How Technology Helps In Creating A Better Society

The society you live in shapes your future. If you live among people who are positive, enthusiastic, and are a great source of motivation, there is hardly anything in this world that could make you tense. Society builds a man and his personality. If you are living among people who always speak foul or are negative in their approach, you might have to face certain hardships in life.

Not that we know society impacts our personality, it becomes important for us to know what things impact society. Though there are various things that impact society, however among them the most important one is technology. Technology has its roots dug deep into various things and society is one among these things. Technology is that wonder that has never failed to amuse us.

Now you might be wondering how technology impacts society? The question is genuine as there have been no direct answers. However, we have something that might clear your doubt. In this article, we will be telling you certain points that prove the fact the technology impacts society.

The Impact of Technology on Society

A human’s mind is fragile. He will react to things in his own way. It depends a lot on how, where, and when you have spent a major part of your life. As mentioned above. If you have had a group of positive people all around you, you would be confident and the case would be the opposite if you spent your days with negative people.

But technology has the potential to influence all the negative-minded people and make them aware of the positive aspects of the other side. To support our statement, let us discuss the example of one of Technology’s best creations. We are talking about Social Media Applications.

If you are Social Mediaholic, you must have used applications like LinkedIn, Facebook, Connected India, etc. Most of us have only used these applications for entertainment purposes. However, there are many more things connected to these applications. These applications help in shaping our society.

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Either you are born creative or you become creative in a time period. In both these cases, Social Media applications help a lot in showing your creativity with the rest of the world. However, have you thought about influencing people or society with your creative mind? But how?

As we know Social Media Applications have a wide reach. With billions of people using these applications, it becomes a great place for people who love to socialize or connect with each other. Social Media Applications act as a connecting link between the people. But how does it shape society?

Well, imagine a case when you have created a new video on a social topic. If your idea is unique and special, it would hardly take any minutes for the video to become viral. Now as the video was based on a social cause, say Save Girl Child, the video would also reach a place where people do not respect girls the way they should be treated.

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However, there are chances that by looking at this video, those people might understand the real value and importance in our society and thereby change themselves and their behavior towards girls. This is how technology impacts our society, in this case, it was done using Social Media Platforms.

Not just Save Girl Child, there are thousands of other awareness campaigns that can be created on these social media platforms. If the content is perfectly targeted towards a particular section of society that needs to change, these social media posts can bring a drastic change in people’s mentality thereby giving rise to a much better, safe, and prosperous society.

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