Google Meet Grid View Not Working-How to Fix it?

Google Meet is a video conferencing program that allows users to conduct online meetings and classes. Sometimes users may need to get a grid view during a video conference, and the Google Chrome extension helped solve this problem.

This extension adds a button to the top right bar (next to chats and participant list) to enable grid view in Google Meets. Grid view gives all participants the same size video that they can use for a meeting without a primary presenter (eg working in a silent meeting from home).

It also includes many options to enhance your meetings. Embed your own video, highlight who is speaking, and hide participants without video! However, this extension will force the video of all participants to load when grid view is enabled and can cause performance issues in very large meetings.

In addition to the above issues, there are other issues that users may encounter, such as Google Meet Grid View not working. Recently, many people report experiencing this problem. To solve this problem, try the following methods. Visit Shahzad Memon to get more information.

Google Meet Grid View not working step by step guide

How to fix the 1password Chrome extension not working? This post introduces several ways to fix the 1password extension not working.

Step 1: Check if the extension was installed successfully

Sometimes Google Meet Grid View does not work because the extension is not installed successfully. You need to check it in the Google Chrome browser. Here’s the guide:

  1. Open Google Chrome.
  2. Click the 3 dots icon and go to more tools-Extensions.
  3. Make sure you have Google Meet Grid View on the extensions page.
  4. Remove Chrome Extension thumbnails

Step 2: Extended updates

When a new version comes out, the old version seems to stop working. Anyway, updating the extension can help fix Google Meet Grid View not working. If you want to update this extension, you can first delete it from the extensions page and then install the new version. However, for non-professionals, the following guide may be easier.

Open Google Meet:

  • When the meeting screen opens, move it to the grid near the top right margin of the meeting screen – the chat icon. Click on the grid. In the drop-down menu, you will see a notification that there is a new extension from Chris Gamble.

Click notifications:

  • A new grid view extension of the Chrome extension for Chris Gamble will open a new window. Scroll down to the part of the page that says “Official Release”.

Click the Chrome link:

  • This will install a new icon in the menu bar. Now you need to go to the Google Chrome extensions page and remove the old grid extension.

Restart google meeting and now everything works fine

Please consider it: Older versions stopped working, whether not installed the new version. However, if you installed the new version without the old version uninstalled, the new version will not work.

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How to enable Google Meet Grid View?

The grid view in Hangouts Meet allows you to display any video or photo in a tiled layout so you can see more of them on your screen at the same time. Can accommodate 16-49 people with grid view.

Follow the steps below to enable grid view:

  1. First of all, you need to join a Google Meet meeting to activate it.
  2. After that you will see “More options/three dots button” in the bottom control bar, just click on it.
  3. You need to select Change Layout from the menu and then choose ‘Tiles’.
  4. Use the slider at the bottom to choose the size of the grid.
  5. You can now close the menu
  6. Meeting participants now appear in the grid.
  7. Google Meet layout

There are three different layouts you might be better off working with, and these include Auto, Spotlight, and Sidebar.

  • 1. Auto: Adjusts the layout of Google Meetings based on the number of meeting attendees.
  • 2. Spotlight: In this layout, you won’t see anyone else in place of your speakers. In this mode, the speaker is highlighted.
  • 3. Sidebar: In this layout in Google Meet, you can see the thumbnails of participants in the sidebar.

Enable Google Meet Grid View on smartphones & tablets

Tile view is currently not available on mobile devices or tablets, but users can solve this problem with two different approaches. The first is to use a web browser on your phone instead of an app. Just enable desktop mode (or “desktop site request”) within your browser, enter a Google meeting, and change the layout the same way you do on a desktop.

The second way is to join the meeting using the Google Meet app. If participants on your desktop have enabled the “tiled” layout, ask them to share their screen with the rest of the meeting.

If you’re having issues with Google Meet after switching to a tiled layout, such as stopping a video, you can try a few solutions. Close all applications, windows, or browser tabs that you are not currently using, then try turning off the camera or reducing the number of visible tiles in your layout. At the bottom of the Hangouts Meet screen, under ‘Change Layout’, you’ll find the last option where you found ‘Tiles’.