7 Myths About Jabra Bluetooth Headsets

7 Myths About Jabra Bluetooth Headsets That Can Damage Your Reputation Badly

People think that prolonged usage of Jabra Bluetooth headsets can cause hearing damage. Users also believe that vocal strain is also caused in this manner. Sound rays are released, which can be harmful to your health. Sometimes, it is also considered that louder sound damages the headphone. The noise reduction of these headphones is not responsible for removing all noises. Risks related to health are also linked with these headphones.

Let’s discuss seven myths about these headphones that can damage your market status badly:

1) Cause of Hearing Loss:

According to myths, wearing Bluetooth headphones for a long time can cause hearing loss. Hearing problems occur when you regularly listen to music at a louder volume. Thus, users can face pain in the ears while wearing them for a long time. However, these headphones are not responsible for causing hearing damage in reality.

Sennheiser bluetooth headsets

Sennheiser Bluetooth headsets are known because of their perfect audio quality and clarity. Their signature crystal clear sound quality is responsible for grabbing the attention of more users. Their improved compatibility and effective connectivity are liable to satisfy the needs of the clients. These headphones are equipped with a lot of useful features and advanced technical aspects.

2) Vocal Strain:

It is a myth that using Bluetooth headphones can cause vocal strain, which is not acceptable by users. That is why people avoid using these headphones due to this reason. Vocal strain is the most disturbing trait measured by the users.

However, people can smoothly talk on a phone call in reality. Users do not need to speak louder while using headsets. Thus, improved communication can be enjoyed with the help of these headphones.

3) Radiation:

People think that Bluetooth headphones emit harmful rays, but it is not true. Rays can impact the health of the people, which is not acceptable to them at all. A corded headset can emit rays if connected to mobile devices through the wire. The intensity of these rays is reduced in the case of headphones equipped with Bluetooth features.

Jabra Evolve 2 headset

This feature is known to work at the same range of frequency as any mobile phone. It can transmit rays up to a distance of about 10m. Headsets with this feature emit a very low range of microwave frequencies. Thus, they are accountable for reducing radiation contact.

Plantronics Bluetooth Headsets can be easily connected to different devices for getting better audio results. You can easily pair these headphones with your desired device through the Bluetooth feature. These headphones ensure increased clarity and excellent sound quality to increase the comfort level of users.

4) All Noise is Removed by The Noise-Cancelling Feature:

There are different headphones available in the market that are meant to remove ambient noise. Noise has a great impact on the quality of sound. The efficiency of the gadget is also affected in this manner.


These headphones can remove only the low frequency and annoying noise such as road noise, wind noise, etc. This feature is not responsible for removing all the noises that are in the background. Despite the presence of a noise reduction feature, this device is not able to resist noise completely.

5) Loud Sound Damages The Jabra Bluetooth Headsets:

People think that a louder sound can damage the headphone. It is not true that the gadget can put out the harmful sound pressure levels before it reaches the breakdown level.

At this point, the headset will stop increasing the volume, and it will become distorted. The efficiency of the headphone is influenced in this manner. However, the loud sounds or the sound with high sound pressure levels cannot damage the headset in reality.

6) Have a Universal Fit:

It is known that the ear size and shape of every person are distinct. A well-designed headset cannot provide a perfect fit in some cases. If the headset is not perfectly fit in your ears, you cannot enjoy music properly.

Jabra Bluetooth headsets

However, a specific headset is not fitted to each ear size because they do not have a universal fit. Thus, users need to try different gadgets to ensure a perfect fit. Efficient sound quality can be provided with the help of a great fit.

7) Health Risks:

Users can face various health-related risks in the case of listening to louder music. They can face ache in the ear while wearing these headphones for a long time. Higher volume and background noise cause an increase in blood pressure.

It also results in a higher heart rate. Louder volumes of these headphones can affect the emotive comfort of employees. It can also be a reason for stress for them. However, these headphones cannot cause health-related issues in reality.

Final Words For Jabra Bluetooth Headsets:

All the above-mentioned myths about Jabra Bluetooth headsets are quite common and can misguide users. Sometimes, people believe in these myths and can make wrong decisions while selecting a gadget. Physical risks are also related to these headphones, which can cause a problem for the users.

Some people think that all the unwanted surrounding interference can be avoided with the help of noise-reducing features, but it is not true. Using these devices for many hours can be a reason for hearing loss. Various high-performance gadgets are available at FindHeadsets.