7 Ways AI Impact Customer Experience

Every company aims for customer delight with efficient customer services. This is because clients are kings and it is because of them that your business exists. If you ensure excellence in customer service, they will take and recommend your business repeatedly, hence increasing your revenue. Because of this reason, companies are investing a lot of resources and budget into generating the best customer service experience.

With the latest technological advancements, Artificial Intelligence or AI is the new-age go-to tool for all the companies through which they are targeting to improve customer services and enhance their brand image.

Top 7 Ways AI Impacts the Customer Experience

1. With AI, services are more reliable and 24×7

It is not possible for a human being to work 24×7. Apart from this, they deliver the information which is fed to them. According to a report, nearly 57% of consumers want a response within half an hour, irrespective of the day or time. All these things are not possible with a human being. But with the implementation of AI, this is possible. AI will provide you with answers at any time of the day, even if it’s midnight. It overcomes all the human shortcomings. For a more reliable and 24×7 responsive business, you should use an AI chatbot for your website.

2. With AI, customer service can be automated

In this new age world, your customers are present in at least one of the messaging apps or social media platforms, such as Facebook Messenger, Twitter, WhatsApp, Signal, or all of them. Hence, they can contact your business from any of their favourite messaging apps. Also, it is a lot more convenient to send a message rather than calling you or navigating through your website.

Chatbots have become popular since 2015 when they were introduced by Facebook. Many businesses have now integrated chatbots into their websites that have increased their customer service and experience to a new level. These have been instrumental in generating sales and leads along with supporting customers by addressing their issues instantly. If you don’t have this feature on your website, then you need to get it ASAP.

3. With AI, self-help services are possible

With artificial intelligence, it is now possible to create automated self-help services for resolving various queries of the customer. Remember that in today’s busy world, no one has time to wait for your help. In fact, what they want is to resolve the issues on their own. In other words, customers desire a particular level of control when they deal with you. Providing such a facility to the customer is a hard task. However, with artificial intelligence, it has now become possible to give such a level of control to the users.

Various chat boxes available on the website as well as messengers available in the mobile applications have been instrumental in offering self-help services to the customers. The field service agents also have access to the apps and Messengers that ensure on-the-spot addressing of an issue that is new to them. Besides, if you have field service management software for your company, then it should be based on the artificial intelligence platform.

4. With AI, personalized customer service is possible

Personalized and frictionless customer service is the demand of the hour. As a field service staff, you can provide the same to your customers, provided your company has employed AI techniques in their website and mobile apps. With mobile applications, the companies are targeting to provide personalized client support as the software is backed with AI that processes the natural languages and engages in machine learning. Through this, they become more sophisticated and updated to deliver the best user experience. This also supports the field executives as they can get the information from cloud databases in a quick time, for a specific question/issue.

5. With AI, the questions are answered quickly

A mobile app that is backed with AI technology not just delivers a personalized experience, it also provides instant answers to the customer’s input, which is generally in the form of questions. With this in place, the doubts of your customers will be addressed and solved within a minute or so, which is far better than calling your company’s customer care or e-mailing you.

6. With AI, your business operations can improve

When it comes to augmenting your customer’s experience, then you should understand that it is directly related to your business operations. The more efficient your operation, the better customer service will be. With the use of AI, you will streamline your operations and processes that will directly help minimise the cost and ensure improved customer service. With AI, it is possible to provide real-time solution customer queries.

7. Operating Costs are Reduced

The use of artificial intelligence has proven beneficial for many companies that have reported a reduced operating cost. The benefits of this reduction have been directly provided to the customers towards ensuring the timely settlement of their queries and doubts, in a personalized manner. AI can handle large volumes of workflows and hence it creates revenues for a company in conjunction with making high-level output.


Customer experiences have seen a good impact because of the use and implementation of Artificial Intelligence. This has made life easier – not just for the clients but also for the companies, their back-office staff, and the field service executives. The executives make use of their smartphones to access the cloud data in real-time. They also have access to the customer’s background and previous services/complaints. When combined with AI, these two pieces of information deliver them the ideal data that allows them to spend minimum time at the client’s site and solve the issue with ease.

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