How Athenahealth Helps You Simplify Your Workflow?

About athenahealth EHR

athenahealth is a well-known medical EHR software. The software is a full-featured suite designed to improve your workflow and quality of care. Numerous healthcare institutions currently use athenahealth EHR software. Because of its versatility, the software is quite popular. You can use the software globally because it is hosted on cloud servers and offers a fantastic mobile app.


Electronic health records from athenahealth are one of the most user-friendly and cost-effective EHR software options available for healthcare enterprises. athenahealth is suitable for all types of practices, especially independent practices with minimal resources and budget.

What Does athenahealth Offer to Healthcare Providers?

athenahealth is known for modernizing medical practice at an affordable rate. The EHR software integrates with a Practice Management Software, a Patient Portal, and a Medical Billing service to enhance your performance. Here’s what athenahealth EHR software offers you.

User-friendly Dashboard

athenahealth’s easiest-to-use yet modern-looking interface is by far the most popular feature, according to athenahealth reviews. The dashboard allows you to view crucial information, including planned appointments, analytical data, and any pending dues on the dashboard at a glance. It is also easier to navigate across the dashboard without having to make repeated clicks.


Overall, the dashboard is user-friendly to the point where even non-tech-friendly people can easily understand and navigate through the features with little training. Additionally, the athenahealth EHR provides valuable tips along the route to ensure that you get the most out of the medical system. You can also configure the dashboard to meet the needs and tastes of your practice.


Another benefit that users have mentioned in the athenahealth reviews is that the software is cloud-based and accessible from any device, allowing them to save money on costly hardware. In addition, the system does not require installing software on a new device, and you can access it just by entering a user’s login ID and password.


As the system is available from anywhere, it is ideal for delivering remote care to the elderly, individuals who live in rural locations, or individuals Covid-19 has impacted.

Efficient Customer Support

athenahealth customer care is available both online and via phone to assist you. athenahealth reviews show that some customers have complained about customer care agents not always knowing the answer right away, but that they still stay on the line with you until the problem is entirely resolved.


On a weekly and monthly basis, you get a specific contact person who reviews your queries regarding the software. Furthermore, the company welcomes user recommendations and makes it a priority to implement them provided they are in line with their objectives.

Patient Portal

The patient portal is precious to many users of athenahealth. Patients can schedule appointments via the portal at their leisure. As a result, the number of no-shows and latecomers also reduces. Patients can also connect directly with you, sharing any side effects from medications, the progress of their therapies, and any concerns they have in a safe and private environment.


Moreover, patients can also pay for consultations using credit and debit cards through the platform. This feature saves time on the day of the appointment and optimizes the billing process as well. Overall, the patient portal benefits you and your patients at the same time.

e-Prescription Feature

The athenahealth e-Prescription feature permits you to electronically write prescriptions that your patients can pick up at any pharmacy suited to them. Aside from that, the Epocrates tool in this feature looks for any potentially dangerous drug interactions.


Overall, the athenahealth EHR’s e-prescription function is quite helpful for both you and your patients. You can also navigate through this feature during the athenahealth demo.


Usually, EHR software is unreliable when it comes to downloading patient data. But with athenahealth, you can efficiently share patient information with various healthcare platforms using EHR Software.


athenahealth EHR Software is also linking to several additional services that can help you improve your clinical and administrative operations. For example, medical billing and educational software, such as Epocrates, are integrating elements that assist you in optimizing your performance.

Rapid Patient Documentation

One of the essential features of athenahealth, according to athenahealth reviews, is that it simplifies the documentation process. It streamlines your workflow and gives you more flexibility to provide healthcare by automating the processing of paper records and transmitting them to the EHR system. You can also analyze the entire process during the athenahealth demo.

athenahealth Reviews

Reviews offer valuable guidance from current users who’ve used the software and make it easier for you to decide. athenahealth reviews are available on multiple websites. We have summarized the most common pros and cons for your ease. Have a read!


  • The system is reasonably pricing when compared to the functions it provides. Many users discover that they get more features and tools for the same price as other medical software vendors.
  • The system has a user-friendly interface. Users can get data without having to make any extra clicks.
  • Users are urging to submit feedback and suggestions on how the management could enhance the system further. The company takes these bits of advice seriously and makes every effort to integrate them.


  • The most common drawback stated in athenahealth reviews is that the system often crashes, particularly when new features in adding.
  • Users often criticize how inconvenient it is to open and amend reports because of the lag time. They also wish that the reporting capabilities were better capable of processing large amounts of data in a short time.

Concluding Thoughts

If you’re wondering whether we recommend you to invest in athenahealth EHR, then we can’t say anything because the final decision depends upon you. However, we encourage you to request an athenahealth demo before purchasing the software to determine whether it is the right fit for you. It’s one thing to read about tools and what they can accomplish; it’s quite another actually to use them!