SEO Score – A Science And A Standardize Metric Of Your Success To Internet World

Have you ever heard the word SEO or SEO Score? I think you must have heard it at the very beginning of your blogging journey. The term SEO is well known to each and every blogger. SEO is, however, a short word but the necessity and width of this word may be compared to an ocean. SEO – means “search engine optimization”. The full form of the word SEO of course defines its meaning. But what is this SEO factor and how much is it effective for a blog’s above all performance?

The word ‘Blogging’ gets its popularity from the last 8 or 10 years and now at a pressure cooker like situation. It’s the most discussed fact for the internet world. Each and every blogger from the beginning of their blogging journey wants to get the top position to the search engine results. And to get high results at search engines like Google, Yahoo and Bing every blogger should try to achieve a very high SEO score and that must not be below 70 out of 100 by any means.

What Is SEO And SEO Score Actually?

SEO Score – A Science And A Standardize Metric Of Your Success To Internet World

Search Engine Optimization is the most accurate, appropriate and proper way to get high page rank and high organic traffic for a website. How large is your SEO score, the search engine ranking of your website is so high? In a word your website’s search rankings always be directly proportional to SEO score. In general, every website’s SEO score can be calculated in a nice tone – either a site’s SEO score is calculated with a number i.e. among 0 to 10. Or sometimes SEO scores can be calculated in a percentage of marks. As I already mentioned that the SEO score of your website can predict how often does your website come in search results.

There are many possible ways to judge the performance of a website. Sometimes it may be always dependent on rankings and page value and the number of back-links for am website. Normally the site that appears on the first page of a search engine is, of course, has a high page rank. But sometimes your low page-ranked website can get high SEO results in case you write a unique and original exceptional content. Meta tags of a website have a great role to optimize the search ranking of a website. But some search engines like Google can generate meta keywords automatically.

Some experts say that link building is a good form of generating high SEO scores. But not fully but it is partial true. SEO is geeky stuff and can be dependent on several variables i.e. robots.txt, different rewrite rules, etc. As there are several variables that can effectively change the SEO score of a website, so a blogger or a webmaster sometimes get confused thinking for the perfect field of success and waste a lot of time.

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Optimization is, more importantly, a never-ending process. It sometimes depends on factors like Url depth or permalink structure or a title tag URL or the best headlines of a blog. Though search engines always change their algorithm to confuse the spammers. But choose some subjective field which is more or less affect the SEO score. You may choose the following fields like the content of the website mainly home page content, page rank, inbound links, internal site linking structure, template structure and used CSS, choice of keywords, URL structure, title tags, page speed, etc.

All the things are relative to SEO practices. There are many online tools available that can help you measure the SEO score of a website. Those websites for calculating SEO scores give importance to some below-listed factors. I want to share those factors so that you can create a good SEO score for your website. A blogger if follows those perspectives then definitely after two years of his blogging journey can make his website search engine topper. But the first and foremost thing is good and original content.

Factors Behind Good Seo Score And Good Search Ranking:

Factors Behind Good Seo Score And Good Search Ranking:

  1. Whether the website is accessible via IP address or not: It is very much necessary that a website can be accessed either by domain name or by direct with the IP address.
  2. All the links of your website must be a title attribute for a good SEO score. In general for time-saving purposes we the bloggers just neglect the title field while linking.
  3. Many websites haven’t validated their website structure with W3C validation. This is a very important issue for a website.
  4. Website registration remaining time is one of the important aspects of a good SEO score. For these reasons, many website owners would love to choose a long validity plan apart from choosing a shorter validity.
  5. Try to increase the page rank of a website.
  6. Controlled social sharing is a very good aspect of a blog. Social sharing of a blog has its own value and so should add social sharing buttons directly at your blog page.
  7. Google plus is an important factor in a blog. The number of likes can be calculated for ranking a page in Google search results.
  8. Page load time is very much attached to an SEO score of a website. A website should load at a minimum time. The search engines can neglect your website if it takes a too long time to load a page. Not only a search engine but also blogs with high page loading time puts a negative impact on viewers and they neglect your blog, thus it can decrease your search rankings as well.
  9. The title tag should be the next tag after the head tag for a website with a good SEO score.
  10. The size of the page must not be too big. Try to minimize the size of the page as far as possible.
  11. Must put copyright information in the footer area of a blog.
  12. Try to reduce the number of over-optimized links.
  13. The site should be optimized for mobile devices.
  14. Try to add a meta viewport tag to make the blog mobile-friendly.
  15. Use rel=” canonical”, rel=” alternate”, 301 redirect to bypass the duplicate content issue.

I hope the above advice will help you to score a good SEO score and thus helps to stick your blog on the very first page of Google and different search engines.

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