6 Interesting Facts About Vaporizers

Are you thinking of venturing into the use of vaporizers? Vaporizers are a great alternative to the traditional smoking of cigarettes. They have become hugely popular amongst millennials. In recent years, the vaporizer industry has become a multi-billion industry, and it is always on the rise. Below are some interesting facts about vaporizers.

  • They are safer than smoking.

Unlike vaping, smoking involves combustion, which means burning concentrates. This burning can result in the release of toxins, which can damage your body when you inhale them. With vaping, the risk of getting exposed to toxins and carcinogens is lesser than smoking. This probability is because vaporizer vaporize the concentrates instead of burning them.

However, vaporizers are not overly safe. Their safety profile depends on the brand you choose. A good vaporizer should be made of medical-grade and food-grade materials. The vape juices/ e-liquids that you use in your vaporizer should be third-party lab tested. From the reports of these tests, you can see the degree of safety of concentrates on the concentration of potential toxins and carcinogens in them. 

  • Vaporizers are odourless (they won’t make your clothes smelly).

If you hate the unpleasant smell of cigarettes, a vaporizer could be your ideal choice. Vaporizers heat the concentrate to the point they create odorless vapor for inhalation. This feature makes the vaping experience more enjoyable and pleasing. 

  • They produce flavorful hits.

Depending on the type of concentrate you choose for your vaporizer, you can take draws of your favorite taste. Most vape juices/ e-liquids, used in vaporizers, contain botanical terpenes or synthetic additives (for some brands) that can make your hits taste fruity, creamy, minty, or like popular beverages. Statistics show that there are over 7000 flavors for vaporizers.

  • They offer instant satisfaction.

The tasty, healthier, and odorless draws that one gets from vaporizers offer instant gratification. Besides, vaporizers offer high bioavailability and potency that is even greater than that of traditional cigarettes. The vapor you inhale from vaporizers is directly absorbed into the system for circulation via the blood in the lungs. As a result, you can get the desired effect from the vaporizer within a few seconds after taking your first hit/ draw. 

  • Vaporizers can save you money.

Vaporizer exists in different varieties, including cheap models that create your ideal hits. Disposable vaporizer and some sophisticated vape mods are usually cheap and fall within the budget of many enthusiasts,

You do not require any experience or look for many tutorials to use vaporizer because they are very user-friendly devices. However, you should try reading their user- manuals, especially if you are a beginner.

  • The boom in vaporizers has established a vaping culture.

The vaping industry is constantly booming, and it has led to the creation of a vibrant vaping culture. Today you will find several vape clubs both locally and nationally that hold conventions each year. During these conventions, vaporizers’ users try new flavors and new devices.

Types of vaporizers:

Many factors are used to classify vaporizers, including best desktop vaporizer vs. best portable vaporizers or based on their generation. However, the most common classification of vaporizers is based on the type of concentrate that they are used for. Consequently, the common types of vaporizers include:

  1. CBD vaporizer – are used for vaping CBD vape juice/ e-liquid. CBD is the most legalized substance that is derived from cannabis. It is not only known for its therapeutic benefits but also its non-intoxicating effects. 

CBD vaporizers come as either refillable or disposable. Both varieties have their merits and demerits. Refillable CBD vaporizer can be refilled with vape juice and reused several times. On the other hand, disposable CBD vaporizer comes prefilled with the CBD vape juice and are meant to be disposed of after the vape juice exhausts. However, you can refill and reuse them a few more times if you are on a tight budget.

  1. Dry herb vaporizer – use either convection or conduction heating system to vaporize dry herb concentrates.
  2. Dab/ wax pens and dab rig – this category of vaporizers are used for vaporizing thick and waxy concentrates. Dab pens are easily portable and come with a battery. On the contrary, most dab rigs are desktop vaporizer. Only electric dab rigs feature a battery, other varieties of dab rigs are activated using a blowtorch.
  3. THC vaporizer – this vaporizer’s variety is almost similar to CBD vaporizer only in that they are used for vaporizing the higher concentrations of the highly intoxicating THC vape juices.


Vaporizers are not only the present but the future way to smoke. Some people are using these devices to help them quit smoking.

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