The complete guide in choosing a stroller

A child is always a blessing for any parent, and for his upbringing and care, most of us want to give him the best!
You have certainly experienced headaches when choosing to clothe, accessories for baby safety, health, but also the entertainment of the little one. But, without a doubt, the biggest hassle is the choice of the ideal stroller!!
Why? Because it must meet a wide range of requirements that satisfy not only the comfort of the baby but also of the parents in handling it.

Do not buy a stroller until you have fully considered all the benefits it has to offer as well as many other details that we will share carefully in the following. Let’s begin 🙂


One of the most “coveted” details of strollers is one-handed folding, or more precisely: umbrella-folding.
This offers the great advantage of mothers to be able to hold their child in their arms and with one hand and in just a few seconds to fold the stroller and transport or store it easily.

If you have to include bus, tram, subway in your daily walks, then you should definitely consider the aspects of an easy, fast folding, and also small folding trolley so that other passengers are not bothered by the presence of your stroller

At the same time, certain types of strollers do not fold like an umbrella, but that fold just as easily and quickly with one hand

Strollers that are folded upright are also convenient, but you should avoid storing them in a place accessible to the child.

Also, always make sure that the little one is not next to the stroller when you unfold or fold it. Many children have been injured in such cases!


One of the most important aspects is the safety of the child, and in this regard – seat belts play the main role.

A 5-point seat belt will provide the greatest safety measure for the baby, and it must be adjustable to adapt to the child’s growth.

The 5-point seat belt is by far the safest solution for protecting your little one while walking. This supports the baby above the shoulders, at the waist, and between the legs and thus prevents the baby from slipping and falling from the stroller.

It is better than the 3-point one that supports only the lower part of the body. 5-point mounting is also recommended for car seats and table seats at the same time.

Remember to look for safety systems that can be easily operated by parents, but that cannot be opened as easily by children.

The straps must be adjustable so that the little one is not uncomfortable and too limited in movement, but not too wide for him to risk falling. These must be adjusted to provide safety and comfort for the child.


The ideal stroller will also have an adjustable backrest in many positions: from horizontal so that the baby can sleep and to the sitting position when he grows up.
At the same time, as she grows, she will also need adjustable footrests, which are essential for the comfort of the child.

Since newborns can’t support their heads and can’t sit on their own, they need a stroller that allows them to lie on their backs for the first few months or one that can be fitted with a 0-13 car shell. kg or a pram.

Never put a newborn in a pram whose backrest does not bend to the horizontal position because, in such situations, babies who cannot support their head position may suffocate because breathing is limited!

All models of strollers for newborns or infants must be able to allow the complete closure of the foot space so that the baby cannot slip through it.

Although perhaps for some it does not seem relevant, unfortunately, from 1995 to 2008 there were 10 deaths of children who slipped through those spaces, ending up suffocating.

The closure portion must be made of a durable material that supports at least the weight of the child, especially if he is more agitated.

Normally, a pram with footrests that cannot be closed should not include the option of folding the backrest to the sitting position and even if its inclination is partial, the baby should still be secured very well with seat belts – with 5-point closure!

An adjustable footrest helps the little one sit more comfortably in the stroller without the feet hanging down, but some are positioned so low that they are only useful when the child is growing up. However, some models have adjustable footrests at different heights for any child to sit comfortably.

Among other things, check the front edge of the stroller seat, as it should be soft enough not to press on the area behind the little one’s knees or feet.


Another quite important aspect is the locking of the wheels so that the mothers can be sure that when they make a stop, the stroller will not take it “on the run”.

All trolleys are equipped with “parking” brakes to prevent the trolley from moving when you have stopped.

Many jogging trolleys even have a handbrake that slows or stops the stroller.

Heavy-duty brakes are some of the most important elements in the safety of your child. Some trolley models have brakes with plastic teeth that attach to the rear wheel sprockets.

