The Ultimate Technical SEO Checklist For 2021 You Need To Know

As a matter of course, technical SEO refers to upgrading your site for crawling and indexing but can also involve any technical procedure meant to enhance search visibility.

Getting a clear vision to optimize your site is an instrument to your online success. The SEO checklist for 2021 must be more effective, focused, and more concentrated. If you are contemplating an SEO checklist for 2021 that will help you increase your site’s traffic and rank on Google, you have just found it.

In this blog, we’ve put together the most important tasks that you need to perform to drive the ultimate SEO checklist for success in 2021 and beyond.

● Crawl your website: before conducting an SEO audit, it’s essential to crawl your website for yourself. There is a wide range of free and paid tools to perform the indexing. Once you are done with tool selection, you may sign up and then select your crawl configuration. You must keep in mind you need to configure your crawler to behave like a search engine.

● Find Indexing Errors & Technical Problems: Find indexing issues (useless pages, equivalent content), broken links, and more technical problems by using a tool like Screaming Frog. Even in 2021, fundamental technical SEO checklist issues are much more common than you’d like to assume, and one sure way to locate these issues is through your SEO audit.
And since it recognizes the specific URL for each obstacle, you can go in and fix every problem one by one.

● Robots.txt and Robots Meta Tags: Robots.txt is an array of instructions that guide search engines which pages or sections of your website crawl and exhibit on relevant SERPs. We require a robots.txt file to block unwanted and non-public pages, like a login page, that you don’t want accidental people to land on. Robots.txt also enlarges your crawl budget and forbids the indexing of confident resources, such as PDFs and images.

● Search Console Coverage: The Google search console is developed to permit website owners to track their online performance and collect actionable items effectively. Part of the SEO technical requirements is to track errors that can drive your impressions down.
It is necessary to analyze and fix the URL issues mentioned in the report to ensure all your web pages are valid and indexed.

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● Get Rid of Structured Data Errors: from the inclusion of structured data, there are various pages on your domain that could benefit SEO.
Use Google’s Structured Data Testing Tool and put the URL of your site to get it checked. Click the option named “Run Test”, and Google will not just assess the structured data for the domain you just entered; it will also administer you with any errors that were located simultaneously.

● Breadcrumbs: Breadcrumbs are an essential element of almost every good website. These little navigational aids help to serve the best possible UX and enhance your site crawlability.

Make sure your breadcrumbs are:

• Mobile-responsive
• Enabled and visible to online users
• Easily understandable
• Located at the top half of your page
• Showing hierarchy

● Rewrite and test your Meta Descriptions: Go to Google Search Console, click on the menu option named “Search Appearance”, and click the button named “HTML Improvements.” Then, click the option labelled “Duplicate Meta Descriptions” to see how many meta tags you need to rewrite. Ensure that all the title tags are aggregate, and in terms of replicate tags, the same rules apply.

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