How to Protect Kids from Drug Use by Using Cell phone History Tracking App

The phone tracking app is becoming vitally important in today’s technological dynamics. All the activities of the target user can be monitored in real-time by the end-user. The most common use of mobile tracking apps is for incorporating digital parenting.

The evolution of the internet has done loads towards easing life spending dynamics. Every young and old use smartphones for the accomplishment of purposes, but with the good comes the bad.

It is reported that kids or teens in conversations with strangers over the internet and social networking platforms indulge in unlawful or morally challenging activities that cause a great disruption to family life. The reported instances of children involving in drugs are on the rise today.

The most common origin of these activities is internet access over mobile phones. The kids that use mobile phone indulge in communication with strangers and sometimes criminals that urge them to use drugs. The usage of drugs damages the child morally and socially and causes depletion of repute and credibility all the way.

To save the child from this challenging situation, parents need to incorporate digital parenting so that the child’s activities may remain in full control and consideration of the parent. Parents need to track the phone of the child comprehensively, phone calls more specifically; this only measure can do a lot in bettering the lives of kids.

There are multiple cell phone history tracker services available that monitor the cell phone calls and activities over the child’s phone for parents. But the best service is furnished by OgyMogy. But all this needed to be done with secrecy without any hint to the child because the kids are quite possessive to maintain their privacy, and the smallest disruption can trigger the behaviour that may be hard to handle for parents.

OgyMogy, incorporated in 2014, is primarily targeted at serving the parents’ need for digital parenting. It monitors all the aspects of child monitoring by all means. We will be having a close look at its offerings.

OgyMogy – Real-time Call Recording

The OgyMogy spy app allows listening to all the phone calls made and received using the target phone. The parent can know about the real-time whereabouts of the child; the conversations can be spied on for any inappropriate discussion that may prove to be damaging for the child.

The phone calls made or received can also be recorded and saved to the online dashboard for later reference if the end-user is not available to monitor on hand.

OgyMogy – VoIP Call Recording

Kids get in touch with most of their network using social networking platforms. The social media apps like Whatsapp, Facebook, Line, Viber, Instagram, and Snapchat allow their users to make VoIP calls; the parents need to have a check on these calls.

The cell phone history tracker app OgyMogy monitors all the VoIP calls made or received using the target phone. The calls can be listened to in real-time by the end-user, this earns the parent a full hand at all the conversations and discussion of the child with their network, and in this fashion, any suspicious and drug-related conversation can be identified, and necessary action can be taken.

OgyMogy – Video Call Recording

The social networking apps allow making video calls with the network. The cell phone history tracker app OgyMogy allows monitoring all the video calls made or received using the social networking apps. These calls can be monitored in real-time and can be recorded and saved to the online dashboard for later reference.

OgyMogy – Location Tracking

The location tracker is the feature of OgyMogy which tracks the real-time location of the target user. This feature serves as an added measure to monitor the whereabouts of the kids at any point in time. The movement of the child also gets saved in a log to the online dashboard.

The movement of the child can be restricted to the specific boundary; the end-user can allocate allowed and forbidden zones to visit by the target user; every time the child breaches the prescribed boundary, a notification is sent to the end-user in the email notifying the respective movement.


We have conducted a review of the cell phone history tracker app OgyMogy to save the kids from the dangers of taking drugs; it is noted that the app serves the purpose by all dimensions and addresses all the needs of the parents.

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