On some of the traditional umbrella strollers or 2-in-1 strollers, the brake is attached to both rear wheels and is activated with a single movement. For some, however, each wheel has its own brake.

The most important thing is that these obstacles or brakes are as visible as possible (preferably coloured in red) and very easy to operate.


Parents should take this detail into account exclusively!

The strollers can be higher or lower, depending on the model chosen, but to be easily handled by parents, they must be equipped with height-adjustable handles.

The trolleys may have padded handles or in some more expensive models, they may be padded with thick materials.

The adjustable handles can be extended or have a different adjustment angle so that all people of different heights can easily handle it.

Reversible handles on some models “pass” over the stroller and are fixed in that position, thus changing the direction of viewing the child.

So, if you want to buy a stroller with reversible handles, it no longer has to have a reversible seat.


There should be no shortage of places to store items and things that are useful for the baby and the mother. Whether it is made of mesh, another textile material or in the form of a metal box, the shopping basket must be of an optimal size so that it is large enough for the strict necessities of the walk, but at the same time not too large so that to make the cart difficult.

A spacious and easily accessible shopping or storage basket under the stroller will make your mission with the child much easier. However, obviously, the dimensions of these baskets differ from trolley to trolley. Choose one that is at least as big as a diaper bag.

Another tip is: if you opt for a trolley with a folding backrest, make sure that you can easily reach the basket, even when the backrest is completely tilted horizontally.

Also, before buying a stroller, press the storage basket with your hand to check if it touches the ground when it is loaded.


Who doesn’t go after the effective holders for glasses and bottles?

They are a welcome advantagebut don’t forget to keep hot drinks away from the child!

A bottle holder attached to the parents’ handle is useful in the light of the fact that it is at your fingertips and you do not have to stop the stroller and take it from the shopping cart.


This aspect has both positive and negative parts, so that: a light stroller, as mentioned above, is ideal for short, fast walks, in crowded spaces and in addition is ideal for the mother to also be able to transport when folded.

But various models of light carts can also have a defect – stability!

With a low weight, they risk losing their balance and fixed position easily, risking being easily overturned both by the child’s weight and if a diaper and accessory bag has been hung on its handle.


An important role in a smooth and relaxing walk is played by the types of wheels that,
depending on the model and size, offer advantages or maybe even disadvantages.

A wheelbarrow with solid wheels is often more sought after than one with air tires.
This type of wheel helps to make it easier to manoeuvre the trolley in curves, on uneven surfaces,
if you opt for walks in nature, in the forest or on green grass.

They are easier to push but if the front wheel does not swivel,
they can give you headaches in crowded spaces. A good option is for the wheel or front wheels
to be pivotable but also to include the option of fixing them.

A disadvantage of large wheels is that they take up quite a lot of space in the trunk of the car.
If you like the feeling of handling a wheelbarrow with large wheels, you should consider
constantly checking the wheel pressure, as this can be an issue that can upset your entire ride.
You don’t want to notice that the wheels have deflated in the middle of the ride, do you?

Some jogging trolleys have a double wheel at the front, which offers a plus in handling in curves or less spacious areas.

Do not hesitate to walk around the store a little before buying to discover the degree of manoeuvrability.


A necessary aspect is the cleaning of the stroller cover.

Today, the range of materials, fabrics, and prints for stroller covers is larger than ever so
you will not encounter obstacles in finding a pattern exactly on your style.
But keep in mind that you will need a material that will quickly and easily wipe away the baby’s
inevitable traces of food.

But it would be best to find a model that allows you to throw the cover completely in the washing machine,
but for this, you must make sure that the material is of a quality that will not fade,
shrink or crease after washing.

Carefully look for removable covers and their washing instructions before buying the stroller.

Another tip would be to make sure you have instructions for reattaching the cover and other removable items,
as you may have real trouble with the wave pattern strollers when you put the cover back on.


