8 Fantastic Rakhi Gifts For Your Lovely Sister

When you think about it, there are uncountable times when your sister played an important role in your life. From taking care of like a mother and being your secret keeper like a friend, she has always been there for you.

It’s unfair how other communities don’t get to express their love for their sibling on Raksha Bandhan like the Hindu community. This day holds a very special place in the life of all Hindu brothers and sisters. As a gesture of love, a brother buys Rakhi return gifts for his sister.

When your sister ties a beautiful Rudraksha Rakhi around your wrist, it is obvious that you wish to give her the best return gift possible. Following are the few Rakhi return gift ideas that I’m sure your sister will love and appreciate.

  • A Saree

For Indian women, there is nothing that would make them happier than receiving a saree as a gift. The best part about buying sarees as Rakhi gifts for sister is that you have a lot of options to choose from. You can easily find sarees at a reasonable budget.

You should consider your sister’s usual preferences such as if she wears light colours, make sure you don’t buy a dark-coloured saree. She will be absolutely delighted to receive a saree from you and will definitely reserve it for special occasions only.

  • A Hand Bag

If you wish to give your sister a more expensive gift then a good quality handbag is something you should definitely get for her. For most people, Raksha Bandhan is the only time of the year they exchange gifts with their siblings so it needs to be the best possible gift.

Handbags are an icon of style and women adore them. Although good quality designer handbags can be costly, they are extremely durable which makes the money worth it. It is like a one-time investment since your sister is going to value your gift a lot, she will take good care of the gift item which will further raise its durability.

  • Set of Bangles

A set of bangles can make the best Rakhi gifts for my sister. It could be a perfect return gift since a Rakhi to is worn on the wrist. Eastern women love wearing bangles with their casual everyday outfits as well as formal ones.

For most women, their ethnic and traditional look is not complete unless they wear a set of bangles to complement their entire look. You can buy your sister bangles in many different colours. The wise choice would be to go for either silver or golden coloured bangles since these colours can go with every outfit without being too specific.

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  • A Tortilla Maker

If your sister is a housewife, she probably does a lot of house chores. One of the best Rakhi gifts for my sister in this hot weather is something that could help her in the kitchen such as a tortilla maker. If she uses a tortilla maker to make the tortillas, not only will it save her a lot of time and effort but it will also lessen the burden of chores on her.

It is not easy to stand in front of the stove these days so this gift of yours will earn you much love and appreciation from her and she will be forever thankful to you for giving her such a wonderful gift!

  • A Make-up Palette

It is very rare to come across a woman who says she doesn’t like make-up. Hoping that your sister is not one of those women, she will love your gift of the make-up palette. Women mostly are obsessive about make-up so this can be the perfect gift for your sister too.

Branded make-up palettes are no doubt very expensive but if you are really looking forward to making your sister happy, this is the best thing you could do for her. Plus, you might have never seen a finished make-up palette! That thing never seems to finish so this gift would be with her forever or at least until it reaches its expiry date which could also be a decade!

  • A Photo Frame

One of the best things about giving someone close to your heart a gift is that they don’t look for the money value of the item, instead, they appreciate the effort and thoughtfulness more. I don’t think any gift other than a photo frame can be more thoughtful, can you think of something else? I doubt you can because photo frames are the best Rakhi gifts for my sister.

For this gift, all you have to do is find cute and meaningful pictures of you with your sister either from your childhood or from a day that is very significant to her or you. Get this picture framed and pack it nicely. Gift it to your sister and see her priceless reaction!

All of these suggestions to buy return gifts for your sister will help you find the best things in the market. You can order these things online even when the pandemic hits hard. It will make your sister’s day and she will feel really loved and lucky to have you. So, what are you waiting for? Hurry up and grab your favourite item from this list. Let us know in the comments below what you choose and how well did it help to please your sister.