Article Marketing: Five Tips to Successfully Use Article Directories

Whether you’re marketing a business or an idea, trying to drive traffic to a website or trying to simply boost your rankings in Google. So, you can sell a site, you’ve probably heard of article marketing as an effective way to market. Yet the process of article marketing is neither easy nor painless. Despite the claims of gurus. There’s definitely a right way and a wrong way to do it. And though there is no instant success formula that doesn’t depend on niche or individual directories’ popularity over time. There are some tips you can follow to help ensure that your efforts are put to good use.

Article marketing is the simple act of marketing articles, as the name implies. You write or have written for you an article that covers a topic related to what you are trying to promote. Then insert keywords and links to your site at certain spots throughout the article. Or in a resource box at the end. Webmasters who are seeking free content for their sites repost these articles on their own sites. While leaving the links and keywords intact, which means they get free content. And you get more promotions from a variety of different sites.

The webmasters who are looking for content seek out article directories. Where you post your article and the directory publishes it. The article directory is essentially the go-between for the writer or marketer and the webmaster.

It’s truly a win-win situation when done correctly. But that can be challenging for both beginners and experts Here are five tips to help you best take advantage of article directories.

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Tip 1: Use only unique, well-written articles.

For article marketing to work most effectively, your articles should be both unique and well written. You might wonder why that’s important. But if you’ve ever tried to read a poorly written article online. You will understand why readers don’t click through to sites in articles they can’t even read. The more engaging and compelling your content, the more likely it is that readers will enjoy, share, and use it. And the more likely it is that an article directory will accept it.

PLR, or private label rights, content is a popular option for those who want to take a shortcut rather than write completely unique content. The problem is that there are often dozens of other people, if not more, using the same content, and PLR content often isn’t very well written. Unique content will often rank better in Google, and readers will stop to look at it. When they’ve already seen the same piece of PLR content multiple times in their search for information.

Tip 2: Find a great writer when outsourcing

Now that you know why article marketing requires high-quality writing, you might be worried that you can’t do it yourself. Plenty of people simply can’t do a good job writing articles, and this is nothing to be ashamed of. Knowing your weaknesses helps you to improve your business, after all.

When you’re looking to outsource the articles to another writer, put in the time and effort required to find a great one. This helps eliminate plagiarism worries, as you have someone to hold accountable if it turns out to use others’ words or thoughts. It may require some testing to find the right writer for you, however. Get a quote from your writer about the speed and cost of the articles you are purchasing and remember that it may be worth paying your writer more or waiting for longer in order to get a better article.

Tip 3: Submit articles manually to a few directories

It can be better to choose a few of the top article directories and submit article directory posts manually. The software can often make mistakes when attempting to automate article directory submission, and not all directories are equal in terms of the traffic they will generate, the quality of backlinks they will garner, etc.

There are also rules against automated submission at some article directories, which can mean your article is rejected, or in the worst-case scenario, you’re banned from submitting again. These are all powerful reasons to carefully pick a few top article directories to submit manually.

Tip 4: Avoid article spinning

This is already covered in the tip about “unique, well-written articles”. But deserves a tip of its own thanks to the popularity of article spinning. You’ve probably encountered spun articles before – they are the ones you have to really try hard to interpret. Because odd synonyms are used in place of words that would fit much better.

Some argue that human-spun articles are better, and it’s true that they are readable and can be very well-done. But this tends to be the exception rather than the rule. In general, the unique and freshly written content is the way to go.

Tip 5: Choose the right directories

Some of the top article directories are totally free. Article directory page rank and value are not determined by the price attached to each submission, and given the number of free directories out there, you’ll want to be choosy about who you privilege with the right to publish your content.

A few basic guidelines can help you find a good, free article directory to which you can submit articles and get results. First, look for an article directory that allows one-way links – in other words, you aren’t required to link to the directory in any way. Next, make sure the articles will be permanent once posted there; a directory that frequently cleans out old articles won’t provide value for very long. Finally, make sure that the directory itself uses dofollow links, so you can benefit from the SEO advantages of submitting your articles there.

Remember, article directory submission isn’t the only purpose for your content. You can also post it on your site, either as is or with edits, and many people actually recommend doing this before submitting content to directories. Don’t limit the value you get out of your articles by putting them in just one place.

You can follow these tips to supplement your knowledge of article marketing or get started for the very first time. Article directories are a wonderful method of getting free traffic through article marketing.

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