Google Classroom – A must have in 2021

Google has been the giant search engine for quite some time now. It has served to bridge the gap between people and knowledge since its inception. Before Google, the vast majority of the world’s population relied mostly on printed media and hard copies.   

With Google, this difficulty has been reduced to a historical extent. With the growing digitalization, Google has gone from being a special tool to an essential tool. In today’s world, it is almost impossible to imagine gaining knowledge without the help of google.

Google has already served to bring information to every nook and corner of the world. This is partially due to the enhanced and widespread availability of affordable SEO services. They allow the sources to be better informed about the needs and requirements of the learners. This, in turn, allows for the availability of targeted and specific content.  

It benefits people at both ends, at the learning end also and at the teaching end also. It allows the user. The information, which was before only accessible to selected people and communities, is now within reach of a commoner. Plus with enhanced recommendations allowing problem-specific solutions to be found. 

Introduction to Google Classroom

Google launched Google Classroom in the year 2014. In the bid to make the process of acquiring knowledge easier and more efficient, google launched a game-changing and pioneering application: Google Classroom

Google Classroom is an essential tool to connect teachers with their students beyond the physical boundaries. It helps teachers and students remain connected even when they cannot meet and connect physically.

Google Classroom provides numerous benefits to both teachers and students. It provides a medium where students can share their thoughts and concerns amid their personal study. It allows teachers to connect with students and even breaks barriers to connect students amongst themselves.

Let us explore the various benefits of this game-changing application.

An Icebreaker

With google classroom, the traditional classroom has seen a revolution. Google classroom has allowed the educational community to connect like never before. It serves to be an icebreaker in certain situations. Between teachers and students and students and students, google classroom proves to be an icebreaker.

Not everyone is excited to meet new people in a class they are about to join. A big chunk of the population comprises introverts. Not only those, but some people don’t want to meet new people because of the fear of awkwardness or any other reason they might have.

Google classroom breaks the ice by allowing people to connect slowly. You can connect and explore according to your own pace. It saves you from the awkwardness when you meet someone new and directly have to jump into conversations. 

A Revolutionary tool

With the introduction of the Google classroom, the way we teach and learn has been revolutionized. It has changed the traditional methods and allowed us to move to better and more efficient methods. The several tools available in the google classroom allow the instructors to track their students’ progress, even when they are not around.

With the onset of the covid-19 pandemic, google classroom has proved to be more important than ever. Thanks to google classroom, millions of students worldwide continued when the rest of the world shut down. It has allowed the education sector to tackle the threat of covid without compromising on productivity.

A beacon during the pandemic

During the past year, google classroom has proved to be a part of the essentials. With the world now easing restrictions and returning to normal, the need for google classroom has not been lessened. Many educational institutions have adopted google classroom as a permanent method to deliver education. It saves cost and reduces the carbon footprint of having to travel to school by burning fossil fuels.

Covid-19 remains a threat in 2021. Until the world is fully recovered from this historical catastrophe, education is likely to be delivered via online resources until the world recovers fully. Google classroom has proved to be a useful tool beyond the restrictions of covid. It provides the services which will be essential in the post covid world.


Google classroom, at its core, provides several features which have proved to be a game-changer. The remainder of this article covers some of these essential tools.

A class away from class

The pandemic has left us confined to our homes.  It has made an everyday routine of meeting people a health threat. The education sector is no exception to the threat of covid. Luckily, the availability of google classroom has allowed teachers and students to meet virtually.

It provides a means to conduct lectures and interact with the whole class without worrying about the risk of mingling with people. It allows teachers to conduct lectures and give lessons with all the tools of a physical classroom available virtually.

Give assignments from the comfort of your home.

An integral part of education is to give assignments to the students to inculcate in them the objective skills of the course. Google Classroom makes it easier for the teachers to design and distribute all the different assignments and tasks that they would like to give to their students.

It is also a simplified process for the students to complete and submit their work. It also enables the students to make use of numerous other services provided by Google. For instance, google docs, sheets and numerous others. 

Tracking assignments made it easier.

After a student has submitted an assignment, the student must receive feedback from their teacher. Google Classroom provides a platform for the teachers to provide all types of feedback to their students efficiently.

Teachers can add public or private comments. This allows them to give constructive as well as appreciative feedback. This gives a means to teachers to provide feedback to the specific students without having to let everyone in the class hear their comments.

Grading work and Learning from mistakes

Once a student has submitted an assignment, the tedious process of grading begins. But it does not end here. It is essential that students learn from their mistakes and don’t make the same mistake again. Google Classroom provides a unique tool to assign a task to students to learn from their mistakes and correct them. The teacher can also track if the student has corrected the mistake or not. This allows for the learning process to be made more productive and more engaging.