15 Varieties of Carpets for Your Elegant Home

Carpet is an inevitable part of the beautifully decorated home. Most people fail to choose the right one when their part comes. Based on the pile carpet can be classified into two- cut pile and loop pile. Although some materials and methods are used to weave these absolute masterpieces yet the way they are attached to respective backs is used for the classification.

Both of them are master to hide stains and dirt by repelling them. If you badly look for an ideal option of carpet for your home, we’ll request you to read this blog to gain some basic idea and set out to shop.

  1. Berber carpets

Berber carpet is made by bending the strong fibres into rows of loops. Unlike other carpeting choices, it lacks the cushion feel while resisting stains although! Hence, you can choose one to lie in the areas of high traffic like family rooms or hallways.

  1. Level loop carpets

As the name suggests, the level loop balances the measurement of same length loops. It gives a buttery look due to the use of symmetrical loops organised clearly.

  1. Multi-level loop carpets

Multiple heights of a loop are used for patterned texture in this kind of carpet. Besides its real dimensional look, it ensures long durability as well. However, don’t have a perception that it is a type of patterned carpet. It is different as threads are looped for the fabrication of this carpet piece.

Cut pile is classified by checking its cutting technique of yarn tips. On contrary, this one is much softer and denser. Cut pile is highly durable because of the twist amount in yarn, tuffs density and fibre type used to weave it.

  1. Saxony carpets

Finely cut fibre ends are the signature look of this high-end carpet. For a smooth appeal, it is fabricated by packing the fibres tightly. Each one of them is twisted and long for making room for one another enhancing the body area of the carpet.

  1. Textured carpets

Twisted and cut is the basic yarn design of this carpet for promoting a casual look. Not only this is stain resistant but also can be cleaned easily. To give a texture of rough surface uneven length of fibres are used.

  1. Shag/frieze carpets

When it comes to informal style shag carpet is irreplaceable. It exudes a luxurious sense while being attractive at the same time. But it can’t repel stains, which is why it always deems for high maintenance. Frieze carpet is woven from short fibres which curl naturally in various directions.

  1. Pattern carpets

A blend of looped and cur yarn is used for a unique pattern in pattern carpets. These are made while keeping interior decorations and decorative ornaments in mind. So, with this option, you can find a series of symmetrical designs and floral accents over the carpets.

  1. Plush and velvet carpets

Plush, commonly called velvet carpet is the densest one. So, this luxury wool carpet is the best choice for formal set-up or the area with lower traffic.

  1. Cable carpets

Both thin and thick fibres are used to weave cable carpets and to offer a thin sheet-like appearance. It feels extremely comfortable underfoot. Basically, performance, appearance and features depend on the fibres used to compile a carpet. Hence, you should always focus on the fibres or material used and its quality to find out the best one from the heap of choices.

  1. Wool fibre carpets

The woven construction method is used to build up this carpet kind. Wool carpet is always being the softest floor cover with an ecstasy of luxury. If compared to conventional tufted carpets, it offers a spectrum of shades and design details. Not only it is an eco-friendly choice but also an ultimate floor covering which is equally hypoallergenic, stain-resistant and sustainable.

  1. Nylon carpets

Due to the immense strength in the fibre, nylon carpet is widely popular amongst choices of synthetic material. Due to its incredible durability and nature to retain the shape for long, it is nature-friendly. Despite using synthetic fibre, it has outstanding resilience, colour fastness and soil resistance characteristics to be laid anywhere.

  1. Polyester carpets

Whilst it is about the most affordable synthetic carpeting choice, polyester has replaced nylon swiftly. Due to technological advancements, the polyester carpet becomes famous in the last few years. It is extremely durable, repelling to moisture and soil thereby allowing easy and simple maintenance. Its best place is playrooms and bedrooms for its softness in the texture.

  1. Olypropylene/olefin carpets

If you want a decorative piece with the flooring then olefin is the ideal choice for you. It features numerous decorative designs and patterns. Being solution-dyed synthetic fibres, polypropylene is resistant to both stain and water. Hence, be it interior or exterior you can rely on it totally.

  1. Triexta carpets

By mingling the properties of polyester and nylon, triexta is obtained. Being a synthetic carpeting option, it possesses extremely repelling properties to stain and soil. That’s why it never needs any special care or treatment. This durable option can be manufactured from renewable material and thus regarded as eco-friendly. It is super soft, colourfast, fade-resistant and easy cleanable as well.

  1. Acrylic carpets

This one is the finest alternative to highly expensive woollen carpets. With this affordable option, you are benefitted from stain-resistant choice. Also, it can’t generate static electricity and doesn’t fade over time, unlike others. Unfortunately, the option is not available widely.

You can’t find aforesaid options in any average luxury company. Just look for one of the leading luxury carpet companies in your country to visit and handpick your choice. Even most companies have their own e-retail for the customers to browse through the collection sitting at the comfort of their home. So go for it to make up your right kind of choice for the home.