Best SSL Certificate Provider – 2021

There is an increase in data breach instances that have made visitors apprehensive about websites they do not know. So, how can you gain the trust of visitors? Yes, you can install an SSL certificate that can help you to prevent unauthorized intervention when the webserver is communicating with the visitor.

A data breach is expensive for corporates too. A study by IBM states that the average total cost of a data breach is around US$ 3.86 million. It is one of the reasons that the installation of SSL certificates is necessary. Businesses must procure one from a renowned SSL certificate provider that will enhance their brand image and provide a sense of trust in the minds of their audience. This article will discuss some of the best SSL certificate providers for you.


SSL2BUY is a trusted global provider of SSL certificates from renowned Certificate Authorities (CAs). They have vast experience in ensuring businesses have secure websites. Their assortment of low-priced products caters to all ranges of clients, starting from single domain products for blogs and smaller sites to multi-domain SSL securing multiple domains and subdomains for industry leaders.

SSL2BUY offers various SSL Certificates such as wildcard certificates to secure domains and sub-domain, multi-domain wildcard certificates to protect multiple domains and sub-domain at very cheap prices.

SSL2BUY is among the most trusted resellers and acts as a one-stop shop for the website security needs of any business. They provide the best prices in the market and provide 24/7 customer support to all their clients. Their solutions come with the best discount offers in the market and offer a satisfaction guarantee as well. Clients can also avail themselves of the benefits of a 30-day full refund policy. They also have a unique SSL Reseller Program that can integrate with any business.


GeoTrust is a renowned SSL certificate provider and provides SSL/ TLS products that can be used by all businesses cutting across diverse industries. They can be used to secure websites apart from digital environments and servers. They are currently powered by DigiCert and have full access to their award-winning customer team. You can buy a certificate for up to a six-year term. For a term of more than two years, you must request and install the free reissue every year.

The website provides adequate details about the validation process of your business and prevents any hassles during the process. There is a technical support knowledge base that helps in troubleshooting and provides installation guides too. You can go through the blogs as well to gather knowledge. If you are handling multiple certificates, you can manage all the certificates through a single console too.


Comodo is a renowned provider of cybersecurity solutions and provides a wide range of SSL certificates covering several aspects of different types of businesses. In addition, they provide certificates at various price ranges that can suit the budget of all companies. Apart from SSL/ TLS certificates, they also offer web security platforms, code signing, email encryption and document signing solutions. They are among the top SSL certificate providers and the most influential in the industry.

The products from Comodo are associated with several add-ons. The products are usually compatible with most browsers with adequate descriptions on the product pages. It helps businesses make quicker buying decisions. The products are competitively priced, and Comodo provides 24/7 customer support for its clients. The products also come with a 30-day guarantee and unlimited re-issuance.


AlphaSSL focuses on providing and supporting cheap SSL certificates for its customers. Their promoters have several years of experience in the SSL industry and look forward to fulfilling the demand for low-price certificates. They provide high-value products and top it off with exceptional customer support services. They are powered by GlobalSign, which has an array of trusted root certificates.

Apart from providing low-cost certificates, they also have a world-class support module and can discuss with you the installation steps and give tips through the entire process.

They have fast issuance time and ensure easy installation. The brand is ideal for entry-level websites, and an automated application process allows you to receive the certificate quickly. You can order 24/7, and they provide a risk-free refund policy. The certificates have complete mobile and browser compatibility and are WebTrust compliant.


Digicert owns some of the best brands in the website authentication industry. As a result, their certificates are trusted by some of the best brands cutting across all industries. Apart from SSL/ TLS certificates, they provide a wide range of digital certificates, including email certificates, code signing certificates, etc. The premium certificates come with added security features that make them the right option for most enterprises.

The certificates are compatible with all major browsers and provide the highest authentication levels. A CertCentral account allows users to simplify the management of the certificates as they can easily track them. Moreover, the users can also reissue, renew, and automate the certificates. They also provide certificate transparency log monitoring to ensure that the domain security has authentic roots. Digicert is also trusted for securing IoT devices.


There has been an increase in data breaches that have made businesses enhance their website security. However, choosing the best SSL certificate provider for your business could be difficult. There are several options available, but it is always suggested that you do not select any of the free options. You must also ensure that you choose a renowned SSL certificate provider too.

We have discussed some of the renowned options for you. They provide a variety of options that could be suitable for you based on your budget. However, you must always understand your requirements before choosing the SSL certificate to secure your website.