The Significance of White Label Taxi Booking Apps For Your Taxi Company

On-demand taxi-booking apps such as Uber, Ola, and Lyft have given rise to some significant challenges for the e-hailing and taxi industry. There is stiff competition among these apps, as well as the new entrants in the market. Thanks to their mobile-based taxi-booking applications with which hailing a cab or a taxi are now just a tap away.

The conventional taxi business models have now replaced with app-based taxi-hailing services. More and more customers lured towards these e-hailing services that claim to offer an enhanced taxi booking and riding experience.

How to Improve App Engagement and Increase Customer Retention?

While a lot of taxi businesses still rely on the not-so-efficient phone call bookings. Their counterparts and aggregators have started leveraging app-based taxi management software. As per research, taxi companies lose nearly 20 million dollars regularly. Only because the passengers are unable to find a cab. Taxi Booking Apps

Today, ‘Call me a taxi’ has changed to ‘Book me a taxi.’ The modern-day customers overly accustomed to rapid mobility services. Which fosters virtual interaction between drivers and passengers. It has made it crucial for taxi operators to invest in taxi mobile app development. To offer a mobile booking channel for customers.

In the era of mobile phones, it is essential to adapt to new technologies for the augmentation of your business. Having a mobile-based taxi booking channel can be an excellent opportunity to capitalize. It helps the passengers to find and book a taxi in real-time.

Unintended consequences of technology

Many taxi operators are now promoting their business using a mobile application. The demand for taxi booking services within regional markets is increasing. And encouraging cab owners to opt for taxi app development services providers. That promises faster development-to-market. Some app development firms also provide out-of-the-box services such as white label taxi booking apps.

White Label Taxi Booking System

Initially, the term white label emerged when DJs were provided with new vinyl records in white sleeves. Before they released it to the public. In modern terminology, a white label product means a product built by a business firm, rebranded. And later sold to another business firm. In today’s world of digitization, a white label also means a software or mobile product that customized as per the reseller’s branding. For instance, an agency builds a white label taxi booking app and sells it local taxi operators who use it as their software or application.

Usually, white-label taxi applications come in packages that comprise an app for drivers, a request for passengers, and a dispatch application.

Also, white-label applications include some key features listed below:

  • Map integration for passenger and driver apps
  • Dispatch interface with VOIP integration
  • Multiple payment types such as credit/debit cards
  • Data Archive
  • Automated payouts for drivers
  • Front-end customization
  • Scalability support to expand the fleet size
  • Analytics and reporting
  • Cloud hosting

5 Significant Benefits of White Label Taxi Apps

  1. Increased Brand Visibility

A white label taxi mobile application facilitates brand visibility for your taxi business by way of expanding your user base through mobile booking channels. A majority of mobile users no longer street-hail but e-hail a cab using their smartphones. It means, if your taxi business does not have an application of its own, then you must opt for a white label taxi or limo app to induce brand visibility for your business.

  1. Faster Time to Market

The major cutting-edge advantage of having a white label taxi application is its speedier time to market. A white label product can not only reduces time to market but also requires a minimum initial investment. Furthermore, you can customize a white label taxi app to suit your business requirements.

  1. Automation and Cost Reduction

A cab or a limo-booking application such as Uber aids in providing an improved taxi experience to your customers by reducing the estimated time of arrival. It further enhances driver performance and lowers the overall cost incurred due to managing taxi operations manually. Thus, investing in a white label taxi- or a limo-booking mobile app solution allows you to connect your passengers with drivers in real-time, eventually giving an economic boost to your taxi business.

  1. Post Release Support and Maintenance

Several software and mobile application development service providers offer white label app support and maintenance services. But their service entails handling post-release issues like updating code from time to time, proving virtual or online support, fixing errors, exceptions or bugs, and ensuring that the app functions smoothly across platforms and devices.

  1. Business and App Scalability

With a white label taxi booking system, your taxi business stands a chance to scale the business to a new level. An on-demand taxi or limousine app makes it easier for customers to book a taxi or limo using their smartphone quickly. The application also helps expand your app user base, gather customer feedback or review, share customer ride stories on social networking sites, connect drivers and passengers on the go, offer customer support, and automate your business operations.

To summarize, a white label taxi app can help you provide your customers with a comprehensive taxi solution. Businesses across the globe consider the white label app is a money-saving solution that guarantees your taxi business an edge over the competition. If you want your business ROI to skyrocket, it’s time you invest in a white label taxi app. What other advantages do you think a white label taxi app can offer? List them down in the comments area below.

 Author – Bio

Mushahid Khatri is a Chief Executive Officer of Yelowsoft, which is one of the leading Car rental software. He believes in sharing his strong knowledge base with leaned concentration on entrepreneurship and business.