5 Tips for Your Internal Online Events Strategy

Events are a necessary part of any company, they help them in several ways ranging from resolving problems initiated by clients to employee internal meetings. Internal meetings are just as important as external events. Internal meetings are generally conducted between employees and the head of the company in order to plan, discuss, and share opinions. Many experts believe that it is the best way to interact and bond with employees, it can help businesses achieve their goals by mainly focusing upon the attributes of each employee such as their skill development, setting goals, training of interns, and even their accomplishments.

Such events are relatively common in traditional event format, however after the COVID-19 pandemic many organisers and business owners were forced to execute these internal events on a digital platform. Most people still may not have a proper strategic plan to create an ultimate internal event online. If you consider yourself in the similar frame, worry not! In this particular case, we are going to cover the top five tips for your internal online events which will make your event more engaging and build better relationships between employees and company heads. So without further ado, let’s get started! 

Virtual Internal Events and Tips

Virtual Internal Events are essentially events for your business or organisation that are directed towards the growth of the company as a whole with your employees. Internal events primarily aim for development of necessary skills that are required by your organisation, attaining a proper mindset with a positive approach and realistic goals, interaction with the interns and helping them grow as an unknit rather than focusing on individual development thus empowering teamwork while also making them self-sufficient, and celebrating achieved goals.

Such recognition and employee-based events inspire them to bring their A-game while also developing a feeling of inclusion from their perspective. Internal events can also be executed on a virtual platform with the same, if not higher, level of interaction and engagement. Thus, we can conclude that virtual internal events play a significant role in a company’s progress, hence we will be looking at 5 tips that is going to help you in your next internal virtual event:

Simplify the Registration

Your employees are just as important as the attendees when you host an external event, treat them with the same level of priority and significance to make them feel included and attain a worthwhile experience. Ranging from colour scheme to registration pages all the elements can be modified in an attractive manner with easy-to-use tools and navigation

Statistically most of the attendees will be attending the event and reading the emails from their mobile phones, hence tailor making the event which is not only compatible but eventful from smartphones will also provoke a sense of inclusion in your employees. Listen to what they have to say and incorporate those changes, make the feedback a valuable source of information regarding your internal event while maintaining an interactive environment.

Leverage Technology

The foundation of virtual events is technology as the platform itself is technology based. It is blatantly obvious that with every advancement in technology we can observe a similar change in the virtual event as well, such upgrades are worth the investment!

You’ll be saving quite a significant sum on capital which would otherwise be invested in hotels, venue, accommodation, travel etc. (traditional in-person event), utilise this saving into and invest the same in latest technology to make your internal more interactive for your employees to make their voices heard while simultaneously developing an immensely richly detailed virtual environment. By leveraging the latest technology, you can also provide your employees with a personalisation feature which is always recommended to get the attendees engaged with the event.

Host Interactive Sessions

Ever since the event industry was forced to adapt with virtual event platforms, experts saw a drastic rise in-demand for virtual solutions. With this growth, event organisers  came to realise a popular opinion of keeping the sessions short and simple rather than long and detailed, which is actually justified since the attendees will be attending the event by staring at their screens for a long duration of time! Hence the same can be implemented in your internal virtual event, providing your employees with n point sessions with room for interaction to get the most out of your event. This may also help you achieve employee favour as you’ll be hosting sessions which are preferred from their perspective

Investment in Production

Being an event organiser you need to understand the concept of production and broadcasting in order to provide a seamless experience. You may leverage technology to enhance your production by incorporating greenscreens and having multiple broadcasts at the same time for different segments of attendees. Investing in such production tools and features will ensure that your employees will attain a clear feed which will enhance their grasp and thus will reflect in the overall produ

Introduce Healthy Competition

The main aspect of any event is attendee engagement. Though you cannot directly control their perspective towards the event you can most definitely leverage the basic human nature to participate in a healthy competition. Assign certain scores to your employees and increase or deduct the scores based on the activities they perform in and with your event- such as participation in sessions, activities, tweets, and much more. This will achieve you a significantly higher level of interaction which will compel your employees to participate even more thus developing certain interests and eventually engaging them with the event.

Over to You

Every company/organisation requires some sort of internal event to regulate their business or service by interacting with the employees and discussing the future prospects of the company while simultaneously helping them grow. Though we agree traditional in-person internal events provide a high level of interactivity, the same is not necessarily compromised in virtual events as well. There are certain areas where you can invest the capital to enhance the overall engagement by improving the atmosphere and increasing the level of interactivity.

It is a tough shift, from in-person event to virtual event, however with its potential we may achieve outstanding results by leveraging the latest technology and developing a sense of inclusion from the employee’s perspective. At the end of the day attendee engagement is the main aspect of any event and hence we listed some tips which will help you achieve the same. The above-mentioned 5 tips, ranging from technology to healthy activities, will help your online internal event to become more effective and efficient without compromising on the level of interactivity.