TikTok Branding: 6 Handy Tips To Personalize Your Brands

Brands are familiar with all social media, it’s never been unusual or stranger to it. Whether it’s Instagram or Facebook, those platforms are a mandatory place to build your personal branding and reach out to your target audience. If you find a way to make your brand successful, you must have to be on the latest big trends. Yeah, TikTok is the perfect one, it’s the of the latest and most-celebrated social media app in the past two years. 

TikTok has an enormous power of 20.33 million daily active users, with over 800 million monthly active users. Approximately 56% of people are men, and 50% of TikTok users are under the age of 34. This shows, most of the TikTok users are from the younger generation. 

Let’s compare TikTok with Instagram; both platforms allow you to upload videos, though it has some similarities. You can see the feature page on both platforms, which makes it easy for users to find whom to follow, and what’s trending on that particular app. You all know that TikTok is all about videos, but on Instagram, you can post pictures and videos. Recently, TikTok has come up with new updates; one is you can create videos for up to 1 minute, second is you can use a new exciting feature called “stitch.”

Not all brands step into TikTok to promote their brands, but still, you have to mark your footprints before you lose on this platform. Since it’s a brand-new platform, you need to create your brand identity before your competitors. Once you start to use TikTok, you will find some of the great ways to improve your brand building. To all enjoy the benefits of TikTok, first, you need to make your presence on it.

In this article, you are going to see some of the handy tips to personalize your brand on TikTok, 

Let’s get started, 

How Is TikTok Beneficial To Personalize The Brands?

Cross Promotional Is Possible 

Do you know? Using a cross-promotion method, you can easily push on with continued sales and conversion. Platforms like Instagram, there is no guarantee that your brand will last forever. If something goes wrong, you will see a drastic decrease in everything. Your engagement rate will reduce, people’s attention will also decrease. Within a minute, you can save your TikTok videos to your camera roll. Then, you can upload your TikTok videos on any other social media app. While posting your videos, don’t forget to add an appealing call to action. 

Cross promotional helps to get more exposure and get your videos into millions of people’s eyes. 

Get More Audience Exposure 

As I already mentioned, TikTok has an enormous 800 million users. Hence you have worthy ways for your brands to build awareness. If you have more followers, you have more people to engage with your brands. Believe me, even though people don’t interact with your brand or videos, they can become familiar with your brand by maintaining your constant brand presence. 

Some people may assume TikTok is only for entertainment, but it’s not true. It provides an equal chance for business marketers to do promotional activities. Especially brands that target the younger generation can directly dive into this platform. When you target the right people, sure, you can expect more sales and traction.

Connect With Local Creators 

On TikTok, you have plenty of popular creators or influencers who have massive followers. And they are also known as mini-influencers. You can reach them to promote your brand effectively. Depending on your industry, location, target audience, you can pick them. Connecting with such tiny influencers or content creators actually helps you to boost your business. As, like Instagram, you can easily reach out to mini-influencers who are famous in your niche.

I think you are all aware of Sony music, which is connected with 12 influencers to promote their Nicky jam X Sch song. As a result, they won nearly 10,000 user-generated videos, and 800 million users engaged with their content, which made the song viral.

6 Handy Tips To Personalize Your Brands

1. Keep Your Eye On Analytics Section

Once you get ready to start TikTok for your business, you have two options to set your profile, one you can choose a free profile or pay to get a TikTok pro account. For marketers, it’s recommended to use a pro account because you can access analytics in this app. Using analytics, you can get an insight into your video performance and your audience. In fact, it’s extremely beneficial for you to know about the TikTok algorithm. Remember, your future is based on the performance of your current videos. When your first video goes viral, then you have more opportunities to take your account to the next stage.

Usually, your video will be shown to a small group of audiences if your video is published. When your video is engaged with that audience group, TikTok will push your video to more people.

Your geographical location also matters; your video will be shown only to users who belong to your country. Of course, it’s good news for small brands, who are making efforts to increase their brand awareness. This may affect the top or big brands if your video is well performed with the initial location. Then, automatically, the TikTok video will bring the videos to a future location. 

2. Monitor Right Metrics 

Why is analyzing metrics important? Remember, it isn’t easy to improve your TikTok marketing when you don’t know how your videos perform. One of the most important metrics you need to check is people’s watch time; that is how long people watched your videos on average. If your video gets a higher watch time, it shows your user interaction rate and interest.

On the other hand, you must see what kinds of videos are most engaged with your audience. Hence, you can create more videos on those topics to promote your brand.

