Help Your Blog Gain More Traffic and New Readers

Some Overview of Blog Tips for Gain More Traffic and New Readers

– As blogging continues to remain popular, despite the growth of Twitter and Facebook, and new blogs are created by the thousands each day, you need to use all at your disposal to continue to reach new readers and gain more traffic.

To help you,  here are ten easy and quick tips to assist you in gaining more traffic for your blog-

Tip 1- Blog Comments

You realize that your comments left at other blogs can generate targeted traffic to your blog and is an effective, legitimate linking plan. Just to locate, find a blog that’s related to your niche and leave worthy positive comments. You should include a link back to your blog so that interested readers can visit your blog to read more from you. Just don’t spam other blogs.

Tip 2- Reciprocal Linking

One of the most effective ways to gain relevant, targeted traffic is by exchanging links with other bloggers or websites.  It doesn’t take much effort, a simple email request for a link exchange, then follow up with the blog owner, and the results are worth it. Or, you can buy software and services to the job, just do a search, and you’ll find sources.

Tip 3- Blog Directories

Blog directories are like search engines but are viewed by readers searching for blogs.  Make sure you submit your blog to the major directories. There are also many blog services where you turn to “ping” your blog. Pinging informs the service that you’ve updated your blog with new content. The service then publishes your new posts, and you’ll get some traffic from readers interested in the topic and search engines.

Tip 4- Writing Articles

One of the best ways of gaining targeted, reliable, and long-term traffic for blogs. When you write your articles and placing them with article directories, you can gain a significant number of visitors at your blog. To get traffic, you have added your resource box at the end of each article you’ve written.

Tip 5- Submitting Press Releases

Press releases are an effective way of gaining instant traffic on your blog.  Keep in mind that press releases only gain you short-term traffic, so it’s up to you to keep the new readers that find you.  As long as you write and submit new press releases often, you should see a steady flow of new blog traffic. is one of the most established distributors out there.  Make sure you set up an account. There are also several automated press release services available for your use.

Tip 6- Maintain a Blog Mailing List

Knowing that it’s easier to keep a customer than to get a new one, you have to keep a list and contact your existing readers.  To be successful online with a blog, send news and content updates to your subscribers.  You can ask for suggestions and comments to improve your blog.

Related to this is the importance of having your blog readers subscribe to a ‘blog update’ list, which you’ll use to tell them when you have updated your blog…

Tip 7- Publishing an Ezine for Your Blog

Compile your best content and give you subscribes content exclusive to the ezine or online magazine.  As a publisher, you can include whatever you’d like, even include “guest authors.”  It is all attracting new readers your blog and drive more traffic!

Tip 8- Pay / Advertise for Traffic

 Especially if you’re already monetizing your blog through affiliate marketing programs, Google Adsense, and sending email blasts to your subscriber list, consider using paid advertising to draw blog traffic.  Start with similarly themed blogs and ask about ad buttons of banners.

Tip 9- Issuing Free Reports

 Distribute free reports to readers, subscribers, anyone to market your blog! Consider re-capping your ezine and send out a concise report of the data to attract attention to your blog.  Make sure to coordinate with your press release activities

Tip 10- Discussion Boards /Forums

Participate in your niche’s/theme’s community to spread the news on you and your blog.  It will have a two-fold effect, position you as an authority in your field, and it will help promote your blog to people that are already interested in your topic.  Remain active in these forums to maintain new traffic flow.

With all these tips, the key is to operate your blog consistently.  It is essential that you are truly committed to your, and your blog’s success, and that you continue to build on each previous step while building traffic through strategic moves as part of a long-term blog plan!

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