The 3 Best Tools to Create Your Logo Free

Discover the best applications to create logos for free. List with the free tools of the moment to make your logos for free. Get in now.

The internet has given the world a 180 ° turn. No matter how small, any company can sell and ship a product without worrying about borders. Even freelancers have migrated to the online format to offer their services and build a portfolio of clients of different nationalities.

However, with all power comes to a great responsibility that, in this case, can be summed up in a single word: branding. Creating an identity as a brand is essential to climb positions and gather a community of followers, clients, and potential consumers who will be able to recognize you just by taking a look at your logo.

The good news comes, you don’t need to hire a designer or design studio to have a timeless, attractive, and – evidently – unique design. Today, you can do this and more by downloading a free logo app on your favorite handheld device or just access on the internet.


How to create your logo for free with online logo makers?


Here you can find the top 3 tools for you to do your logo projects. Check them out and unleash your creative streak.


What kind of logo maker should you try?


Opt for a free logo design tool that includes intuitive editing tools and no additional costs so you can get the best design without problems. The use of an application does not replace the work of a professional designer. Still, it is an excellent option to start your business and reduce expenses to the maximum. Besides, managing it will be as easy as activating Gmail on your mobile.




DesignEvo is positioned as one of the best logo makers. It allows you to choose a fantasy logo template from stock, including 10,000 templates. Here you can find icons that adapt to any commercial activity and customize it, either by changing its color, giving it depth, adding borders, or modifying its orientation.

The tool also has a bank of 100+ attractive fonts, various shapes, color grading, and background setting. The best? With DesignEvo, you will be able to preview your logo effect on various mockups. It offers storage services in the cloud.




Shopify is the favorite platform for entrepreneurs, and now it has launched into the water with its app to make a free logo. Hatchful will give you access to hundreds of professional designs. It is available on iOS and Android. Using it is very simple:

  • Select your type of business space.
  • Pick a design style (elegant, modern, retro, classic).
  • In shortcut the name of your business and a slogan or some keywords.
  • The application will show you different options that you can customize in detail, either by changing the colors, incorporating icons, or modifying the font.



It is one of the most popular apps for freelancers and companies at the moment. With Canva, you can not only create your logo for free with an app: it will also allow you to design book covers, infographics, brochures, invitations, images for social networks, and much more. While there are items available only for premium users, it has huge free banking and easy-to-use editing tools. Through them, you will be able to:

  • Customize fonts, icons, and images.
  • Download your design in maximum resolution and different formats.
  • Select a template that best suits your industry and customize it or start a design from scratch.
  • Choose the option to use the logo for printing. Thus, it will retain the same colors that it has on the screen.
  • Share the design with one or more team members, publish it on social networks, send it by email, etc.
  • Select the colors by code so that all your publications have the same tonality, thus facilitating branding and marketing campaigns.
  • The best thing about this app to make a free logo is to access it through the browser on your computer or laptop.

Tips for creating a striking and attractive logo


Yes. Having a free logo app is important, but it would be useless if you don’t follow the basic principles of branding. If you want to succeed with design and make an impact, follow these two tips.

Make different versions and ask some which one is their favorite: they will guide you to the correct answer. Keep the logo simple. Include legible fonts, use no more than three colors, and eliminate shadows – the more minimal, the better. Use design tools to your advantage. Choose an app to make a free logo that allows you to vectorize, invert the colors or modify them whenever you want.




Now that you know everything it takes to make a great logo, go ahead and create your own in minutes! And if you are self-employed, you should know other tools that will also make your life easier.