How To Exclude Results In Google – Latest Update 2020-21

Last Updated On: November 8, 2020

Google’s results have improved over the past few years, but it’s still very difficult to get results from Google today.

You may have noticed many times that when you search for something on Google you find a lot of mix and irrelevant results against your search query on google.

Therefore, excluding words from your results is a very quick and effective way to improve the quality of your overall search results.

To remove words from your Google search results, all you need to do is learn how to use the best pair of Google search operators.

First of all, you need to know what search operators are and how they work. Search operators are symbols and expressions that you can use to improve your search query results from Google.

Leaving results on Google search engine is not a complicated process either – you just have to start learning about Google search operators because search operators are the symbols that help you improve your search, reduce them and find more relevant results.

How to Exclude Results in Google – Top 8 Search Techniques

Exclude Specific Words From Your Google Search Results

When you enter any of your relevant search terms with a minus sign (-) in front of it, Google will exclude any webpage containing this website from your results.

How to Exclude Results in Google

In this example, we’re asking Google to tell us about the motorcycle. But we’re looking for information just about the motorcycle, not the motorcycle games. Therefore, by including the keyword “Games” with the minus sign modifier, we can exclude results that talk about the Motorcycle Games and we’ll be left with more search results about Motorcycle.

Exclude Specific Phrase From Your Google Search Result

You can also delete an entire sentence from all your results by placing it in the quotation and placing the minus sign in front of it in the search bar. Google will exclude each page of all given results that have an exact match for that phrase.

For Example, if we type in Google Search Engine [Mustang Speed – “Ford Mustang”]

How To Exclude Results In Google

Getting Results On A Specific Website.

Through this method, this search operator allows you to narrow your Google Search to results that appear on a specific website. For example, if you write on Google as below:

How To Exclude Results In Google

and the results are below

How To Exclude Results In Google

In the above example, we are doing a search for digital marketing. But we only want to see results that appear on Tumblr.

Websites Related To Familiar Websites.

This search operator directs you to search for websites that are similar to the ones you are already familiar with.

Search For Websites Related To A Familiar Websites.

and the results are below:

Search For Websites Related To A Familiar Websites.

In this example, we are trying to find a new provider for online travel booking. If we know about an online travel booking provider, we use only the relevant search modifier to find relevant websites that should belong to other providers.

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Exact Match Words or Phrases.

So, searching for an exact match against any words or phrases can make your results much more precise and clear. Though, you can do this just by putting your entire search query into quotation marks on the google search engine.

google search exclude word

In this example, we’re looking for some data about the topic on the page and off-page SEO techniques. By placing the search query into quotations, we’ll only see results that explicitly discuss on-page and off-page SEO techniques. I am sure that we’ll find the most recent and up-to-date information when we’re doing research.

Advanced Image Search.

Google’s Advanced Image Search offers a number of options for narrowing down your search results. The interface supports keyword searches, exact match keywords, phrase match keywords, and negative keywords. You can also search for images by colour, size, aspect ratio, file type, and various other parameters.

Exact Image Size

There is another great method to find images by size.

In Google Image Search, type your search query >>> Then type the image size into the search operator >>> And the desired image dimensions in pixels. See the result below in image:

Exact Image Size

In the above example, we were able to find a selection of iPhone 12 images with the dimensions that we wanted.

Downloadables Using The Filetype Operator.

A final method to exclude results in Google search and get more accurate results is to search for downloadable resources using file type operators. It is one of the best methods when you are looking for an informative PDF or looking for any movie.

How to Exclude Results in Google


Being able to exclude results from Google search can save you a lot of time when searching for information or resources online. I hope all these methods will help you a lot.

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