3. Fix Generating Engagement As Your Main Goal

Of course, your ultimate goal will be to make your brand personalized and famous. To achieve this, your first and foremost step is to create engaging content. Your videos must pull your audience’s attention and make them engage and interact with it. Actually, it’s not that difficult because you have several unique TikTok features. And you can jump on current trends. Using TikTok features and trends will help you push your brand name and identity with millions of people’s eyes.

While creating content, you have to remember your video must influence or showcase your brand identity or voice. Use this stage effectively to advertise your brand or product. Ensure your content must not annoy your audience; avoid over exaggerating. If you do it in the right way, you can easily bring your brand name out.

Behind-the-scenes, bloopers, day in my life, going live videos, offering discounts, seasonal content, deals will boost your brand awareness. Creativity matters; you can even use memes to personalize your brands.

Did you know? Going more life will help you to make people connect and engage with your brand. Actually, this is direct to connect with your audience and speak more about your brand. It helps to build a good relationship with your audience and can create emotional bonds.

Do more tutorial and informative kinds of content; it will not only add values to your content but also, can indirectly influence your brand. These kinds of content are quite trending and effective on all other social media. By doing tutorial videos, you can share more information about the brand and its features.

4. Try Out Coming With Branded hashtags. 

Creating branded hashtags will help you make your brand familiarize itself with our audience. Either you can keep your brand name as your hashtag or phrases related to your brands. Did you know? Branded hashtags will work as a free way to advertise your brands effectively.

When people use your hashtag in their content, it will give more exposure to your brand. On top of that, it makes it easy for people to find your content. 

Also, when you create branded hashtags, try to make your hashtags popular and famous. You can come up with branded hashtag challenges; once you plan it, make sure it’s engaging and interesting; your concept or idea must influence your brand. Keep in mind; your challenge must be innovative, make others participate.

5. Jump On Current Trends & Happenings 

Getting involved or participating in current trends or events will help you get instant engagement and audience attention. Hence, brands can grab this opportunity to integrate their brand with trending topics. You can check the “for you” page and discovery page to get aware of trending topics and viral challenges. Once you spot any trending videos, check whether they will connect or be related to your brand. If you find it possible, don’t miss that chance to start creating videos on those topics. 

Don’t forget to get engaged with popular songs or music tracks; believe me, it will take your videos to the “for you” page. When you buy authentic TikTok views from genuine users you can receive tons of engagement and your videos become popular on TikTok. TikTok is all about trends and challenges right, it’s a part of the culture in this platform. Every day, you will come across exciting challenges and viral videos and participate in them. If you see any popular videos, avoid doing exactly what they did. Show your creativity and incorporate your brands in your videos.

6. Make Use Of Branded Face Filters And Lenses

Just like other platforms, on TikTok for brands, you can create Ar filters and lenses. Nearly 60% of the audience used face filters. You can create attractive and fun filters and lenses; try incorporating your brand into it. If people start using it in their content, your followers will begin to watch you engage with your brand too. This will create great impacts and can bring enormous amounts of people using your filters and lenses. It helps to get your brand popular and make it famous among the audience.

On the other hand, you can connect with TikTok to create effectively branded lenses. It helps to display your lenses in the discover tab in 10 days

Connect With An Influencers 

On TikTok, you have plenty of popular influencers and content creators. They have great power to make your brand get famous and popular among your audience. Once you decide to choose an influencer, you have to select the right influencer for your brand or business. While selecting influencers, check their engagement rate, type of industry, target audience. Ensure they also have the same target audience. 

You can use tools and hashtags to find influencers for your brand. Once you pick an influencer, give them enough space to run your marketing campaign. Let them decide the content and idea to implement your campaign. Moreover, they know how to attract people and trend your brand among your target audience. 

TikTok Ads 

If you want immediate results or attention, go for TikTok ads. TikTok offers four to five types of ads to advertise and to do other promotional activities. It helps to give more exposure and awareness to your brand in front of many new audiences.

Let’s see some of the different kinds of ads. 

In-feed Ads 

It is a short form of videos that will appear in a newsfeed on the for you page. It is like a regular TikTok video, which appears organically in the feed.

Branded Takeover

Once people open the TikTok platform, it will appear on the screen, displaying 3 to 5 seconds. This will also appear in the “for you” feed. Moreover, you can add clickable hashtags or website links.

Top View Ads

It is similar to a branded takeover, but it will appear for 60 seconds.

Branded Effects 

They are custom stickers, Ar filters, and lenses. People can add to their own videos.


TikTok is one of the sensational apps; it helps to make your brand famous worldwide. It provides bags of opportunities for brands, marketers to enhance and develop their business. Remember, try to showcase your brand personality and voice its identity to promote your brand. I hope this article will help you to personalize your brands on TikTok.