How Can We Develop a Habit of Exercise in Kids?

We can’t understate the benefits of daily physical activity and its importance. But in winter it becomes difficult for kids to maintain the routine of exercise. Due to the cold, the couch becomes so inviting and especially when it’s dark earlier. But regardless of the weather kid’s physical activity is important. The majority of the kids are not getting enough exercise which is literally not good for them. The 60 minutes of moderate to intense exercise is important for kids from age 6-17. The Physical Activity Guidelines for Americans recommend this routine. According to guidelines a bone-strengthening activity and aerobic activity is important.

Almost 80% of adolescents do not get enough aerobic activity to meet the standard guidelines. Help your kids in meeting those deadlines to promote a healthy weight and prevent them from chronic diseases. A Kids Exercise Classes is a good way to keep kids active during the winter. There are some strategies that a family can use to keep kids active. Centre For Better Health and Nutrition has shared these ideas with parents to keep their kids active.

Ideas For Keeping Kids Active in Winter:

·        Get Them Out of The House:

Winter doesn’t mean to lock up yourself inside. Dress up properly to save yourself from the cold. Kids should simply move around or taking a dog for a walk is something good to start than nothing.

·        Option Of Other Indoor Location:

The most convenient indoor options for kids are gyms, swimming pool, skating, play area, and many more. Just find a way of keeping kids active. Ensure that no season ever stop them. sweating in winter is important to keep body temperature normal. Artificial heat only makes our inner system weak. Think about the health of kids if you want them strong and healthy.

·        Use Of Exercise Video:

If your kids are not ready to join any exercise class. Don’t force them to do this. Play an exercise video for them let them do that in friendly behaviour. Before sending kids to school, we develop in them the love of learning. Similarly, before sending them to an exercise in class develop a love of exercise in them. For a good exercise video use videos of a famous and reliable gym.

Workout While Playing Video Games:

Kids enjoy playing video games. Instead of forcing them to leave video games, incorporate some physical activity into their day. We are not saying that it can be similarly beneficial as outdoor play. The latest gaming technology is providing support for moving while gaming. A study revealed that those kids who actively took part in the latest gaming showed more interest in physical activities.

·        Get Them More Indulged in Everyday Activity:

Everyday activities can be considered as exercise if they bring up the heart rate of kids. For example, taking the dog for a walk, getting the mail, or going to the park. Develop the habit of fulfilling these activities in kids. At least they should do something to adopt a healthy lifestyle. An hour day of these activities is necessary. But don’t restrict activities with the time. It is better to keep them indulged in these activities throughout the day.

·        Set Limits for A Screen Time:

According to reports, the average child spends seven and a half hours per day in front of a screen. This is an alarming situation especially for the overall health of kids. This is one of the most reported reasons due to which kids are not getting enough physical activity. According to the American Academy of Pediatrics, screen time should be limited to two hours. This restriction will force them to indulge in any physical activity.

To find fun in activities, kids need a lot of varieties. If they find something very amazing, they more likely indulge themselves with it over a longer period. If kids try an exercise with the family there are more chances that they overcome winter blues.

American Academy of Heart Association reported the one in three kids in America is obese. This puts them at a higher risk of diseases related to the heart. A study found a solution to it which is working out with friends. A study proved that it is easy to develop a habit of workout with friends than family members. Children feel more active when they find themselves engaged in a social aspect of being in a group. This doesn’t mean that allows them to play video games with friends.

There are some tips which help your kid and his friends to become physically active together.

·        Take Them Outside:

Make a habit of taking them outside on a nice day. Take a dog for a walk or take them to the park. If you find frisbee golf for them it will develop their more interest in physical activity.

·        Outdoor Sports:

Encourage them to play outdoor sports with friends like basketball, baseball, and cricket. The more fun sports become for them the less it will feel like an exercise.

·        Send Them to Exercise Class:

Many Kids Exercises Classes require no prior experience. The kids throughout your community are a part of it and are not too expensive. This is a great way to add variety to your kids routine because they feel comfortable taking classes with children of their age.

·        Exercise Videos with Friends:

Exercise videos are a very effective way of developing the love of exercise in kids and their friends. Even if your kids haven’t found interest friends can be a source of motivation. Because if a friend does exercise your child will ultimately follow him. There are multiple workout videos on the internet that can be a source of motivation for kids.

By making friends a part of their daily routine it would become easy to develop a healthy lifestyle. This will help them to stick with it throughout their lives. Offer as many different physical options as you can to avoid the boredom factor.