Backlinks Case Study and Importance of Backlinks in 2020

In this backlinks case study, we are going to discuss different aspects of backlinks. Such as their definition, importance, types, and ways to build them, so let’s start from the backlink itself.


For understanding the importance of backlinks, it is necessary to understand the exact meaning of “Backlinks.”

In a sentence, ‘backlinks’ are defined as inbound links to our blog (website) or web page from other websites or blogs. When someone reads your article and liked it, the same and produces content related to the same topics on your blog, they link that content to your website, which is called a backlink.

Let’s describe the importance of backlinks.

Now, do we have to focus on the importance of backlinks, best backlink building methods, and how to build backlinks?

If you are using Google for Backlinks creation, you can find thousands of automated Backlinks creation tools that guarantee to provide your blog importance with as many backlinks as you like in one click. Some of these automated tools are free, and others paid, giving you backlinks case from high PR sites.

Sites that provide free backlinks from poor sites lower your ranking, thus reducing the performance of your website. Google detects and penalizes the different paid sites that offer backlinks after their various updates.

So from the top paragraph, we concluded that we should always try to get some quality backlinks Instead of massive low-quality backlinks and keep ourselves in safe mode. Now the question arises: what is a quality of backlink study?

Quality links:

Quality links are top in the list of importance of backlinks. A quality backlink defined as a backlink that comes from a site. Content related to your website rather than a link that comes from a site that is not associated with your site. The quality backlink comes from the site that uses your keywords or locations on the same topic.

Suppose site “A” receives a backlink from a site B that uses the same keywords or on the same topic. Such as blogging, SEO, Making money online, etc. Google attaches great importance to the link coming from the blogging site. Hence gives less stress to the connection coming from the car site. Google attaches great importance to quality links coming from high public relations sites. as the most important.

Now let’s see what the different types of backlinks are.

There are two different types of backlinks: one is “do follow,” and the other is “no-follow.”

(1) Dofollow Backlinks:

Backlinks Case Study and Importance of Backlinks in 2020

Dofollow backlinks are the backlinks that search engine crawlers follow when crawling your site. Or we can say that when search engine crawlers enter your page. They crawl your entire blog, including links, photos of everything. When they crawl a “do follow” link that lands on that page. Suppose I relate it to you when crawlers crawl that connects back to your page, .which helps index your site faster. It provides you with traffic and helps to increase your page rank.

(2) Nofollow Backlinks:

Backlinks Case Study and Importance of Backlinks in 2020

Nofollow backlinks are backlinks that contain a “no follow” tag. When search engine crawlers track this, they simply ignore it. You can view different fonts from the website by right-clicking and selecting ‘view font,’ then use ctrl + f to find rel = “nofollow.”  These links also provide you with good traffic but are not beneficial to Pagerank.

Note: It recommended to create do-follow links and tags weak links on your site with a “no follow” tag.

Now let’s take a look at the best and easiest ways to create quality backlinks:

(1) Social Media:

Social media and bookmarking sites always provide us with quality backlinks. Facebook and Twitter have always proven to be good at creating backlinks.

(2) Guest posting:

Guest posting is always discussed as the best white hat technique to create backlinks. Just go to different sites or blogs that offer “Guest Post.” Write to them, which in turn gives you quality backlinks and traffic.

(3) Blog Comments:

Blog comments are the easiest way to get the right amount of quality backlinks. Simply post comments with your links (anchor text) on blogs related to your niche. They give you excellent backlinks. I also got useful links from them.

(4) Forum signature link:

Participate in different forums related to your niche. Many forums use signature links, just post your URL in the signature link field and voila. (Only high-quality forums)

(5) Yahoo Answers :

Yahoo Answers are another way to get good backlinks, answers to questions related to your niche by quoting your blog URL.

(6) Article Submission :

Submit your article to a different article site, like EzineArticles.

If you are following these methods, you are going to build some good quality backlinks.
Why are backlinks relevant?

