Best Android Spy of 2020 – Complete Review

As, we have recently faced the worst pandemic situation (COVID-19), where everyone got badly affected. On a larger scale, businesses that were physically working tried to move their working systems online. Most of them have been able to move permanently to the online system.

Because of remote working, the need for remote tracking apps has increased. People prefer the leading spy app for their Android devices. It’s TheOneSpy, which works smoothly with all Android phones. Employers were monitoring the performance of their workers on time. Similarly, parents were relaxed that their children were not going out and following the SOPs.

In this blog, we will discuss some primary aspects of TheOneSpy Android Spy App, which truly facilitated the users in Quarantine time.

TheOneSpy Android Spy App

TOS is the most powerful and reliable application for all kinds of users. It’s fully trustworthy as it gives the guarantee of keeping the user’s identity secret from the targeted person. Its fast and smart tracking features provide the desired results to the user in real-time.

As we can see the ratio of cybercrimes, bullying, harassment is high on digital media. And it usually affects teenagers and workers. Also, the hacking activities were happening all around the world, which was a major threat to working from home people. But spying apps like TOS helped out to employers enough to make sure their confidential data is safe from hackers. Let’s have a look at TOS brilliant tracking features that proved very worthy.

Advanced Features of TOS Android Spying App

Out of 250 plus TheOneSpy plus efficient and 100% undetectable features, here we are listing down a few of them. Each of them performs unique functions to enable the user to view all activities of the targeted person.

  • Incoming and Outgoing Email Tracker
  • TOS Live 360 Surrounding Listener
  • TOS Live 360 Camera Streaming
  • Live Mobile Screen Recorder
  • Browsing History Tracker
  • Smart Geofencing Feature
  • GPS MAP History Tracker
  • Social Media spy
  • TOS Password Chaser
  • SMS/ Message Tracker
  • Call History Tracker
  • Snap Bug
  • MIC bug

How does TOS value the money of its users?

Why do most people choose TOS? Because it gives actual value to its loyal customers. TheOneSpy provides unique services along with features; that is why people prefer to adopt this technology. Let’s look at some unique and highly appreciable services.

  • It guarantees a 14-day refund on all plans.
  • It works in stealth mode without creating any error.
  • It offers unique feature packages and plans at very economical rates.
  • TOS offers special discount offers on a special occasion. Like, in pandemic days, it was offering discount plans for its users across the world. It directly reflects the TOS caring side, as to how it took care of its lower-middle-class users.

How can a user get started with TheOneSpy?

After reviewing other compatible spying apps, we get to know that only TOS has a very convenient processing procedure. Let’s look at its buying ad running process.

Open your search browser and write TheOneSpy. Upon clicking on the search button, you will see the TOS official website first. Click on it and give 10 minutes on viewing the site completely.

After getting the overview of its background, plans, compatibilities, and advantage tracking features, you need to order for your targeted device compatibility app.

An official email from TOS will receive you on your mail. Please open it and read the instructions carefully. By following the direction, download apps on targeted Android phones. After successful completion of the downloading process, install the app in 5 minutes.

Now, open your own TOS account and activate the monitoring features as per your need. You will start instant monitoring remotely.


We concluded that TheOneSpy Android Spy is the perfect tracking solution for many users. No matter if you are working remotely and your employers live to the 2nd corner of the world. Still, you can monitor his/her activities on time. TOS provides actual and understandable solutions to its users to put their worries away and make their lives more comfortable.