Top 11 Modern Kitchen Countertops Ideas 

The kitchen countertops are the ideal place to add the final designer touch to your kitchen. No matter what kitchen countertop ideas appeal to you? The best thing to use is one that is long-lasting and built for cooking. Skill and technology have made possible a wide range of design and end choices. While most of the next kitchen countertop ideas are durable.

It’s a good idea to always work with silica cutting boards and hot pot. While most of the following kitchen countertops ideas are durable, it’s a good idea to always work with silicone cut boards and hot pot trivets. Keep the counter side clean with a soft, non-wear cloth, and follow the maker or device way on which goods to use to clean and hold the beauty of your counter for years to come.

  1. Coloured kitchen countertop
  2. Patterned kitchen countertop
  3. Thick slab kitchen counters
  4. Butcher block kitchen counters
  5. Metal Kitchen Countertop Ideas
  6. Zinc Countertop
  7. Copper Countertop
  8. Concrete kitchen counters
  9. Wrapped kitchen counters
  10. Stainless steel counters
  11. Curve and natural kitchen top
  12. How to clean kitchen counters?

Coloured kitchen countertop:

For a bold effect, pick a counter in a lively colour. While some of the best options cover yellows, oranges, and lime greens. So, selecting white or black countertops can be a bold colour choice like yellow, depending on the kitchen. The covert is in contrast. If you want your counter to stand out, select a counter colour that stands out from the cupboard.

Patterned kitchen countertop:

If you love the modern feel of clean, lowest cabinetry, add light attract with edited kitchen counters. Some pretty good kitchen countertops ideas for the model hold the use of stripy stone materials or textures.

Thick slab kitchen counters:

 The last trend in today kitchens is the heavy tile countertop result. While most countertops are normally 2 “thick, select a countertop 3 to 5” thick creates a rooted and stately guise. So, hold to adjust the height of the closet thus lag the double-height of thicker countertops.

Butcher block kitchen counters:

Timeless and inviting, slay wood dice add a warm touch to your kitchen. So, to keep the finish fresh and new, seal wood counters with a durable resin and use trivets and a cutting tray to save the surface from heat and wear.

Metal Kitchen Countertops Ideas:

While stainless steel is a good classic metal select, two other metals are viewed as an increase in the popularity of kitchen counters.

Zinc Countertop:

If you are looking for a countertop that builds a rich blue patina, zinc is a good option. Zinc reacts over time with water, oils, and citrus fruits. So, the reax are what build the fine and rich patina that is the sign of the metal. So, zinc countertops are best left in their natural, dull state.

Copper Countertop:

Copper creates a warm glow that softens the hard edges of a contemporary kitchen. If you are using copper on a kitchen counter and want to hold a sleek and chic look. So, select copper that has been sealed.

Concrete kitchen counters:

Concrete is hard, earthy, and has a subtle texture to its model. The best part is that concrete can be custom with colours, structural care, and several finishes. So, it is vital to look at smart faucets and kitchen pieces when choosing countertops.

Wrapped kitchen counters:

A stylish point of the countertop is to wrap the countertop material using it on the tops and sides of the cabinets. A cover creates an interesting look that draws the eye to other parts of the room.

For maximum optic impact, add this effect to your kitchen if your countertops are a contrast colour with the rest of the kitchen components.

 Stainless steel counters:

For an individual and designer look, choose two different support surfaces for your kitchen. At one time, this look was used only by chefs and bakers who favour a cool marble countertop and known as a section for spread dough. In addition, stainless steel for the rest of the kitchen counters for easy cleaning. So, reach to creating a one-of-a-kind kitchen.

Curve and natural kitchen tops:

If you want to break all the truth lines in a current kitchen, add a little curve to your countertop design. A curve, notably in the living room area. So, it creates a cosy and regular atmosphere. So, where it’s higher to sit and have a face-to-face conversation. Now that we’ve shared our latest ideas for fresh kitchen countertops and modern, who is your favourite?

How to clean kitchen counters?

The material of the worktop has a huge impact on the part and feasible feature of your kitchen.

Each type of counter has its dos and don’ts, but the most major thing is to get the job done without fading or harming the surface.

Never use rough cleaners and avoid hard pads when cleaning countertops. Chemicals like nail polish remover, linseed, drain cleaner, oven cleaner. In addition, centre bleach can break down the bonds and the resin that holds it together.

Some home methods that would be ideal for other types of countertops may not be suitable for cleaning granite countertops. Over time, vinegar, ammonia, bleach, and steel wool can etch, tarnish. In addition, weakening the surface sealer, ruining the shine and protection.

Take similar precautions when cleaning marble countertops, as marble is sensitive to acid solutions. Because it is mostly made with calcium carbonate, acids can erode the surface and create dull spots called etchings.


Choose materials that are durable and built to face the attached with cooking. Engineering and technology have made possible a wide variety of design and end options.  Keep the kitchen countertops face clean with a soft, non-sharp cloth, and follow the manufacturer or fitting way on which goods to use to clean and save the beauty of your countertops for years to come. I hope this guide will help you to choose the material for the countertop.  

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