the social media platforms. They don’t require many advertisements because of their existing base of connections.

However, winning the confidence of an influencer is very challenging. Therefore, your organization must offer genuine products or services. Fostering a good relationship with an influencer can help to increase the business website traffic for the long term.

●    Conduct Hot Topic Surveys

Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter are two of the most common platforms to conduct online surveys. In addition, business owners can conduct surveys on pages, groups, and communities. However, they can even do these on website groups and communities.

Moreover, conducting surveys on hot topics related to the organization would acquire followers on different social media platforms. Moreover, it would reach out to the target audience through the right SEO practices for social media.

Besides this, surveys and questionnaires would help to publish relevant and new information based on public opinion. Therefore, they would help to develop researches and reports for the organization. At times, they can even help to explore new vertices through comments.

●    Take Interviews

New website owners can gain effective traffic by conducting interviews with different public personalities or influencers. Besides this, the video can get posted on YouTube channels and attract audiences through the interviewee.

Most of the time, an interviewee mentions a recent interview on different social media platforms. Therefore, the website would not require any additional efforts for gathering new and relevant traffic.

Moreover, it will also help to establish market credibility and increase ranking on search engines.

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