Top‌ ‌5‌ ‌features‌ ‌of‌ ‌AllMeds‌ ‌EMR‌ ‌software‌ ‌in‌ ‌2021‌ ‌

AllMeds offers speciality-specific electronic health record (EHR), practise management (PM), and revenue cycle management (RCM) solutions. This system is used by surgical specialities all across the United States and is suitable for small to medium-sized practices. It helps you improve practice efficiency and workflows. You can also reduce the amount of documentation and administrative tasks while improving practice profitability. The vendor supports communications with speciality-relevant systems to provide critical interoperability capabilities. You can contact the vendor to request AllMeds EMR Pricing details. 

Key features of the platform include reporting, billing, collection management, processing of insurance claims, and e-prescription. It helps users increase operational efficiency, optimize the bottom line, and improve coding accuracies. AllMeds EHR includes features that significantly reduce the effort involved in managing denied claims and generating reports for staff meetings. Its practice management software streamlines the day-to-day workflows to help healthcare setups of different sizes to run more efficiently. 

The EHR system of this software helps you get rid of paperwork, making work easy and quick to simplify patient engagement. It helps you boost your financial outcomes through the revenue cycle and collection functionalities. In addition to this, the practice management system comes with business intelligence tools and advanced workflow solutions to ensure optimal efficiency. Integrated payment processing and medical billing features optimize every step of a facility’s revenue flows. AllMeds EMR Reviews vouch for the fact that it optimizes patient data collection before, during, and after appointments. 

Top 5 AllMeds EMR Features

AllMeds is a modular-based, on-premise EHR software that offers a variety of integrations, features, and support services. Here’s what users appreciate the most about this platform:

  • E-Prescribing

The e-prescription module enables physicians to prescribe medications directly from the EMR before leaving the exam room. They can transmit prescriptions to pharmacies preferred by their patients while the EDInsight module helps with tracking, submission, and management of insurance claims. It enables users to reduce medication errors with contraindication alerts and decision support tools. Moreover, they can use customizable medication lists and speciality-specific content to quickly find common scripts. 

The feature maintains compliance with Meaningful Use and other federal requirements. Healthcare providers can also employ individual and batch-signing functions. 

  • Automated Workflows

AllMeds EMR Reviews suggest that users can streamline just about everything that happens beyond their front desk with the software’s ExpressDocs™ automation. It allows physicians to complete typical encounters, including communications, chart notes, task distribution, and matched codes throughout their clinic – all in a single click. It also helps you to:

  • Order standard procedures and tests. 
  • Document patient encounters. 
  • Record physician findings, medication histories, and diagnoses. 
  • Link and suggest appropriate ICD-10 and CPT codes.
  • Distribute order entry and procedure flows automatically. 
  • Generate and print patient information sheets.  
  • RCM

Revenue cycle management and collection solutions help medical practices to track patient care episodes from appointment scheduling to the final phase of payment. Users who tested AllMeds EMR Demo version confirm that its RCM solutions help streamline the business and clinical sides of practice by combining administrative data, such as a patient’s name, demographic details, insurance provider, and other personal information with the details of services rendered to them. Revenue cycle tools of this platform include claim submission, coding, charge capture, etc. 

  • Billing and Collection

Combined with the RCM system, billing and collections tools can also save healthcare setups time by automating tasks that were previously managed by staff. These tasks include administrative operations, such as reminding patients and payers of an outstanding balance, informing patients of their upcoming visits, and reaching out to insurers with questions when a claim is denied. 

  • Practice Management

The Practice Management functionalities offered by the software enable users to manage daily financial and administrative operations. Healthcare organizations can also connect it to their electronic medical records. It helps users streamline some of the major tasks, including recording patient demographics, entering and tracking patient information, processing payments, generating reports for staff members, and more. 

Using AllMeds’ practice management, you can easily access electronic health records as it maintains documents and data online. It also simplifies a plethora of tasks within a practice, including the process of searching EHR documents. The solution lets providers save time by reducing several office tasks. Moreover, it works to eliminate as many errors as possible once all the tasks are performed automatically.  

Overview of Benefits: AllMeds EMR Reviews

Based on user reviews studied from different online sources, we have noted the following benefits for this health recording product:

  • AllMeds EHR is designed to improve practice workflow efficiency by reducing the number of administrative and documentation tasks. 
  • It incorporates robust EMR functionalities to maximize workflows, optimize encounters, and ensure compliance with various industry standards. 
  • According to AllMeds EMR Reviews, the software reduces errors and increases efficiency by seamlessly interfacing with today’s most common practice systems.
  • It allows practice staff to generate comprehensive patient histories with minimal efforts by using AllMeds’ ExpressHX™ module. 
  • ExpressHX is a module that enables users to copy patient information from existing forms and directly upload it to the database. They can also capture additional data from patients using the secure PatientHX portal. 
  • Users can increase data accuracies by eliminating handwritten forms. 
  • It reads pre-encounter paperwork to enhance conveniences for patients and practice staff. 

Final Thoughts

This EHR product is neck-to-neck with comprehensive features for small and mid-sized practices. Many healthcare practitioners have provided their feedback to help you make a wise decision. AllMeds EMR Pricing plan starts from $5000, one-time payment, per user. You can also get AllMeds EMR demo, but they do not offer a free trial.