What is Facebook Marketing?

What is Facebook Marketing? Facebook continues to be the biggest of all the social media sites. The reason is simple as the biggest and largest community with over 2.27 billion actively interacting, and 1.5 of them visit every day.

From a tiny startup in Ivy league college kids where you come and share your pictures to a blown company.

Many will ask if it is still worth advertising on Facebook? the answer is YES; in this post, I will outline how to get the best of the world’s largest social network to promote and market your business.

Making Most Of Your Facebook With Facebook Page: A Facebook page is a free marketing tool for businesses to thrive. These pages make a business stand out and bring their potential buyer or customer to them. With Your Facebook page, you can be dynamic and also show the brand identity. With your Facebook page, you can be a bit funny and be a bit less official sometimes. You, as a marketer with a page, should know images and video speak more and also captures the attention of the audience more than just dry text. No matter what the niche is or whatever you sell, ensure to educate people about what they don’t know and not forgetting to put in your advert as you do so.

The downside of pages is that people are always in a hurry to leave once it’s not a celebrity, best to make good use of the few minutes they stay on your page as the impression you give really matters a lot.

Things to note when opening a new Facebook page

1. Proper Profile Picture

2. A catchy and an explanatory “About” Section

3. Post Useful And Engaging Information To Your Timeline

4. Study Your Audience And Also Leave Room For Review

Using Facebook Custom Ads

Facebook has it’s own custom Ads; Facebook ads is actually straightforward and also cheap, unlike others. Facebook ads are more specific as a marketplace. You can create adverts for targeted geographic areas, ages, education levels, and even the types of devices used for browsing.

Facebook Exchange

Advertisers take advantage of ad retargeting on Facebook through real-time bidding. Advertisers can target audiences based on web history data – when a user visits a product page on a retailer’s website but fails to make a purchase, an ad can be placed similar to what the retailer last checked.

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Sponsored Stories

This is another type of Facebook ad that shows users’ interactions, such as a Facebook like, to the user’s friends.

Sponsored Stories is a bit more about the “word of mouth” marketing concept. Suppose a user on Facebook sees that three of his friends like a page will likely pay attention to such a page. The objective of Sponsored Stories is to make users take the same action because their friends did. Advertisers can choose to show friends “likes” if they want more page likes, show friends who have “claimed this offer” if a business wants more users to claim offers, etc.

Facebook Promoted Posts

Promoted posts make Facebook page owners pay a flat amount to have their own Facebook posts reach a certain number of users; this, in turn, increases the specific post’s reach and impressions.

Promoted Facebook Post

Some People have asked – why should I have to pay to ensure that my post is seen by users who already liked my page? If a user has liked or following my page, they should always see my posts on their news feed, shouldn’t they? This question is a big fat NO because it assumes that users spend every waking moment of their life on Facebook’s news feed.

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If a fan of yours happens to be looking at their news feed when you post your story, they are likely to see it, but even then, there is no guarantee if their news feed is swamped by other posts. That’s where Promoted Posts comes in – it ups your chances of being seen on a user’s news feed. Facebook Promoted Posts are shown to existing fans, with an added option to reach friends of fans.

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