Another aspect worth considering is, of course, the size of the stroller when folded. You need to look at this carefully because the stroller should fit in the elevator as appropriate,
especially if you live on a higher floor, as you certainly do not want to drag the weight of the stroller
on the stairs a few floors while holding the child and possibly other accessories in the arms.

If you have a car, make sure that whatever type of trolley you choose, will easily fit in the trunk. And also think about the place in the house where it will be stored …

Do you have the space to store it in the closet, in a place safer from the little one? If not, think that a stroller folded in the hallway could be a problem for a curious baby!


Strollers often include trays where children can rest their arms or hold food or small toys

Some models only have a safety bar, with the tray completely missing. Any stroller should have both
and put the little one in the stroller so that it can be washed better, and at the same time for easier folding.
the stroller.

they aren’t too small!
that small components or attached toys posed a choking hazard.

Remember: no toy or part of a toy should be so small that the baby can swallow it!

Some trolley models have a tray for glasses and bottles positioned around the handle of the parents,
so they can also be provided with different compartments for keys, phones, and other small objects.

If you bought a stroller that does not have this “parent tray”, you can always buy models of bags
that attach to the back of the stroller and are just as useful.


Another “must-have” for protecting your child is the hood/canopy, especially in very sunny but also unstable weather.

Although most simple elements, a piece of material placed on a metal frame, the hoods come in versions
that when pulled cover almost the entire front of the baby. Therefore, with this type of accessory,
there is almost no need for separate protection from the rain or an umbrella to protect from the sun’s rays.

Some canopies include a small window through which the parent can “peek” at the little one during walks. This window is a pretty nice detail and you will use it more than you think.

If the trolley model you choose does not include foot protection, you can purchase such accessories separately. Many of them look like miniature sleeping bags.


Small trolleys are certainly the easiest to push, but many types of bulky strollers can be easily handled
if they have the necessary features.

A wheelbarrow with large rubber wheels such as jogging carts is easy to push if you go for long walks
if the car is roomy enough for them, but these fairly large and heavy strollers can be difficult
to use in transport. public.

Apart from the fact that these massive and jogging strollers successfully absorb the shocks caused by
harder terrain, they usually come in a three-wheeled format and a baby seat that gives them

So, if your route intersects with unpaved roads, grass or even snow, a large wheelbarrow model is the ideal choice. Under these circumstances, a stroller with small plastic wheels will be difficult to handle
and push and will also give the baby a high degree of discomfort.

One mother was asked,
“What would be her advice for parents looking for the ideal stroller?”

Her response was, “Look for a stroller that isn’t too heavy so mom can’t handle it on her own. Mom needs to be able to carry the stroller while carrying diapers and hold the baby in her arms.”

Even if you buy a light, beautiful and modern stroller, you will still be in the situation of needing
accessories such as parasols, rain covers, mosquito covers, a more spacious shopping cart and much more.

If the stroller you want does not include the accessories mentioned above, make sure it includes
at least the useful bottle holder, adjustable handles and why not – a small mobile phone compartment
(just as useful and indispensable nowadays).

When you are in a stroller store, try to push some of them to see which one you are more comfortable
with, because in the end, both you and the child will spend a lot of time with the stroller
and the “chosen one” will have to you just love it!

As you can see, the prices of the trolleys differ and range from 200-300 lei and up to 4000
or above.
Why these variations of amounts? Well, because some details drive the price:

• Most expensive trolleys are usually based on a high-quality aluminium structure, they are light,
which makes them easier to handle and store.

• Another reason would be that it offers you more options when it comes to choosing the material,
extravagant features, a designer label and also offers all the necessary accessories: footbags, rain covers, cushions, etc.

But if we leave aside the whims, we can find at more than advantageous prices products that combine
many very useful features, namely: adjustable handles, the possibility of moving the seat with front or back,
folding with one hand, multiple positions tilt or even 2 or 3 piece modules: 2 in 1 stroller or complete 3 in 1 system.

So remember: a lower price does not necessarily mean lower quality!