How effective are online doctor consultations?

Virtual telemedicine consultations are in trend, especially after this covid 19 pandemic, which has become a reality. A video consultation doctor appointment on your phone or laptop is just like face timing with your family member or friends – where you can share and consult everything related to healthcare. As a result of lockdown and coronavirus transmission, various hospitals and health platforms turn to Telehealth and the idea of virtual visits to enhance health outcomes and patient satisfaction while lowering health care costs.

Different digital platforms for an online consultation

Different digital platforms, including, Credihealth offers teleconsultation with the doctor to all the patients. Patients who have minor & major issues may consult with an online doctor for urgent care, which means you may be able to avoid a trip to the doctor’s office for many typical urgent care needs.

An individual might already know that urgent care centers are the easiest alternatives to the emergency room for non-emergency situations and after-hours visits. Still, they are typically also a more cost-effective solution. Telemedicine services in India are considered a convenient way to see a physician from wherever you are.

When to seek telemedicine consultation:

Any patient can have telemedicine service except the patients having life-threatening emergencies. However, treatments and teleconsultation with a doctor are helpful for a patient as they have learned to monitor their health. An individual can get online treatment from the doctor for various conditions and get medical consultations by booking appointments online. These medical conditions include –

  • Cold, flu, and other seasonal viral infections
  • Infections, rashes, and allergies
  • Prescription drugs and refills
  • Consultation for Chronic condition maintenance for diabetes, blood pressure, and more
  • Treatment for some mental health issues or neuroscience problems like depression and anxiety

Routine follow-up visits after a surgery or an illness or post-procedure consultation Discussing health data through digital devices doctor online

To book a Video consultation doctor for any specialty or medical condition, the patient can visit Credihealth’s online health portal that connects you with the best doctor anywhere in India.

Benefits of having a video consultation doctor –    

The drive to make medical consultations more available and fix shortages for those living in remote rural areas is the primary driving force behind the growth of telemedicine. In a nutshell, online and teleconsultation services allow patients to receive care at any time and from any place.

Telemedicine may provide several additional benefits in addition to making treatment more available to patients, including:

  • Making healthcare more affordable for both providers and patients.
  • Reducing the length of patients waiting time to see a doctor, including specialists. This reduction may be lifesaving in areas where access to oncologists, for example, is restricted.
  • In some cases, telemedicine is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week, allowing patients to receive medical consultations outside of regular business hours, reducing the burden on emergency rooms.
  • Patient involvement improves, resulting in enhanced clinician-patient relationships and possibly better medical outcomes.
  • It also can improve remote monitoring of patients with long-term illnesses, such as using technology to track changes in heart rate.
  • In the long run, a higher standard of care. Patients with conditions that require ongoing management, such as chronic conditions, may benefit from telemedicine by receiving more frequent input from their medical provider, potentially reducing the need for acute intervention in the future.

Although telemedicine has some possible disadvantages, such as the need for a good internet link that isn’t always available, the benefits to both patients and medical professionals are substantial.

How can Credihealth assist – being India’s best online healthcare portals, Credihealth helps you book an appointment with a doctor or hospital affiliated with it. Patients who want to avoid going to the hospital can consult with Credihealth’s video & teleconsultation with doctor service about their health issues through audio/video/chat. The online doctor consultation operates in the same way as a face-to-face consultation, except that the patient receives an e-prescription following the doctor’s consultation.

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