Embed Facebook Feed on Website: The Complete Guide

Facebook is the king of social media platforms, mostly because it has the highest user base amongst all other social media platforms. But, there are various other reasons like constant support to the business, continuous updates to make the user experience better, and more that make this platform the most popular social media platform. Marketers use Facebook to attain more reach and to establish their business. They constantly use Facebook in their marketing strategy as it provides great results to them. Businesses also embed Facebook feed on their website to enhance the vibrancy of their website and attract more visitors.

What is Facebook Feed?

Whenever you log in to your Facebook account, the first window on your screen is the Facebook feed, which contains all the posts and content posted by people within your social circle. In addition, Facebook also provides posts from the suggested users and pages.

The feed contains different types of content such as blogs, pictures, videos, etc., which makes the feed vibrant and appealing. You can apply the same vibrancy and appeal to your website by embedding a Facebook feed on your website. 

Why do you need a Facebook feed on your website?

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Now, getting to the topic as to why should you embed a Facebook feed on your website? What positives does it provide? 

In this era, people are highly dependent on the internet to fulfill their daily needs; they have made a huge shift towards online purchasing. With such changes, people are now using different measures to determine the reputation of a brand. Social media presence and website appear in that list. 

Embedded Facebook feed enhances the look of your website and provides a link to your Facebook handle. It also helps you to strengthen your social media presence. In addition, there are various other  benefits, those are:

  • Makes your website engaging.
  • Adds vibrancy and liveliness.
  • Provides social proofs to your potential customers.
  • Increases website traffic
  • Enhances search engine ranking
  • Boosts user-generated content
  • Increases brand reputation

Many tools are readily available in the market that helps to embed Facebook feeds on your website. Here is a list of the best tools that makes your task easy and provides great features that help you to attract more customers. 

Best Tools to Embed Facebook Feeds on your Website:

1. Tagembed

Tagembed is currently the best social media aggregator. It provides a separate dedicated Facebook widget that helps you to gather all the posts and content related to your business from all over Facebook. Furthermore, it allows you to curate and customise the gathered feed before displaying them beautifully on your website. 

It provides you with the moderation feature that allows you to monitor the collected feed; you can hide all unwanted and spam content and keep the feed related to your business and products. It also offers you the facility to block content containing provided keywords using the profanity filter. It also helps you to block content from a particular account. These features help you to maintain the quality of your feed and enhance your brand’s reputation.

It is a coding-free tool; hence you don’t need to have any coding experience and knowledge to install or run this tool. You just have to copy the code and paste it into your website’s backend. Also, the feed provides timely content and refreshes automatically. Hence you don’t need to manually refresh the feed or hire any specialist to keep the feed running. 

2. SnapWidget

Facebook users provide a large variety of content using their creativity. You can use it for your benefit by embedding them on your website. Snapwidget is a user-friendly platform that is compatible with displaying text and visual-based content. In addition, you can also represent posts and content using all kinds of grids, slideshows, scrolling, etc. It makes your website more visually appealing and interactive. 

3. Elfsight

Elfsight is one of the most talked-about social media aggregators, it provides the tool that helps you to embed Facebook feeds on your website. The Facebook widget by Elfsight allows you to personalise the widget by changing its size, style, height, and width to make it suitable for your website.

It is compatible with the 16 most popular languages, and you can create various types of feed widgets using the tool. For example, you can create a Facebook Video Feed that creates a video gallery on your website. In this video gallery, you can display various videos related to your product or business to your visitors.

4. EmbedSocial

User-generated content is marketing gold. You can boost UGC for your brand by displaying them on your website and motivating people to post more content related to your brand. EmbedSocial is another amazing tool that helps you to display the content related to your business on your website. It lets you sync your Facebook accounts and display the Facebook feed directly on your website.

It also offers the features such as changing the layout of the widget, changing the templates, etc., which beautifies the look of your website. Furthermore, you can also classify the content on a different basis, which helps you present your content in an organised manner. 

5. Smash Balloon 

Smash Balloon uses a plugin to showcase Facebook feeds and posts. It is a user-friendly plugin that has a simple setup. You don’t require any technical knowledge or a specialist to run this plugin. 

Easily use this plugin to display multiple feeds on your website. You can showcase the feed either on the same page or on multiple pages. The advantage of running the feed on multiple pages is that it reaches a larger audience. It is also responsive, which means it is compatible with any device. Hence you don’t have to worry about changing the backend for different devices.

Summing it up

Marketers emphasize the strategy to embed Facebook feed on the website, as it provides huge benefits to the business and helps them attain more customers. You can easily adapt this strategy and take your business to the next level. The tools mentioned above are currently the best tools available in the market and provide great results. These tools are easy to use and are effective, efficient, and economical. You can easily install these tools and gather an audience on your website.