What is Pay Per Click Advertising?

Pay Per Click Advertising

Pay Per Click is a service online advertising platform provided by Google. It is the most powerful and effective method of online advertising that is performed on the Google Search Engine. The word Pay Per Click describes it meaning where an advertiser has to pay a certain amount of money to Google for every click on your Google Ads.

PPC also is known as Google AdWords is the paid advertising process that buys the visitor on your website’s landing page. It is because, for every visitor, Google charges you a certain amount. Google Ads is one of the main sources of revenue of Google. Google as one of the highest audience holders and most widely used search engines, you can expect loads of leads and conversion with its implementation.

Also, Google has huge keyword competitions that require more keyword bidding to rank on the top of the search engine result page. One of the best benefits of using PPC advertising is that as soon as your keyword receives the highest bid and great on overall qualities, you can find your website on the top of Google without the use of Search Engine Optimization.

How does PPC advertising works?

To run PPC ads, you have to create an ads campaign. Where you can add your focus keyword and other relevant keywords for better engagements. The next process is to bid the keyword (the higher you bid, the higher your ad is placed).

If the keyword bidding of your competitor is 3$ for each click. Then unless you bid higher rate than theirs, your ad won’t rank at the top where you might lose the visitors. Instead of getting profit to yourself, you may lose to your competitor which is a big drawback for your business.

Not only keyword biddings but Google requires many other components like

What is Pay Per Click Advertising?

equality score (CTR, relevance, landing page), the context of search, etc. Only then you can get yourself at top and gain loads of leads and conversion within a few days of interval.

Now, before running ads on Google, you will get a chance for ad testing. If the testing is successful and provides a positive result then you are great to go ahead. Else you might want to step down and update on your ads. Also, make sure your website’s landing page is pitch-perfect from every corner because you don’t want the visitor to bounce off from your website cost you money for nothing.

Here are some benefits of PPC advertising

  1. PPC drives huge traffic

Surely after advertising on the most powerful and popular search engine “Google”, you will gain the huge traffic on your website. Also, advertising as PPC, Google places your ads on the top of the Search Engine Result Page. If your ad is ranked on top, no one can ignore or unseen your ad. Advertise through Google and get ready to gain tons of traffic every day.

  1. No need for SEO

PPC advertising is an alternative method of Search Engine Optimization. If you are loaded with money and don’t have the patience of waiting a month for the results then it is the best option you have got. SEO is done to rank the website at the top of Google Search Engine Result Page after several months of hard work. But, if you go with PPC, you don’t have to wait even for a day. Google instantly places your website on top of your keyword bidding and quality score is better than your competitors. SEO requires a team of experts whom you have to pay for months and still won’t receive a perfect result. So, PPC is a great alternative to SEO.

  1. You only pay for clicks

Really good feature advertising on Google AdWords is Google only charges you for the clicks on your ads. You don’t have to keep paying until and unless anyone clicks on your ads. This will provide you free brand recognition as people will somehow see your ads even though they don’t click them. If anyone clicks on your ads then that person would have some chance of conversion as well or at least you will gain the leads through that visitor.

  1. Target Location and Audience

Google AdWords provide better and easier targeting services. You can easily target your desired location as well as interested audiences for better results. It improves your CTR and Return on Investment rate. You can target the interested audiences by inspecting their behavior, age group, demographics, gender and many more.

If you lack targeting your ads then you would have to advertise more than necessary. And with the proper targeting even though you advertise a small portion then there will be a high chance of a conversion.

  1. Increase sales and conversion

People nowadays due to the lack of patience for immediate result and conversions, they start advertising on Google. Also because your ad places on top of the search engine you will get maximum engagements and a higher chance of sales and conversion.

Google ads are considered as one of the best methods of online marketing that provides quick leads and conversions.


Hence, if you are impatient for generating tons of leads and conversion then, you have to start advertising your content on Google. The potential and importance of PPC marketing are increasing every day.

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