A Guide to Different Materials You Will Find at a Furniture Shop

When you want to buy a piece of furniture from a furniture shop, you come across many options. From colors to designs, you get an array of variety. However, what concerns you the most is its wood type. In this way, the material is essential. Furniture is built from various wood types. Some are easily available, and some are not. But that does not affect your buying.

Moreover, not just wood, you will also find them in metal and glass. So, before you buy any furniture for your home or office. You need to understand the options you have in materials. You will see many wood types in furniture stores in Columbus Ohio. Similarly, they vary in colors and designs. Also, their costs vary too. In this case, knowing the material is better.

Without further ado, let’s begin with the different wood types we find:

  1. Ash
  2. Beech
  3. Maple
  4. Cherry
  5. Mahogany
  6. Oak
  7. Pine
  8. Metal
  9. Walnut

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1. Ash:

Ashwood is the most common light wood. It is also known as hardwood. Also, it is quite flexible. That is why most people prefer this wood type for their furniture. However, you can bend this material. Still, it maintains its position. It has a soft touch, but you cannot break it easily. Also, it is durable and easy to clean and wipe. You can find it at any furniture shop.

2. Beech:

Unlike ash, beechwood is the strong one. It has a hardwood texture. Therefore, they use it in heavy building materials. Also, they use it for tables and bed sets. Beechwood is a common wood choice for most people. Besides, it is heavy and hard. So, it can resist shock very well. This wood type is fit for firm furniture.

3. Maple:

No one can ignore the creamy look of this wood type. It is a highly flexible material. Similarly, it has natural twists and turns in its body. It adds beauty to the furniture. Maple wood can endure years of wear and tear. In this way, it is durable and reliable. They give it a glossy look in furniture shops. It is one of the most desirable wood types. It looks pricey, but it is low in cost.

4. Cherry:

You can find this wood in most antique-style furniture. It has a rustic feel about it. They use it for tables and chairs. So, it is flexible. Similarly, it has a natural brown tone. Aso, the carvings look stunning on its body. As it gets older, it gets dark. This wood is built to last. Moreover, cherry wood is a bit pricey.

5. Mahogany:

It is a popular wood type. In this way, it is also expensive due to its demand in the market. That wood comes in a red-brown tint. Similarly, it is hard in texture. However, it can last longer. Besides, its color and shine can easily wear off. Therefore, its furniture piece needs cleaning. Its dark brown color gives a classy touch to your living area. But one has to keep dust away from it.

6. Oak:

As for now, oak wood is the most in-demand wood type in any furniture shop. Who hasn’t heard its name? It is a light brown, blonde color wood. Also, it has a grainy texture. You can mold it in many shapes and designs. In furniture, it is heavy and durable as well. Also, the grainy look adds a unique texture to it. Oakwood can also pass the test of time. Therefore, it is the best choice in material.

7. Pine:

Pine is the lowest when it comes to price. It is painted wood type. So, it comes in light yellow and white-brown color. Therefore, they have to paint it. You can find pine in the flooring. Moreover, it does not shrink or swell. This material can keep its body very well. However, it is less durable than oak and maple wood. But it has stunning looks.

8. Metal:

It is one of the most durable materials. If not rusted, it can last much longer. Many people prefer metal furniture for their homes. It is harder than any wood type. Therefore, it is reliable. Also, it is not that pricy. In addition to that, it can handle heavy pressure. Besides, it offers many sleek designs that look stylish.

9. Walnut:

There is a chocolate brown color to walnut wood. This wood has a perfect wood tone. Walnut wood is used for tables and chairs. Also, it goes from light brown to dark brown. You will see two shades in it. In addition to it, it is a strong and stable wood. That is why it is durable for furniture. However, it can be costly due to its designs. This wood type is best to enhance the beauty of your home décor.


All these materials have certain features. Therefore, whatever wood type you decide on can serve you in a way. Make sure that you choose the one that best fits your lifestyle. In this case, Avrs Furniture provides you with quality wood in their furniture shops in Columbus Ohio. You will get both design and colors in one place. This guide will help you pick the best material for your home.

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