How to Find Out Instagram of a Tinder User

Tinder is one of the famous dating sites, especially for young generations. While most people believe they have found their true love on tinder, some people still use it for fun. 

In this article, we will tell you different ways of getting the Instagram of any tinder user.

Okay, so talking about it or, more precisely, joking about it, you will understand that the only way left to get a match for you is when you find a vulnerability for that. Sounds funny? Well, it is.  I have started digging about the security premises of tinder.

Many apps have found one or two ways to unlock a few tinder features. Just like AppleCare has found a way through which you might take over a tinder account using Facebook. Which is likely to inspire many of us. Many things surprised me, but a few of them took me in amazement. One of them is how the location of tinder users can be disclosed.

Tinder which is everyone’s favourite for a different kind of dating style, has been linked with Instagram, which people also love for showcasing the beautiful day today pictures of yourself. Maybe the partnership between Instagram and tinder can open a huge path of success for both these apps, but this is not good for your personal space.

Our very own ad week magazine posted some inside and behind details about pairing between Instagram and tinder. This explains that users will always volunteer to link their accounts with tinder thinking it will be fun. But you have opened a gate of hell for yourself as many creepy tinder partners can now stalk you daily. And no one enjoys stalking.

Even if you are industrious, it will not take too long to spy on someone’s Instagram account and followers. And you have every right to call out the tinder policies if you do not want your pictures to be seen in public. But dear, you do not have power here, as many of the tinder users already include their Instagram profiles, and, in such cases, you do not have any control over who sees your Instagram profile. But it might give you a little control over how much you allow them to see your Instagram. 

This Instagram and Twitter integration is a very critical issue here. Users often link their Instagram with Twitter to give extra insight into their day, likes, dislikes, and much more. Maybe you think that it is making this easy for you, but not it is not like that. And for the users with private Instagram accounts, it makes your Instagram public for tinder users only. It compromises your privacy.  

Here are the five ways how you are linking Instagram with tinder affects you.

Stalking Became So Easy.

So, when I use the word stalking, you should know that I am damn serious here as it can turn out to be a horrible and serious fact of one’s life. And what if you want to protect your privacy? Or sometimes you like to keep your Instagram away from your dating world. So, linking it with tinder will ruin your small breeze of privacy. It may feel good that your life is an open book but trust me, it is not.

You can find the Instagram of any user on Twitter through one of two ways first one is that tinder user, and there you will find the Instagram link of their account, go through that link and carry out the later procedure by yourself. Now you want to ask them or do whatever you like. As tinder has given this flexibility to their users, finding Instagram of tinder users is not much of a big deal. 

And if you do not find the Instagram of that user in their bio, it means they do not want to share their Instagram with everybody on tinder. So, the simplest way is to ask them by yourself, text them, and ask them about their Instagram profiles and I am sure they will share that with you. But if they still do not want to share that with you, I want you to accept that and do not force them, as privacy issues can be real sometimes, and everyone has the right to keep their life according to themselves. 

Now comes the other way that is never recommended, or at least I would not recommend that.  

This way is called hacking or stalking; you hack into their privacy and find out about their Instagram account. This can be risky and non-reliable, as if you are found guilty, you may welcome some unnecessary troubles for you. And the other person may experience some non-pleasant changes. After this, here comes the other thing called stalking. Now I would not recommend you stalk someone in real life but stalking online is not much of a problem; what you must do is find the other social media account of the tinder user you want to find the Instagram and I am sure they have shared their Instagram maybe not on tinder but Facebook Twitter or other social things. 

So, by following one or the other way as defined above, you may get the Instagram of any tinder user you want. But following a right and ethical path would be much appreciated and safe for your reputation. Stalking and hacking are not right and not recommended in this article. Although a few ways are defined through them, you may get the Instagram of the tinder users.

At last, summarizing the article, I would say we have gone through so many things from how to get started on tinder, what kind of things you must avoid while being on tinder and how it affects your day-to-day life. Also, an insight on how you should avoid certain things that may cause you to suffer and how your privacy is compromised.