Best Tips for Drupal Developers Migrating to WordPress

Best Tips for Drupal Developers Migrating to WordPress

Drupal is considered to be one of the robust content management systems. As it makes available for a number of unique features and functionalities. However, in the long run, learning the skills of the software is a bit tough and it doesn’t attract new developers jumping into the field of web development. If you want to be on the better side at all times. Then you would require to migrate Drupal to WordPress, where you will not only be welcomed by a flexible and reliable environment. But you will also get zillions of developers and other benefits.

What needs to be considered before attempting a migration from Drupal to WordPress?

It is a matter of fact that you would be using a host with your Drupal website. But when you are thinking of migration to WordPress, it would be better if you also migrate to a host that falls in line with the WordPress environment. Before actually starting with the migration, you would need to have a blank instance installation of WordPress on the webserver. This installation is super easy and you can complete it with just a couple of mouse clicks. As soon as you have WordPress installed, you can move ahead with the migration. If you are not proficient in website migration service, it is better to hire WordPress developers for this job rather than opting for a do it yourself approach. As this process is not as simple as it appears to be.

Things to keep in mind while migration:

There are actually a number of by which you can actually migrate your Drupal Installation to a whole new WordPress Installation. You should at all times make use of the tried and tested means of migration. This is for the reason that if things go wrong, there will be many issues starting from a considerable drop in the traffic, runaway costs, and much more when you attempt to migrate Drupal to WordPress.

Best Tips for Drupal Developers Migrating to WordPress

Traffic drops:

When you migrate to a newer WordPress installation it is very sure that you will face some of the issues of failing to address the overall SEO impact because of the changes. The visitor on the new-fangled website can also get disappointed. Because of the new design and this might disturb the overall visitor experience. If things are not well taken care of then the traffic drop can move ahead to be a permanent affair. And this can highly reduce the revenue being generated from the website.

Runaway Costs:

The process of migration of your Drupal website to WordPress will surely drain a considerable amount of money and time. So, if you wish to save both of them you would need to plan for the process of migration wisely so that all things go well.

What are the common mistakes that come into the picture in the course of migration from Drupal to WordPress?

The main reason for an issue occurring at the time of site migration is improper planning and unrealistic expectation. Here are some of the common mistakes that people make:

  • Attempting migration of a website from Drupal to WordPress without making proper migration and contingency plans.
  • Individuals often underestimate the scope and scale of the migration project.
  • Laidback involvement of migration consultants, content editors, system administrators, testers, SEO consultants, and decision-makers.
  • Having a poor knowledge about what would be the broader impact after migrating the website and making certain changes to it.
  • Missing out on running pre and post audits on the migration work and failing to set benchmarks to keep a proper watch on what is happening and why is it happening.
  • Inadequate testing is also a major cause of failures arising after the migration of a website.

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Mentioned above were some of the basic and common mistakes that individuals make when attempting to migrate a website from Drupal to WordPress. This is for the reason that they move ahead to invite many more troubles in their day to day business life. So, if you want to make a picture-perfect migration of your website, you should take care of all basic needs and focus on spending considerable time studying the process of migration as well as planning out it in the best possible way after taking suggestions from a number of industry experts.

It is for sure that you need to be aware of the basic process of migration, time constraints, functionality, basic design templates, and the website content strategy. WordPress developers are the ones with whom you need to spend a good amount of time discussing the strategy and finalizing how things are to be done. I hope this article would have been informative in letting you know what things are to be kept in mind in the course of a website migration from Drupal to WordPress.

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