Live Chat Vs. In-App Chat : Know The Difference

The present fast-paced world is rapidly turning digital. Customers want quick interactions these days and mostly prefer texting over phone calls. In this article, we shall discuss two forms of messaging, namely live chat and in-app chat. Live chat refers to a type of online communication that helps you interact in real-time. On the other hand, In-app chat is a type of communication that is only carried within apps. Let’s understand each one of them in detail.

What is Live Chat support – Learn the details 

Live chat is a kind of technology that helps companies to interact with audiences who visit their online platform. Visitors can start communication instantly in the chat window.

Features of live chat software 

Live chat is an excellent example to show the subtle shift of traditional customer service to digital tools. Let us discuss some of the best features of live chat software.

1. Effective communication, improved sales and 24*7 customer support
Live chat tools can pave the way for quicker and faster communication with your customer. With higher customer satisfaction, live chat software can boost sales. Also, a good live chat platform ensures customer support all the time.

2. Prompts better user interaction
Live chat enables quick responses which, in turn, keeps customers glued to your website. This way, user interaction is enhanced and it leads to more conversions.

3. Encourages better performance analysis and reporting
Live chat SDK helps you perform an in-depth analysis of your customer engagements. You can create custom reports by leveraging live chat data.

4. Gives way to instant notification
With live chat API, customers can receive updates about the latest offers and gain all relevant information about the company’s product and services.

5.Archives conversation smoothly
Live chat SDK also helps you archive your conversations by deleting the chat permanently. It helps you organize conversation better.

Level up your communication strategy – Why does Live Chat make sense? 

Most of the organizations are leveraging live chat SDK to boost their customer service and marketing techniques. According to a report, live chat prompts 63% of consumers to return to a website.  Let us dig into some relevant points that highlight the importance of live chat support for organizations.

Ensures real-time response to customer queries

Live chat helps you serve your customers 24*7 and beef up your customer service productivity. You can address your customers’ questions without unwanted delays and gain their trust and credibility better. This, in turn, gives way to better customer engagement.

Helps customers navigate better and get friendly with your platform 

The live chat support feature helps you stand out from the crowd and gain a competitive edge. You can guide your audience through your website or the purchase process and clear their doubts and queries related to your product or service.

Enables you to garner feedback like a pro 

One of the topmost live chat advantages is that it helps you fetch instant feedback and notifications. It provides you with an immediate suggestion for any kind of issue forwarded by your audience. This way, you can work on them instantly and improve the user experience.

Attract the attention of potential customers with live chat support

Live chat helps you stay available for your customer round the clock. It tends to speed up your response time which, further,  prompts users to interact with your website for a longer period of time. This, ultimately, leads to more conversions and sales.

Best 4 Live Chat Providers Lists

Given the rising importance of live chat features, it has become essential to integrate live chat support in your digital marketing efforts. Here are some live chat providers that you can consider for your organization.

1. Podium
More than 90k businesses have shown their trust in Podium for enhancing customer interactions. They help you communicate with your audience, collect reviews and payments from a single box.

2. Zendesk 
Zendesk has been ranked #1 by Gartner in customer service use case. It can be your go-to live chat SDK provider for improving customer engagement.

3. Zoho desk  
Zoho desk works across different vertices like IT, Telecom, SaaS, SMBs and many others. Trusted by some leading teams, the Zoho desk remains one of the topmost choices for businesses.

4. Freshdesk 
Freshdesk can help you ace personalized engagements and enhance your customer service strategies. It is one of the leading providers of customer service.

In-app Messaging Platform – What is it? 

In-app chat refers to a type of communication wherein you can directly send messages to the users of your mobile app. It can help you boost customer engagement.

Let us understand some of the features of in-app chat apps. 

Safe and accountable peer to peer communication
In-app messaging apps are easy to use and highly reliable. There is a direct connection and end-to-end encryption between two parties. There is hardly any scope for breach of data.

Quick media attachment
With state-of-the-art in-app chat support, you can view, save and share media files without any hassles. In-app messaging apps enable the sharing of all kinds of media such as images, videos, GIFs and many more.

Instant info via push notifications
In-app messaging tools help you send push notifications to your customers. This way, you can keep your customers updated about relevant business information, special offers and anything that requires immediate attention.

Smooth conversations with audio and video calling
Thanks to consistent developments in in-app chat API, you can carry out audio and video calling benefits via in-app messaging support. In-app chat SDK is giving way to effective screen sharing, data calls, live broadcasting and app to phone calling.

Hassle-free group chats with in-app Messaging API
In-app chat apps help you build chat rooms with multiple members. In-app messaging apps enhance your group chat experience via smart and innovative features.

What industries can benefit from in-app Chat & Messaging?

In-app chat API and SDK are gaining relevance each day due to their growing contribution to effective and customized engagement. In-app messaging helps industries to communicate in real-time.  Let us discuss how it helps different verticals meet their communication objectives.

  • In-app chat and live events 

The integration of in-app messaging API into live events gives way to quick interactions between the organizers and attendees.

  • In-app Chat SDK for telehealth

Physically visiting a hospital for consultations feels like a thing of the past now. With in-app messaging, patients can get instant medical advice and help.

  • Online marketplaces or eCommerce 

In-app chat tools help online marketplaces to interact with their customers in real-time. It can guide audiences through business details and convince them to make purchases.

  • In-app Chat Api for Online Social Communities

In-app messaging helps grow social communities based on similar interests. It allows live one-to-one communication or group chats for better community bonds.

  • Virtual Dating sites

Meaningful dating requires effective communication. In-app chat apps with effective audio or video calls can take your dating scenes to the next-cha level.

  • In-app chat for On-Demand services

The growing popularity of on-demand services has led to the increased use of in-app chat API. It allows businesses to discuss their product and service better and offer constant customer support.

List of popular in-app Messaging SDK Providers

The right in-app messages can perform wonders when it comes to building effective customer engagement. Here we shall discuss some of the best in-app chat apps. Read on!

1.CONTUS MirrorFly
Visite Website

With 150+ chat app features, Contus MirrorFly can be your go-to in-app messaging API provider. Get 100% end-to-end encryption and customisation. It supports more than one billion conversations.

Visit Website :

Cometchat simplifies text chat and video calling for your website and app. It can be used across different verticals such as healthcare, education, eCommerce, the gaming industry and others.

3. Apphitect
Visit Website: Apphitect. ae

With more than 1000 happy clients,  Apphitect can provide you with the perfect in-app chat solutions and can strengthen your engagement strategies.  Get the best in class customization services for apps.

4. Sendbird

Send bird can provide you with modern and effective chat solutions. With an easy-to-use chat API and native chat SDK, there’s a faster time-to-market.

Bottom Line

Effective communication is one of the keys to successful customer engagement. However different they seem, both live chat and in-app messaging can form an essential part of your customer support strategies. Move up the ladder of customer interaction with the help of the live app and in-app messaging.

Happy conversations to you!