SAP Cloud Integration Platform: Cloud Functionality Like Never Before

Is your enterprise using an old business management system?

Are you not able to make full use of the benefits that a cloud integration should deliver?

This might be due to the wrong cloud integration platform you’re using. Make a smart choice, shift to SAP Cloud Integration Platform and utilize cloud-functionality like never before. SAP cloud integration platform comes as a prepackaged solution; the user can tailor that to fit its business policies.

Today, hybrid deployments are common across the business sector as enterprises maintain both on-premise and cloud landscapes for seamless operations. Considering the same, SAP also encourages such environments by integrating such hybrid systems to cloud services. The platform is successful in maintaining a good communication line between the two segments.

In the following segments, we’ll discuss factors that make the SAP Cloud integration platform the best choice for every enterprise.

Why should an Enterprise Integrate its Existing System with SAP Cloud?

With more enterprises opting for a hybrid ecosystem, businesses are using both the on-premise and cloud features to meet their latest requirements. The SAP Cloud integration serves as a link between these two systems.

The benefits of using a cloud-based integration platform are due to the following reasons:

  • Faster Deployment:

Cloud platform provides a very interactive user interface that allows faster deployments of the software. Also, the power of the cloud allows autonomous functionality to tasks. This way, it saves a lot of human effort and reduces the chances of any error.

  • Access to Innovation:

Cloud platform makes way for new upgrades every quarter, allowing it to implement those new features automatically. This ensures that users are upgraded with the best solutions to remain at par with their competitors.

  • Agile Deployment, Configuration, and Integration:

Cloud platform improves the agility of the deployment and upgrading processes. These platforms establish a link between the different segments of a business. This way, it ensures a smooth transition of data so that the configuration process becomes more efficient.

SAP cloud integration platform comes as a prepackaged solution that enterprises can install and use. This makes it a very luring solution for companies that lack a well-trained IT team.

  • Lower TCO and faster time to value:

Cloud solutions provide value for money as they utilize other cloud-based tools for operations. Such tools do not have an extensive hardware requirement. This way, it helps in the proper optimization and deployment due to prepackaged solutions without much assistance from an IT team.

Features that SAP Cloud Integration Platform contains:

The SAP Cloud Integration does the primary task of integrating the existing on-premise system to a cloud platform. This allows SAP implementation companies to avail better cloud-based solutions that they couldn’t enjoy previously.

Contrastive Situations:

This feature of the SAP cloud integration platform allows the enterprise to integrate different information and processes at different platforms, making a clear distinction between the unrelated parts.

Provides access to multiple touchpoints:

SAP cloud integration platform allows the integration of information and processes from multiple sources, which can be either SAP or non-SAP and even from on-premise or cloud platforms. This ability provides a lot of flexibility. No matter the earlier business management platform a company was using, they can still connect to the SAP HANA Cloud platform via the SAP cloud integration platform.

Allows integration customization:

This feature ensures that the company’s productivity is not affected due to the integration process. The integration platform provides full customization power to the company to make the best use of the cloud platform.

Lets the user design suitable adapters:

SAP Cloud integration platform provides access to the user to manipulate the SDK adapters to cater to their customer’s connectivity needs. This feature is provided as a part of the prepackaged solution that comes with the SAP Cloud Integration platform.

Provides access to public APIs:

With this new feature, the user can use OData APIs for accessing cloud integration platforms.

Maintains the security of communication channels:

A lot of important, valuable data is transacted through the communication channels of the integration platforms, so its security is a sensitive matter. Highly secure channels are ensured by the core integration facilities, which follow the latest security standards.

Allows different modes of communication:

The SAP cloud integration platform uses asynchronous decoupling mechanisms to support a reliable messaging process. This helps in coordinating business processes with data integration in a controlled form.


SAP cloud integration platform is one of the most efficient platforms as a service (PaaS) developed by SAP. It makes the cloud integration process very easy and provides many features that companies couldn’t enjoy before. This platform’s flexibility is a crucial factor responsible for its worldwide acceptance as irrespective of the earlier business management system a company used, they will integrate that into the cloud infrastructure.