3 Tips To Boost The Open Rate Of Your Email Marketing Campaign

Email marketing campaigns are a relatively old technique to keep in touch with your subscribers. Although this has been in the market for quite a while now, it is also a great way to communicate with your subscribers. This makes email marketing a common feature in most digital marketing strategies. 

Businesses and brands of all scales apply this tool for expanding their business and also for maintaining a stable engagement on their websites. As commonplace as this feature is, there is one issue almost every email marketer faces, and that is the low open rates of emails.

In this article, we will discuss three tips that will boost the open rate of your email marketing campaign and thus generate engagement on your website. 

#1- Keep your subscribers list up to date

One of the most obvious however least applied techniques is updating your subscriber’s list. An updated subscribers list gives you a clear understanding of how many people receive your emails. 

Quite often people change their email ids, don’t find emails from your website useful, and even direct your emails to the spam box. Therefore keep the numbers in check you can skim out those subscribers who have not interacted with your website in the last six months. 

Before removing them, you can send them the last email, asking for their feedback. 

#2- Segment your subscribers

Segmenting your subscribers is essential. Not every subscriber is the same. Some are your regular customers, some have recently come across your website and some might be who have not interacted with your website in a long time. 

Therefore, different emails need to be drafted based on the subscriber’s digital footprint and their previous experiences with your website. 

Sending the same emails to everyone creates monotony and most people tend to ignore generic emails from businesses and brands

#3- Using unique and fresh content ideas for your emails

Using unique and fresh content is something that can keep your subscribers in touch with you for a long time. Just like you have to segment your subscribers, you must also create content that has been personalized according to your subscriber’s experience. 

As a long-time customer, you might have an idea as to what your subscriber might or might not like. Similarly, a welcome email with a fun, humorous twist goes a long way. It is all about knowing what to write and how to write it. 

Want To Increase Your Arts And Crafts Skills

If you have a customer who visited your website after a hiatus you can send them an email with your latest features title,’ Did you miss me?’. 

Unique, creative and engaging interactions with your subscribers will help you in keeping them on board. 

In Conclusion

In this article, we discussed 3 tips to boost the open rate of your email marketing campaign. 

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