SEO – 3 Things You Can Do to Improve Your Search Engine Rank

Last Updated On: May 23, 2021

I know a lot more than I did last month, last month I made some significant gains, as I did the month before that. I believe that it will continue this way for many more years. Luckily I have really good mentors, and I spend lots of time testing, Then retesting, and testing again. What I can offer is some first-hand experience that, if applied, will get you on the right track.

I find that there an internet full of experts, and a few of them have parted me and my dollars under the promise of teaching me how to play the Google game – I can be number one on the search engines. I think everyone has been tempted by the – “$69 or $259 or whatever will get you to the number one spot on Google”, or some similar pitch.

There are two points I would like to point out before I continue. First, I find two kinds of SEO experts on the Internet; the ones that really are experts and don’t need to hype their expertise, and the scam artists. The real experts have a solid knowledge of what it takes to help you get recognized among nine billion other sites, they are not the ones emailing you every day or making huge claims when you search for SEO. Digital Junkies serves the best seo services gold coast company, they have a big name in the market.

The ones that I have dubbed scam artists usually have never actually practised what they are preaching, or they feed you a good story while protecting the “Big Secret”. Caution: They are everywhere.

My second point, and when you grasp this point you will understand why so much of the sales pitches are just hype, is that nobody, except the few geeks locked away in the basement of Google and fed Mickey-D’s through the bars, really knows how Google’s (or any other major search engine’s) algorithms work. Suffice it to say that over the years these algorithms have become very sophisticated; complicated enough that the easy fixes that we are teased with won’t work. Couple that with the fact there are lots of sites that have been doing this for a very long time and have either earned or bought the right to be at the top of any searches you do, and you can see that it’s not some magic formula for instant success. However, if you work hard, and follow a few simple rules, you can begin climbing to better and better positions with the search engines.

So, you could reasonably ask the question “if this is so, how is it that there are some experts that can play the Google game so well?”

First, I’m going to dispel some myths mostly created by the Hype Artists.


  1. You need a thousand link-backs to raise your Page Rank. I will never discount page ranking, but there is some reliable evidence, including some conversations on the Google blogs that included Google employees that suggest that the Page Rank you see listed on your Google bar is not the one Google uses for determining who gets placed in what position on any search. Second, there seems to be a lot more that goes into page ranking than just link-backs. My advice here is to gather link-backs whenever a good opportunity presents itself, but make sure the site is relevant to yours and that they are in good standing with the search engines. Irrelevant or shady sites are worse than no links-backs at all. Just as in the real world, you will get punished if you hang around with the wrong crowd. The only link-backs I have at this time are from EzineArticles, and my eCommerce site is climbing steadily in the rankings.
  2. You need tons of traffic, traffic of any kind to get you listed near the top. Well, yes, Google’s crawler does pay attention to how much traffic your site gets, but they also pay attention to the quality of that traffic. It is not hard for a crawler to determine e if the traffic is coming from a few servers and if it is being referred because of so shady advertising. Paying a shyster to artificially deliver traffic works for the short term, but when the crawlers get all of the facts you, they drop you like a hot rock – so how was your moment of glory? My advice – make sure your traffic is coming to your site for the right reason. It takes longer, but it is also long-lasting and can become repeat business, which then increases your traffic again. My latest eCommerce site is getting only about 50 hits a day, but those hits are converting reasonably, and I am up to page 2 on a lot of my keywords and phrases. For me, the most important is the conversion rate, in the beginning, If I can get the conversion rate to be in the double digits, then as I increase my traffic, it will mean more dollars stick to me. Keep in mind as you judge those figures that I’ve only been active for two months at this writing. I know those numbers are far from impressive, but I have done it all without paid help, and I test every change. That’s how I learn what makes the beasts happy. I’ll talk about how to do that later.


I drive to experiment by two factors; first, I could not afford the real SEO experts. Second, I have a desire to not only accomplish my goal, but to learn the why and how, and understand it thoroughly. To succeed, you are going to have to understand and think like a search engine – even if we will never know the algorithms. Google has an exact agenda. Forget about its algorithms and figure out its goal.

Search Engines lose clients when they deliver sites whose content is not what the searcher was looking for. Five years ago, all of the things the hucksters are still pitching really did work, but as scammers tried to trick the system and bastardize the search, Google and other search engines created complicated algorithms to detect these scams. Thinking like a search engine is a little easier than you might think. Just ask yourself – when I search for this keyword or phrase, what do I want the SE to show me? Once you think like that, the rest is just following a few simple rules and having patience and tenacity of purpose.

Determine the main theme of each page and use your top keyword for that theme in 2 or three different ways (clothing | men’s slacks | work pants), You will get demerits for having the title the same on every page or not relevant to your page content.

Using the clothing example, on the page that displays T-shirts, your title should have “T-shirt” separated by a “|” and then “tee-shirt”, another separation and any other descriptive word for a T-shirt.

How to Check Website Content for Plagiarism?

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