Free Advertising on Google 2020- All You Need to Know About

Do you know anything about Google Ads? Did you know how puzzling to get started with free advertising on Google platform? So, finding the right combination of keywords, designing banners, setting a daily budget can be overwhelming. In this article, you will learn how to get started and successfully navigate the tricky waters of Google Ads. We’ve compiled a beginner’s guide on how to advertise on Google for free, take a look below:

Choose a network for free advertising on Google.

The first thing you need to choose where you want your ads should appear. There are two networks where you can display your Google ads: the Google Search Network and the Google Display Network.

Though, the Google Search Network is perfect for targeting customers who interested in the specific industry. However, you can display your ads on the search results pages of those consumers who searched for one of the keywords or long-tail keywords that you have assigned to your ad campaign. The sites included in the Google Search Network are Google Shopping, Google Maps, and Google Play.

Free Advertising on Google 2020

Although, the Google Display Network is for targeting your ideal customers. But when they are not actively looking for you. The Google Display Network encompasses many channels, including YouTube, Gmail, Blogger, and other associated Google sites, where you can target those with specific content.

Free Advertising on Google 2020

Launch a campaign for free advertising on Google

Although there are several types of campaigns that you can use for your advertising purposes, the kind of attack you choose to use will depend on where you advertise and what kind of ad you want to use.

Search campaigns

The first category of advertising campaigns is a search campaign. If you have decided, you want to advertise on the Google Search network and use text ads; this is the campaign you want to start. So, whenever someone searches for your related keywords, your text ad will appear. With search ads, it’s incredibly important to have strong keywords

Free Advertising on Google 2020

Display campaigns

The next category is a display campaign. A graphic ad can be displayed anywhere on the Google Display Network. So, if you want to target specific interests or sites related to your product or industry, you can easily do so with a display campaign. Your rich media and graphic ads will display on the places you are targeting.

Free Advertising on Google 2020

Therefore, next, we have a search campaign with a display option. Do you like the sound of the search campaign? But also think that a show campaign would be useful for your business?  Well, that exactly what a search campaign with a display option is. Just create your search ads and will also show up on the Display Network. It is perfect for expanding your target audience’s potential by seeing your ads and being exposed to your brand.

Video campaigns for free advertising on Google

Our next category, Video Campaign, is self-explanatory, and these are ads in the form of videos that run on the Google Display Network and YouTube. If a picture or multimedia ad is not enough for you, video ads may be the right choice!

Universal application campaigns

Our penultimate category, Universal App Campaign, is particular to app advertising. It has one of the most significant places where it will be displayed. It can show on search, display, and YouTube networks. All you have to do is configure certain information about the application, and Google will automatically adjust the appearance of the form and its offers to optimize downloads.

Free Advertising on Google 2020

Shopping campaigns

Finally, we end with Shopping Campaigns.

These campaigns are suitable for retailers who want to promote their good/inventory and generate extra sales with better-qualified leads.

Free Advertising on Google 2020

Bidding strategy

Therefore, you have decided what type of advertising campaign you want to use, and you have decided where you want them to be displayed. You have completed the keyword research, using a tool just like Clever Ads Keyword Research Tool, etc. to find the most profitable or moneymaking and absolute accurate keywords, and you’ve made some changes to your landing page and website navigation. So your customers have the best and easiest possible experience on your site. You probably think that you are ready to launch your campaigns and hope to succeed, right?

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Honestly, no matter how perfect your ads and how friendly your website navigation, your ad won’t show without you set your bidding strategy.

Did you know that not only do you have the option to set your budget for each campaign? And the ad group manually, but Google has an opportunity to automate it, giving you more free time to work on other marketing objectives?
When it comes to automatic offers, you can’t directly access your first campaign and make Google choose everything. Technically, this is a possibility, but Google uses machine learning. You need your campaign to have been active long enough to have a decent amount of click and conversion data.

Automated bid strategies

There are several different possible automatic bid strategies. We will review some of them here so you can get a better idea of ​​what might be the best strategy for your campaigns!

Maximize clicks

It just designed to do what it says on the tin. Google will automatically set your bids to the amount that your ads will generate as many clicks as possible (within your budget).

Advertising Return On Investment Objective (ROAS)

It is more focused on getting the most ROAS possible, rather than just conversions or clicks. This automated strategy offers more deals on those ad placements where Google thinks it’s most likely to lead to a sale. While there are several automated strategies, you always have the option to determine each offer and budget yourself. It is a good idea when you start your campaigns the first time. Still, as you launch more attacks, as your business grows and expands your brand, as you decide to launch an advertising campaign on a different platform, automated bid strategies help give you more free time to focus on these other things. Also, much of the time, Google, with its machine learning, will know better strategies than you because you cannot spend all your time playing in Google Ads.

Promotional code

Before launching your first campaign, be sure to check out the free Google Ads promo code from Clever Ads. With promo code, you can quickly start your Free Google Ads Campaigns, giving you time to see which keywords or bid strategies and campaign types work best for you and which don’t. So, this is another vital part of the Google Ads process. Be sure to check every two weeks or so which campaign strategies work and which don’t / Also remember that while a campaign might be working now, it will age and be less effective. Be sure to create new content every month or so, using what you’ve learned from your previous campaigns to develop even better ones.

Don’t forget to download the free promotional code from Clever Ads. You don’t want to miss out on a free trial on Google Ads! Don’t even worry about the cost of Google Adwords when you get started! After your first two campaigns, be sure to check out our Google Ads Audit for a comprehensive view of what works well and what could improve on your campaigns.

It is just the beginning of your Google Ads journey. If you’d like to learn more and dig deeper into Google Ads, be sure to download a free copy of our ebook that will provide you with even more information.

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