What is Covid Vaccine Mixing and What Do We Know About It

The whole world had been waiting anxiously for a coronavirus vaccine. Now that we have many different vaccines, we have different choices. Different vaccines offer different degrees of protection. Some vaccines have two doses, and some have a single shot. Many countries are seeking to start mixing vaccines on a mass scale. So what is actually vaccine mixing?

What Does Vaccine Mixing Mean

Since multiple vaccines are available in the market now, we have a choice. Some vaccines have high efficacies, and some having low efficacies. Some vaccines have two shots, and there are a few vaccines that have only one shot.

Vaccine mixing refers to getting the first dose of vaccine from a different company’s vaccine and having the second dose from a different company’s vaccine. This means that you get exposed to two different kinds of vaccines. Trials on vaccine mixing have been carried out in several countries like the UK, Spain, India and China.

Vaccine mixing is currently in its initial phases of trials and has shown promising results up till now. More research and trials are needed to put this into widespread practice. Although very few countries have authorized this practise, most countries are still yet to approve this technique.

Let us look into the potential benefits of this strategy on the vaccination program around the world.

Better Immune Response

The trials on vaccine mixing that have been conducted globally to date are limited to a small number of countries. The fact is that as limited as the scale of these trials may be; they have all shown promising results. This refers to the immune response that is triggered with the administration of a dose of any vaccine.

The results obtained all show that the people who received one dose of a vaccine from another company’s vaccine had a significantly potent and better immune response after receiving the second dose of a different company’s vaccine. This means that vaccine mixing may be effective protection against the developing variants of the virus.

While this approach shows promise, it is still not peer-reviewed. It will take some time to have this approach approved for use. There are other difficulties faced during the vaccination programme. While this approach provides the benefit of enhanced immunity, it also provides solutions to other problems faced during the vaccine rollout.

This will also allow all the different companies who have their vaccines approved to get more customers. Since the vaccine mixing offers more and better immunity, the people who have been waiting for the higher efficacy vaccines can now have at least the first shot of any other vaccine, with the promise of better and boost immunity with a stronger second shot.

Better Flexibility

The mix and match approach in the covid vaccination program has shown promising results in the amount of immune response that they trigger. But that is not its only benefit. This approach also offers better and improved flexibility for the immunization program. It may benefit several countries and also benefit the vaccine manufacturers.

There are many countries where people have received a single dose of a specific booster, and their country has run out of vaccine supply of that particular vaccine. Mixing and matching can help out in this situation by allowing those people to be vaccinated without waiting for the next shipment of the same vaccine to arrive.

Therefore, it will allow a large number of people to be vaccinated in lesser times. This is crucially important to stop the spread of different variants.  The faster the vaccines are administered, the better and improved the chances to slow the development of new variants. This approach may be the key to get us all out of this pandemic quicker and before the expectations.

Can Help To Boost Immunization in Countries with Slow Rollout

This leads huge amounts of precious vaccines to the danger of being wasted. It needs to be ensured that none of the precious vaccines goes to the bin.  

Firstly, the vaccines with low efficacy do provide some amount of protection. So having them is far better than not being inoculated at all. This new approach will give confidence to the public to get the covid vaccine manufactured by any company within their reach. They can have the second jab of the other vaccine, which they have been waiting for and have better immunity.

Immunization through the use of booster is inevitable during this pandemic. If We still have to continue the use of masks and protective coveralls. We have to ensure our’s and others’ safety as well. 

Can Help Vaccinations through Changing Restrictions

This has led to authorities changing regulations and suspending the use of those vaccines in specific age groups.  This means that now the vaccinations need not be halted. The vaccination programs can now continue without any fear of changing restrictions.