Backlinks provide two primary benefits to your website: first, they help improve your search engine ranking, and second, they provide additional exposure and access to your website from external sources.

Backlinks act like votes:

As they indicate to search engines that the link provided should generate something of value and interest of backlink case, If you wrote an article, the importance of backlinks that I think would benefit the readers of my website. I may decide to link it to your site. If other webmasters read your article and backlink to it, will soon have multiple websites that will link to the same page on your website if this happened over and over from many different websites. It would indicate to search engines that the page linked to your website must contain something that many other websites consider of value.

The more votes (backlinks) you have, the more popular your website will be in the eyes of search engines. However, the important thing is not only the number of backlinks but also the quality of the source from which it comes. Just as they would be in other voting situations, the more authoritarian, authoritative, influential, and credible the voter is, the more beneficial the vote will be to the recipient. A backlink from a respected source can often be more valuable than many from poorly respected sources.

What factors influence the quality of a good backlink?

As stated above, the quality of the backlinks. You want to achieve what should be a primary consideration when implementing your backlink strategy. In the old days of lousy search engines that were too easy to fool, the more backlinks you had, the higher your ranking would be.

However, with the evolution of search engines in their ability to detect this type of behavior. There are now some factors to consider when adding a new backlink to your website. Ultimately, all backlinks you add must be from high-quality websites and vary in their source and link location. It’s also crucial that your backlinks look natural in their font, anchor text, link location, and how often they added.


Ultimately, you need to target backlinks from authority websites. Unfortunately, these are much more difficult to find, especially if you have a new site (so they are more valuable). After all, why would an accessible and authoritative website link to your little blog? But as long as the website you link to is more trustworthy than yours, you will benefit from its power.

The authority of any website can be crudely measured by evaluating its Page Rank (PR) and the age of the domain. However, if your site has an RP of 1 and you get a backlink from a website with a RP 3, you will benefit. Still, over time your RP will increase the representation of the backlinks of these sites low useful; therefore, the higher the PR, the older the domain, and the more authorized the website will be.


The website theme is also an essential factor to consider. If you have a blog about gardening and many other gardening websites, link to your blog. It will indicate to search engines that your blog is accessible within this topic or niche. It will improve your ranking as your website study will appear highly relevant case. The links to your gardening blog from many other sites within this niche will also provide people interested in your niche direct access to your blog, you may also want to consider related niches, as these will also be beneficial. For a gardening blog, you may wish to target backlinks for websites that focus on home improvement, birdwatching, sheds, ponds, or any other possibly related topic; these will provide a varied backlink pattern that will look natural without losing focus on your topic.

Anchor text:

The text you use for your link is known as anchor text and is used to add links within a web page without interrupting the flow of content. When a search engine finds a relationship, it reads the anchor text, and if it uses related keywords within its anchor text, it will inform search engines of the topic the link is similar. You should use keyword-rich anchor text that is relevant to the link destination or the keyword for which you hope to improve your ranking.

When links started to appear within written terms of web content, such as “click here,” or a bare web address is showing a raw URL.  But as people have become familiar with the links in the text. This call to action is not necessary. Although, most people recognize a link when they see it, and it is no longer required to use ‘click here’ as anchor text.

The only time this would be relevant is if you are directing someone to a web page about the term “click here.” Otherwise, you should almost always use keyword-rich anchor text as this is more relevant to search engines and also allows your content to flow more freely its importance.

Bad example: for more information on backlink strategies [click here].

Good example: Learn more about [backlink strategies].

Final thoughts on backlinks.

Backlinks are links from external sources that go to your website. They are essential to search engine rankings, as they act as a vote and indicate value. Also, backlinks will expand your reach and accessibility, exposing your website to a much wider audience. You should try adding backlinks case from a variety of high-authority and other sites within your topic or niche. Be sure to use keywords, rich anchor text whenever possible, So,

Now you know what is the importance of backlinks are and why they are essential. The next lesson will focus on backlinks strategies. We’ll go through a variety of different sources to get backlinks along with the pros and cons of each.

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